Fast Track Mexico: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference 2018

Close to Friends and Family… Lots of Social Activities… Perfect Weather… Extraordinarily Beautiful, With Charming Colonial Towns, World-Class Cities, 5,800 Miles of Sun-kissed Beaches… and Oh So Affordable…

Something extraordinary is happening in Mexico, and it’s something you may not be aware of. As The New York Times has reported, Mexico is the “new land of opportunity.” And the strong dollar, just made retiring to Mexico more affordable than at any time in recent history.

Not only is Mexico more affordable than ever, but it ticks every box on a retiree’s wish list. Gorgeous tropical beaches (more than 5,800 miles of them) charming, fair-weather colonial towns, sophisticated, world-class cities, excellent and affordable healthcare, fabulous infrastructure, you name it… Mexico has it.

Many expat couples say they are spending about $2,000 a month all in, including rent. Singles can easily get by on about $1,500 a month. Sometimes less. So you can see how easy (and affordable) it is to live the retirement of your dreams in Mexico.

Join us in February to discover everything you need to know about Mexico to decide if it’s your ideal haven …

Fast Track Mexico:
Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference 2018
February 16-18, 2018
Mexico City, Mexico

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