Come Ride the Exhilarating International Living Rollercoaster With Us

It’s a rollercoaster that only pauses a few times a year. With highs, lows, and the odd dizzying curve, the travel schedule of International Living’s correspondents and editors plunges on…

The start of 2016 saw IL scouts on the ground in the lowest-cost destination in Belize. Happy expats report living well there on as little as $1,700 a month.

In Costa Rica, IL Editor, Jason Holland, took a trip to the laidback valley of Orosí where he discovered good-value options for a homesteading retirement.

Trundling down the Pacific coast of Panama, IL Correspondent, Linda Card, got the real story on an “end of the line” surf town on the country’s Azuero Peninsula.

And for my part, I hopped on and off 10 flights in three weeks as I worked my way around the expat havens of the Philippines, southern Thailand, and Borneo.

And so it went. Notebooks in hand, we had correspondents and editors in a dozen more countries by the time spring was out.

The established expat communities of Lake Chapala and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico got a visit from our guy Don Murray.

In southern Thailand, IL Correspondent, Kirsten Raccuia, explored the beaches of Krabi, Phuket, and Hua Hin.

The Caribbean island paradise of Caye Caulker was given the third degree by IL Correspondent, Ann Kuffner.

And in Panama—the world’s number one retirement haven—IL writers checked in once again in destinations like Boquete, Pedasi, Santa Fe, David, Volcan, Coronado…and a bunch more places.

Trip reports I remember vividly? Steve LePoidevin’s from China’s only tropical island paradise, Wendy Justice on the attractions of Cambodia’s artsy and laidback second city, and the phenomenal quality of life uncovered by IL Correspondent, Barbara Diggs on an English-speaking island in the Mediterranean.

There were other trips… Bali, Portugal, and in Ecuador it seems IL writers traveled just about everywhere: From his base on the coast, Jim Santos explored the city of Machala and Loja, Ecuador’s “City of Music,” while his colleague Wendy DeChambeau hit up the cloud-forest town of Mindo and hung out with expats in Cuenca, the country’s most popular retirement destination.

Why am I telling you all this? Because these are all places that you’ll read about in International Living magazine (discover a way to never miss a single issue here). For anyone who wants to expand their horizons, enjoy a better life, have fun and make money overseas, there’s no better way to find the place that suits your taste and budget, than in its pages.

And the rollercoaster rolls ever onward and this year is far from over. Jason Holland is just back from a scouting tour of Mexico’s Colonial Highlands. I spoke with him two days ago. The biggest surprise? Just how livable, affordable, and attractive lesser-known cities like Queretaro are…his full report will appear soon in International Living magazine.

And soon our guy in Cambodia, Steven King, will leave his comfortable apartment in the best neighborhood of the capital Phnom Penh (which he rents for $460 a month) and take a trip south to the country’s most popular beach-town retirement spot.

Then there’s IL Colombia Correspondent, Nancy Kiernan, who lives in Medellín, folded into temperate uplands of Antioquia province. In October she’s heading for the Caribbean coast to explore the old colonial port-town of Santa Marta. Think beaches, bougainvillea and an up-and-coming expat scene.

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