Colombia’s Breathtaking Scenery, Year-Round Microclimate, And Good-Value Real Estate

A lot of people are falling in love with the breathtaking mountain scenery (even from the city center), easy-to-reach amenities, and the year-round late spring microclimate in Pereira, Colombia.

This is an almost unheard of expat destination that is slowly catching on with more newcomers than ever before.

Pereira is one of the most cost-efficient cities in Colombia, both in terms of square land area and the local commodities market. Surrounded on all sides by food producing tropical farms, much of the fresh produce, including coffee, beans and bananas, are grown and processed within five miles of Pereira. And real estate prices are incredibly affordable.

As a buyer, you can find some really nice opportunities in Pereira. Location is important because houses, especially, will rise in value in this city which is seeing more upward growth due to population density. And on top of that, being within walking distance to major shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, movie theatres and cafes, are all important.

You can live in the capital of the world-famous Colombian coffee region for less than half of your average costs in the U.S. Here, you’ll find a warm, late spring climate, and abundant green spaces.

You will find all the amenities you need without lacking exterior space to breathe and things to do. Within 45 minutes of the city center, you can find camping, hiking, mountain bike groups and trails, horse riding stables, swimming pools and even a mid-sized theme park.

You can find a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in a spring-weather climate zone. A little rain and a little sun can be expected daily. For only $163,000, you can own this 1,800-square-foot house on a piece of land with garden space. Experience country bliss only 20 minutes by car from the city center.

For a more urban feel, own a house in one of the nicer middle-class neighborhoods, close to bus route. With large bedrooms and a yard, this is a property which will retain its value over time and create unlimited potential with parking for up to four cars, two living rooms and a nice view from the upper balcony. This 4,320-square-foot home can be yours for just $163,000.

This is a beautiful and increasingly desirable area that has a great transport system and a healthy, growing economy. All the time we hear other expats say, “In Colombia, anything is possible.” And we know it for sure, that is what we’ve discovered in Pereira.

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