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If there had been a bootcamp for joining the expat army, I’d probably have joined up.

As it happens, I did go through actual U.S. Army bootcamp, and I thought it had its good points. For example, I thought it did a great job of imparting the specific skills and information needed to accomplish specific missions, just as it was supposed to.

I liked that part…at least as much as I experienced of it before my size 16 feet gave out and they handed me my medical discharge.

However, there were a couple of things about bootcamp that I would have changed if I could.

It seemed to me that it took the army all day to impart skills and information that a reasonably sharp person could probably have understood in half an hour. I would have tightened up that timeline a bit.

And the food and accommodations left something to be desired. Don’t get me wrong…I was happy with and grateful for my three hots and a cot. But I was much younger then. Those were the days when I could happily sleep on a blanket under a tarp in the rain and actually stand up the next morning. Without coffee.

Those days are long gone.

Which is why I like the idea of International Living’s upcoming Retire Overseas Bootcamp. It incorporates all the changes I would have liked in my old army bootcamp days.

For one thing, our bootcamp won’t last 10 weeks. We won’t spend entire days learning just one critical skill or acquiring just one piece of critical information. There is a lot for you to know in order to complete the mission of finding the right place to retire abroad and getting yourself there as efficiently as possible.

We’ll cover all of it, and we’ll give you credit for being sharp enough to get it in two-and-a-half days instead of two-and-a-half months.

For another thing, the accommodations will be way, way better. I can tell you from personal experience that the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas has my old training barracks beat hands down.

And to top things off, at least for me—I get to be the drill sergeant this time! And as much as I appreciated the job my old drill sergeant did back in the day, I’m going to modify things a bit.

As the emcee for the International Living Retire Overseas Bootcamp, I’m certainly going to maintain my old drill sergent’s tradition of keeping things on schedule and keeping us focused on the quality training provided by our Retire Overseas Bootcamp instructors and presenters.

However, I am not going to maintain my old drill’s tradition of yelling into peoples’ faces while chewing tobacco.

So for me, the International Living Retire Overseas Bootcamp will be the best of both worlds.

I’ll get to participate in an intensive training session in which highly motivated recruits receive the critical knowledge base and skills they need to complete their mission of living happier, healthier, more affordable lives in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

And I’ll be able to do it at a fabulous resort in one of America’s most entertaining and glamorous cities. Dressed in civvies. Without yelling or chewing tobacco.

And so will you!

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