Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference 2019

The Exact Coordinates:Where to Retire Rich on $1,620 a Month…or Less


Over 3 focused, interactive days this spring, we’ll connect you with the people you need overseas, pinpoint the specific towns that suit you best, and hand you a personalized, step-by-step plan to create your ideal life abroad…on less than it would cost you to stay home.

Dear International Living Reader,

Retirement: It’s the radical notion that, after a lifetime of working, you could do more of what you want to do…in the way you want to do it.

And really, that’s the end goal, isn’t it?

It’s to have control…it’s to have the confidence that your nest egg will go the distance so you can afford to relax and enjoy life your way

…so you can travel, spend time with the family and friends you choose, read those books you’ve been meaning to read, take up an instrument, learn a new language, start a little business, volunteer…

If you want to retire in comfort, with dignity, and create a life for yourself that you genuinely enjoy… I want to assure you: You can.

  • You can do it no matter what happens on the policy front at home.
  • You can do it whether you’ve saved enough for retirement…or not.
  • And you can do it whether you’re ready to retire now…or simply looking for a more adventuresome life today, even if “retirement” is a decade or more down the road.

Because in all sorts of beautiful, welcoming, good-weather communities dotting the globe from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe…you can spend less but live better.

Laid-back beach escapes. Quiet mountain getaways. University towns. Even cosmopolitan cities.

As one happy overseas transplant put it, “Our overall cost of living is about a third of what our cost of living was in the States.” Yet their modest budget doesn’t require them to skimp.

Quite the contrary.

This husband and wife from Houston are living large in a tropical beach town, steps from the ocean. Their home is a fully furnished, modern townhouse with three bedrooms, a maid’s quarters, and four-and-a-half bathrooms. It sits in a beautifully landscaped community with three swimming pools and 24-hour security.

They live about 200 yards from the white sand and turquoise waters. It’s not only beautiful, they say, but “rent on a house like this in the States, so close to the beach, would be four times more than we pay here.”

It’s all about good value.

In the right communities, you can live a richer, more engaging life than you do today…but spend $1,620 a month or even less (housing included).

In other words: Get the destination right, and you could retire rich on your Social Security income alone.

Depending on the locale, on a budget of $1,500 to $2,000 a month, a couple can enjoy good weather…welcoming neighbors…easy, safe living in beautiful surrounds…plenty to stay busy…fresh foods…sound medical care…meals out…and even have enough leftover for travel…

Of course, you could spend more if you like…and enjoy a genuinely luxurious lifestyle.

With $2,500 to $3,600 a month to spend, a couple can live extremely well in many places, and afford the sort of comforts only the very wealthy take for granted at home—perks like a housekeeper to cook and clean every day or a home with a pool and a gardener to maintain the grounds…

Your Timing is Just Right Today…but It May Not Be Forever

The point is, no matter what your budget, in the best-value destinations around the world, your dollars really stretch. And that means you have great options for improving your lifestyle while you shore up your retirement…

And right now is one of the best times in history to live better for less overseas. Infrastructure is stronger today than it ever has been—which means it’s easier, faster, and safer to get around. Technology makes it simpler than ever to get what you need and to stay in touch from far-flung corners of the planet.

Windows of opportunity have slid wide open all over the world…and I’d like to invite you to look through them in the company of me and my experts. I think you’ll be pleased by what you see…

Try a College Town on $1,790 a Month

Maybe for you the ideal destination is a highland getaway where the climate is always spring-like, 12 months a year—lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s. In this place, you can enjoy cosmopolitan diversions like symphony performances, movies, theater, lectures, art and history museums, archeological attractions, and more…but do all of it on a modest budget.

A couple can live very comfortably from $1,620 a month in this place, housing included.

Pat and Rick wanted to retire early—at 55—and in this place, they’ve been able to. “Living in Cuenca costs about 25% of what it cost us to live in Philly,” says Pat. They pay just $500 a month for their two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo. It’s a 10-minute, $2 taxi ride or a 25-cent bus ride into the town center, and a 12-minute walk to Supermaxi, a large North American-style grocery store.

Originally from western New York, they’ve been married for 39 years. For much of that time they planned to retire early, but “because of the high cost of healthcare and how expensive it is to live in the States, we knew it wouldn’t be possible. So it prompted our move abroad,” says Rick.

“We flew into the airport, and one of the most shocking things was it only cost us $1.75 to get to our hotel. You can’t get in a cab back in Philly for less than $20,” he says. “Everyone was so welcoming. The things that impressed us were the climate, that not speaking Spanish wasn’t a huge deal, and the friendliness of everyone.”

They now use the governmental healthcare insurance plan for most of their medical needs. Their monthly outlay for this is around $80, and it covers both of them. Because doctor visits average $25 to $35 and medicines can be bought over the counter, they usually just pay out of pocket.

And, given the wonders of modern technology, staying in touch with family and friends back home is a breeze. “Even 3,000 miles away from Philly, we know more about what is happening with our family and friends than when we were working 60 hours a week,” says Pat.

You Can Afford Your Own Caribbean Island Getaway

Lots of folks like the idea of warm-weather, beachside living. But in California or Florida, that’s an expensive proposition.

Not so, however, on one island escape you might like, where you can live with white sand, palm trees, and warm turquoise waters on your doorstep…and spend less than it would cost you to stay home.

In this tropical paradise—known for its diving, sailing, and old-school Caribbean charm—you could own your own apartment with an ocean view for as little as $135,000.

For the price you’d pay in a nice suburb of Cleveland, you could live with a view of the ocean on this island in a 4-bedroom condo with an inviting balcony and community pool and walk right out onto the beach—all for just $275,000.

A long-time expat on the island says, “We spend less than a third of what we did in California without sacrificing on lifestyle.” In fact, you could argue they live much better today than they did in the States.

“It didn’t take me long to settle into the Caribbean; my blood pressure dropped by 20 points almost immediately,” she says. “There are no more 6 a.m. conference calls, hectic travel schedules, or high-pressure corporate politics… I certainly don’t miss eight-lane freeways and road rage… And we feel no pressure to keep up with the Joneses… The Caribbean Sea is my touchstone—a calming presence. Everything else seems insignificant when I gaze at the never-ending waves breaking on the surface of the offshore reef.”

Of course, a Caribbean island escape may not be on your wish list at all…and that’s just fine…

Maybe You’d Prefer An Old World European Escape

If you’ve always dreamed of Europe—but assumed it would be out of your reach—think again. Whether you travel, retire, or invest there today—you’ll find your dollars stretching to an extraordinary degree.

You won’t pay more for all the cultural riches, the benefit of year-round sunshine, the great food, and the rest.

In fact, you’ll find rents for less than $1,000 a month—in some places half that—and access to good healthcare, too, for a fraction of what it costs in the States.

A couple can live comfortably in one spot we like, for instance, for $2,034 a month and enjoy sophisticated arts offerings, excellent food, and year-round sunshine.

Golden, sun-drenched ribbons of sand…rugged mountains…windswept plains…tidy town squares boasting fountains carved hundreds of years ago…cafes with tables set in the shade of umbrellas…cosmopolitan cities filled with theaters, museums, and art…

Old World Europe is rich with history and saturated with beauty. And it’s not just the surrounds that beckon…

It’s the food and drink as well—just-caught sea bass grilled with lemon, garlic, and olive oil…fresh gazpacho…cheeses made from sheep’s and goat’s milk…puff pastries and custard tarts…

Living here is a feast for the senses…and more affordable than you probably imagine.

A casual meal out costs about $15 a person—wine and dessert included.

You can go to almost any farmer’s market and take home 11 pounds of fruit and vegetables for a few euros.

Other costs are similarly affordable. Utilities for a couple will run around $300 a month (phone and internet included); groceries around $500; a maid (twice a month, three hours each time) about $50; and $125 a month for entertainment.

Expat Annette R. sums up her experience, saying: “[We] realize how richly we can live on our retirement income, beyond all of our expectations.”

Then There’s That “Other” San Francisco (From Just $975 a Month)

If super low-cost living is your highest priority, then you would do well to look at one jewel of a city we recommend. It’s like San Francisco with its cool weather and steep hills—only at a small fraction of the price.

This city is home to six universities, which makes for an educated, interesting, vibrant population. The lifestyle is genteel and the locals are known for their sincerity and polite, traditional culture.

Surrounded by green carpets of coffee fields, the air here is fresh and clear…though it’s a bustling city of 450,000. That means you can enjoy all the perks of a cosmopolitan life…but escape to the countryside easily.

And good living in this community won’t break the bank. A couple can live comfortably in the trendiest part of town for just $975 a month.

A meal might set you back $3 and a taxi ride across town $2. Rent on a two- or three-bedroom apartment starts at just $375 a month. (Or you could opt for a more “working class” neighborhood and pay $200 a month in rent.) Prefer the countryside? On the outskirts of town, within easy reach of all the big-city comforts, you can rent a two-bedroom home from $250 a month.

“I can take three people to dinner. Appetizers, dinner, wine, beer, and walk away for about $60, and that’s at a nice restaurant,” says Deborah M. “I can live here, because my house is paid for, on $500 a month. That’s for everything: going out, my health insurance, all my utilities, groceries, entertainment, and food. My typical electric bill is, on average, about $20 a month. A gas bill is about the same. A water bill, as well as trash…that is about $50.”

I’ll say it again: It’s all about the value.

And those are just four of dozens of very good options you have in the world today for improving your lifestyle while you keep more of your hard-earned income in your own pocket.

And this spring, I’d like to give you the exact coordinates for those places—and many more like them.

Plus I’ll introduce you to the experts who can help get you there and settle in quickly, easily, and with confidence.

This Spring, Get the Exact Coordinates You Need for a Better Life Overseas

If you like the idea of getting your own road map for where you should go…and introductions to the helpful folks you should connect with on the ground…then I feel confident you’ll enjoy what we’ve worked up for this April…

I’d like to invite you to join me for three intensive, eye-opening days at…

International Living’s

Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference

April 12-14, 2019 in Orlando, FL

If you like the idea of living overseas…enjoying a bit of adventure…and saving money while you live a more relaxed, fun, fulfilling lifestyle…but you aren’t sure about where you should go or how to actually get yourself there and settled in…then this could be perfect for you.

Because we’ll be focused on the most important things you need to get from where you are now…to that place overseas that’s an ideal match for you.

First, we’ll help you figure out exactly what you’re really looking for overseas so we can help you pinpoint on a map the place where you’ll find it.

You see, it’s fine to say, “I’m sick of the snow, I just want to go someplace warm.” But in truth…that statement won’t get you too far. It doesn’t really answer the question: “Where, exactly, should I go?”

That’s why one of the first things we’ll work on with you in April is coming up with a list of the attributes your ideal destination offers—maybe you want a beach, maybe you’re looking for cultural diversions…maybe you require a place where you can live on a particular budget…maybe proximity to “home” is important—or maybe none of that matters to you.

Everybody is unique and has different priorities, interests, must-haves, and wishes…

So this spring in Orlando, we’ll help you—step-by-step—sort all that out and then draw some lines from that dreamy place you see in your mind’s eye…to a real-world destination on a map that meets your criteria.

But that’s just for starters.

Get the Reliable, Well-Informed Contacts You Need

This program is, at the core, all about making connections. So often in life, it’s who you know (not what you know) that makes all the difference.

That’s why we’ll make sure you hear from and have an opportunity to chat with, ask questions of, and get to know experts and expats from all over the world. These guys know their stuff…and we’ll have them on hand to share their insights, recommendations, cautions, and advice.

If that sort of individualized “hand-holding” sounds good to you…

…then this conference deserves your attention.

Because it is, really, a simple, effective, and proven way to explore your best options overseas…getting the straight-shooting story—the coordinates you need for where to go—from experts who know their stuff…

My name is Jackie Flynn. I’m the publisher of International Living, and this Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference for 2019 is special.

In this era of “fake news” and hyper-partisan, yell-fest journalism… I know how hard it can be to cut through all the noise and get to the truth of any matter.

And that’s part of the reason we’re putting this conference on. So you can rub elbows with the experts and see for yourself what your best options are.

It’s live. It’s in person. It’s real. It’s honest.

We’ll make going overseas a straightforward matter—telling you about the benefits and the drawbacks of the places we introduce you to—whether you’re looking for a part-time escape or a place to call home full-time.

And we’ll introduce you to people who are really doing it…folks plugged in, on the ground…experts you can rely on to give you the real-world story.

We’ve invited our editors from all around the world to speak with you. They’re your eyes and ears from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe, and each of them is on a mission to tell you all about what life in his or her neck of the woods is really like.

Plus we’ll have local attorneys on hand, real-estate experts, and additional expats already doing what you’re thinking about. You’ll hear from respected authorities about taxes, banking, traveling, day-to-day costs, and more…

We’ll bring you our trusted colleagues, friends, and connections and they’ll be on hand so you can “pick their brains.”

As one attendee recently put it, IL probably saved me thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars exploring countries on my own.”

Another said, “My husband kept saying that he really hadn’t known what to expect, and he was ‘blown away.’ Although it felt like information overload at times, everything was laid out and presented well. A really wonderful experience. We had a great time, met some wonderful people, and learned a lot! Can’t wait to go through the workbook. Thank you!”

A third put it this way, “My money was well spent! I had questioned the cost. You more than gave me my money’s worth. Thank you.”

Still another said, “…so happy with all the information we received. It [was] worth more than the cost. You convinced my wife that my plan is good.

Here at International Living, we’ve been on this beat for 40 years.

Our editors and contributors based around the planet have helped tens of thousands of people, one-on-one at our live events. And they can help you, too…so you can get overseas faster, more affordably, and with more confidence.

You Give Us Three Days… We’ll Help You Narrow Down, Compare, Contrast, and Weigh Your Best Options

When you join my team in Orlando this April, we’ll introduce you to the very best options you have for living a richer, less-stressful, more adventure-filled life…while you spend less than it would cost you to stay home.

But it won’t be “information overload.”

Everything you could possibly know about hundreds of places on the planet—that’s more paralyzing than helpful, really.

What you need is guidance, answers, good judgment, and advice. And that’s what we’ll deliver.

The exact coordinates you need.

We’re going to narrow down your choices for you, right up front and then help you home in on the ones best suited to your individual situation, given your priorities, your interests, your dreams, and your budget.

And then we’re going to put it all these “best options” in context for you, help you compare and contrast the places you learn about, detail who would like a certain place…and why. And, equally important: Who wouldn’t like it.

Our experts aren’t going to be there to talk in generalities. They’ll be focusing in on specific communities you should have on your radar screen.

They know the countries they live in well…and they’re flying in from around the world to share the kinds of insider secrets you won’t find out about anyplace else, like…

  • Where in Costa Rica you’ll find well-established (but low-cost) expat communities along the Pacific coast—with all the conveniences of farmer’s markets, boutiques, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and souvenir shops…paired with great-value real estate. In one town, for instance, you can buy a 2-bedroom, walk-to-everything condo for $165,000…and rent a one-bedroom, furnished condo for $750 (or even less).
  • A university town in the south of France where medieval homes overlook the sparkling blue Mediterranean…and you could rent a lovely, furnished two-bedroom apartment with high ceilings and generous windows right in the thick of things for $1,300 a month or a one-bedroom for just $860.
  • A “snowbird paradise” in Mexico that’s actually two friendly waterside towns that boast a mild climate, well-established expat community, and low cost of living. $1,700 a month is plenty to fund a couple’s retirement here. And these lively communities offer plenty to do beyond the pretty views—golf, tennis, theater, travel clubs, and more—plus homes start as low as $45,000.
  • Centuries-old olive groves…dramatic cliffs rising above the turquoise sea…time-burnished towns with ornate baroque architecture…in Italy’s up-and-coming region you’ll find around 500 miles of coast lined with some of the country’s best beaches, enchanting countryside, and small towns and villages where you can snag historic properties that are move-in ready from just $67,000 or rent from less than $400.
  • Belize’s secret seaside retreat…the island escape where you can gain all the perks of Caribbean living—palm-lined coast, turquoise waters, sun-soaked and balmy days—but for a fraction of what you’d expect. (You can rent a place with a beautiful water view for $750 a month.) Plus…a hidden gem of a region full of fruit trees and blooming flowers where couples can live comfortably for $1,600 a month and you can buy a two- or three-bedroom home with a nice yard from under $140,000.
  • Scuba divers, fishermen, and surfers, heads up: There’s an unsung little beach town in Panama you’re going to love, where you can rent for as little as $500 a month and on a budget of $1,600 a couple can live comfortably, everything included. This is the land of the entrepreneurial beach bum, and you’ll find cute B&Bs, a grocery, a dive shop, and a nice variety of restaurants as well.
  • Portugal really is Europe’s best-kept, best-value secret today—for first-world living at a low cost. (Our correspondent there said her expenses fell to between 1/3 and 1/4 what they were in the U.S.) A couple can easily live in a comfortable apartment, without a car, have funds for entertainment in addition to necessities, for as little as $2,200 a month. In beautiful Porto, one-bedroom rentals in town list from $700, and outside the city center, $355.
  • From simple bungalows on the beach to high-end villas overlooking the ocean, there’s one island off Thailand’s coast where the values (amid white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters) are unmistakable. Here you’ll find modern hospitals, English cinemas, Western supermarkets, great international restaurants, and seaside pubs to ensure you never miss anything from home. And the best part? With rents as low as $500 a month, you could live comfortably here on a budget of $1,800-$2,200 a month.
  • If the low-stress, welcoming vibe of a small town appeals to you, consider this village of 8,000 in Ecuador where the weather is spring-like year-round, you can eat dinner for $5 a head, and a typical taxi ride will set you back around $1. Expats say it’s like Mayberry—neighbors know each other, folks come to each other’s aid in times of need, and children can safely roam the streets. Here you can rent from about $450 a month.
  • Spain offers remarkable values right now in the right spots. One that deserves more than a passing glance is a big city in a small package right on the eastern Mediterranean, with sandy beaches and warm waters. The plazas are filled with medieval buildings and narrow, winding streets of residences with lovely neo-classical facades. And you can own a two-bed, two-bath apartment in an elevator building here with balconies overlooking the street for about $205,000 right now and rent from $700.
  • Colombia is a place where you can improve your lifestyle while you slash your spending by 60%. In one super-value city, the temperatures are in the upper 70s F to lower 80s F during the day and the mid-60s F in the evening. At 5,000 feet above sea level, the air is dry and bug free, so you needn’t pay for a/c or heat. It’s a green city with hundreds of small parks scattered around. The healthcare is excellent. And a furnished, one-bedroom apartment in one of the most coveted areas of the city, can be had for less than $900 a month.
  • Art galleries, live theater, daily and weekly markets, festivals, gardens, restaurants, street food…if an exotic, warm-weather, low-price retirement in Asia appeals to you, then we might have just the spot. This colonial retreat in Malaysia melds old and new beautifully…and you can rent a rambling apartment of 2,000 square feet from just $680 a month.

This April at our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference, we’ll tell you about each of those places…and many more in addition.

Plus we’ll spend lots of time focused on practical solutions for better living overseas, too…

You’ll find out about where and how to save on healthcare overseas, for instance. In the right places, you can get the same quality of treatment you’d expect at home (sometimes better)—but at a small fraction of what you pay today.

Just take Mexico, for instance. On average, an office visit with a doctor—specialists included—will cost 350 to 500 pesos (about $30 to $43). A house call—yes, doctors in Mexico still make house calls—will cost about the same. Lab tests will cost about a third of what they cost in the U.S. A CAT scan often costs about 25% of what it does in the U.S. An overnight stay in a private hospital room generally costs less than $100. A visit to a dentist for teeth cleaning costs about $28. You get the idea…

And we’ll focus in on many other questions you likely have as well, like how to find a great rental…how to get your mail…the ins and outs of arranging your finances…how to keep in touch with family and friends…and lots, lots more…

The Timing is Right Today to Retire Better for Less Overseas

I realize I said this earlier, but I think it bears repeating: Looking overseas is smart right now. Across Central and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia—in countries like Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Ecuador, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand, and Colombia—we see windows of opportunity sliding open today.

With our network of experts based around the planet, we’re well positioned to notice…and point them out to you…

You know, this is not something you hear much about in the mainstream. These days, the media is hyper-focused on politics, the border wall, race relations, foreign policy. We get a lot of inflammatory noise and factoids…and all of it reported as if the U.S. sits at the center of the universe. That’s what sells.

But it hardly paints an accurate picture of what’s going on in the world as a whole.

Most people…billions of people…live quiet, safe lives in communities where they’re busy earning a living and raising their families and spending time with friends and aspiring to live well and create a measure of happiness for themselves.

There’s a whole other world out there that most folks never hear about. A world that’s safe, welcoming, peaceful, and just waiting for you to explore…

And it’s that world we’ll bring to you in April at our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference.

It’s a world full of opportunity…opportunity to retire earlier, to upgrade your life while you spend less, to take control of what your days look like, to lower your stress level and have the funds (and the time) to relax, travel, volunteer, take up a new hobby…

There’s opportunity to invest for profit…to protect your assets…ultimately, to create a life that looks the way you dream it could…

More Comfortable Living, Less Stress… and Half (or Even Less) the Cost of Home

Just like these folks have…

“We could never have afforded our beautiful home on the beach in the U.S.,” says Dean Y., who settled with his wife in Belize. “…we live richer for less. Even our property taxes are cheaper, at only $18 a year.”

On their beach, they built a house with a pool and a little guest cottage. They pay $26 a month for internet access and about $1,000 a month keeps them and their many pets well fed. The weather hovers near 84 degrees year-round, and life is truly relaxed.

“I often think of my friends in the U.S. and Canada who are busy running their furnaces to the max and shoveling snow,” Dean says. “Here I am in shorts and a tee shirt, watching the moon rise. We love it here. We are at home with the ocean, palm trees, pool…and all of it so affordable.”

They’re hardly the only ones who have traded up overseas in retirement…

“I love the beach,” says Kaye H., at the home she shares with her husband Brian, overlooking a dramatic Pacific view in Costa Rica. She says, “We used to live on the beach in Oceanside, California… But here it costs a quarter of what it did there.”

While retiring overseas isn’t something you hear much about in the mainstream press…those in the know realize how powerful a retirement strategy it can be when you can effectively double your disposable income. Instead of counting pennies, all of a sudden you can relax, afford what you want, live with the confidence that your nest egg will go the distance.

Take Rick and Nancy D. They’d been living in the Ventura-Santa Barbara area of California. Life was good there—but it was also hectic, stress-filled, and expensive.

So they headed to Panama. Today their costs are about 40% of what they paid to live in the U.S. And they haven’t sacrificed a thing. In fact, they’re living better than ever.

Their home, near a crystal-blue brook, overlooks the 9th hole of a lovely golf course. Their windows open to lush, green-valley vistas. The nearby community center houses a state-of-the-art spa and health club. They’ve got high-speed internet, satellite television, gourmet food…all the comforts of home, but at a fraction of the price.

“It’s a lot like the U.S. was back in the 1950s, when I was a kid,” Rick says.

He speaks to an important—but often overlooked—benefit of life in many of the best places overseas, which you’ll hear about this April. It’s simpler. The pace is slower. People take more time for relationships, for neighbors, for family.

As a result…and expats say this all the time…people are more gracious, happier, friendlier. Life is less stressful, less rushed, less about “stuff,” and more about “living.”

If that sounds like a welcome respite to you…then I encourage you to join us this April in Orlando. We’ll reveal the inside scoop on all kinds of attractive communities overseas…

And we’ll give you the coordinates you need to get there.

Our Mission: Hand You the Coordinates for Your Own Dream Retirement Retreat…and Give You the Contacts You Need to Get There

We created this Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference to show you how—like the folks you just heard about—you, too, could match the idea of your ideal retirement with a real place on the ground where you could turn your dream into reality.

To show you exactly how it’s done—step-by-step—we’re flying in our in-house experts from around the world to share their advice, insights, and recommendations.

You’ll hear from…

Dan Prescher

Dan Prescher, IL senior editor. Based in Mexico these days, Dan has also lived in Ecuador, Panama, and Nicaragua. He and his wife, Suzan Haskins, headed south after too many cold winters in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, they’re our down-to-earth and practical-minded eyes and ears on the ground in Latin America. Dan will be our emcee. Having reported from destinations all across Latin America, there’s nobody better qualified to lead you through a comparison designed to help you pinpoint the place that would suit you best.

Jessica Ramesch

Jessica Ramesch, IL Panama editor. Panama always earns high marks as one of the world’s top destination for retirees—in fact, this year it’s our # 1 Retirement Haven. In part, that’s because of its Pensionado program, which is designed to entice foreign retirees with such perks as 50% off closing costs for home loans…20% off medical consultations…15% off dental and eye exams…25% off airfare…and more. Jessica will detail the benefits of this program for you and also point to the very best opportunities in Panama for living—city picks, beachfront havens, and mountain retreats as well.

Glynna Prentice

Glynna Prentice, IL Spain expert. Glynna will share her favorite spots for pampered, good-value living in Spain, where she spends a few months each year. Right now, Spain represents one of the best-value options for retirement in Europe.

She’ll show you where to turn your gaze…like the warm coastal Spanish town of Alicante on the Mediterranean—where you could snag a renovated three-floor villa in town right in the heart of things with great views and lots of little cafes and squares nearby for just $188,000.

Jason Holland

Jason Holland, IL Roving Latin America editor is based in highland Mexico these days, and he’ll turn his focus to that country for us. Mexico makes good sense today. It boasts one of the strongest economies in the western hemisphere…it’s close by…offers excellent healthcare options…comes with plenty of the comforts you’re used to, like theaters, shopping centers, good cell phone and internet coverage…plus super-low taxes…warm weather…and great day-to-day affordability, too. He’ll walk you through various options—from beaches to Colonial cities inland and from little-known escapes to well-known spots where you can still live well for remarkably little.

What’s more, he’ll also speak about a “roving” lifestyle overseas. Having been based in Costa Rica before Mexico, he can answer questions about both (as well as the many other destinations in the region he’s traveled to on your behalf), but he’ll also offer insights and recommendations about renting for a few months at a time, finding that next destination to check out, managing the logistics of a “portable” life, and the pluses and minuses of bringing up a family while slowly meandering country to country.

Tricia Pimental

Tricia Pimental, IL Portugal correspondent. Portugal, from its cosmopolitan north to its beachy south, may be the best-value retirement haven you’ll find in Europe today and our woman on the ground will show you why. White-washed villages with terra cotta roofs…cobblestone streets and elegant palaces…sandy beaches and green golf courses… Portugal may be small, but it’s rich with variety, filled with friendly locals, and it’s a place where you can live comfortably on a budget of $2,200 a month or less, housing included.

Keith Hockton

Keith Hockton, one of our IL Southeast Asia Correspondents. As Keith will tell you: Malaysia may be far away, but the values once you’re there are truly extraordinary. In vibrant Penang, where he and his wife live, for instance, you could live in a high-rise that looks and feels as sophisticated and swank as something in high-end Miami…but pay less than you would in Boise, Idaho. A couple can live here comfortably on $1,455 a month and that’s including rent. Shop at the local markets and a big bag of fresh fruit will cost about $4, reliable high-speed internet is $40 a month, and you can play a round of golf (including the cart rental) for $24.

In addition to Malaysia, Keith will share insights about Thailand, a country expats report to be friendly, exotic, and remarkably sophisticated. Active expat groups make it easy to integrate, healthcare is among the very best in the world, and the beaches are world class. The values are good, too. (In the city of Chiang Mai, for instance, you can rent a modern, furnished studio for as little as $300 a month. Two people can go out to dinner and have a couple of beers and the total will come to less than $10.)

Suzan Haskins

Suzan Haskins, IL senior editor. Based for us in Mexico these days, Suzan will be on hand in April to speak about how you prioritize what it is you’re looking for in a destination overseas. She’ll lay out the questions you need to ask. She’ll talk about the pluses—and the drawbacks—to life overseas (no matter where you go), and help you both shape and shepherd your own idea of retiring overseas so you can begin to map out a solid, step-by-step plan to get from “dream” to “reality.”

Donna Stiteler

Donna Stiteler, IL Ecuador Correspondent, Cuenca. Based in Cuenca since 2014, Donna made the move to, as she puts it, “save herself from her taco-eating, wine-drinking, Ambien-taking, TV-watching, dead-end lifestyle” in the U.S. Now she and her husband enjoy a healthy, engaging life in a beautiful hacienda overlooking the Andes mountains—and spend less than it would have cost them to stay home. This April, she’ll share with you why she loves Ecuador and introduce you to your best options from the beaches at Salinas to the highlands of Cuenca to the valley of Vilcabamba and beyond. From healthcare concerns to visa regulations, she’s got the details in hand and is ready to share them with you.

Valerie Fortney Schneider

Valerie Fortney Schneider, IL Italy correspondent. The Italian lifestyle is undeniably alluring. A nation that puts emphasis on good food, human interaction, and simple pleasures is definitely doing something right. That’s what drew Valerie and her husband in, along with gorgeous landscapes, historic sights, and the slow pace of life. Valerie will be on hand to share her passion for Italy—and fill you in on the many lesser-known hideaways where you can still embrace the spirit of the Italian lifestyle without breaking the bank. As Valerie says, “I pay about 75 cents for an excellent espresso, 70 cents for a package of pasta, and can pick up a whole bag full of fruit and vegetables for around $3. Not that I even need to shop all that often—friends and neighbors share the bounty from their gardens with us: fresh figs, peaches, apples, and pears have been left on our doorstep, along with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more zucchini than we can handle.” If you like the idea of romantic Italy, Valerie will show you how—and where—you can find it for as little as $2,000 a month, rent included.

Nancy Kiernan

Nancy Kiernan, IL Colombia correspondent. Colombia remains a country largely misunderstood in the mainstream…which, frankly, means opportunity for you. Remarkably sophisticated, you’ll find all kinds of interesting options for living well in Colombia, from coffee country to warm coastal retreats to our top city pick: Medellin. Right now the exchange rate equates to great bang for your buck.

In Medellin’s best neighborhood, for instance, you’ll find you can grab a well-appointed two-bedroom apartment in a great location right near the central park with lots of restaurants, super markets, gyms, and bars nearby for just $134,000 and it’s the sort of place you could easily rent out when you’re not there.

Laura Diffendal

Laura Diffendal, IL Belize correspondent. Here’s an interesting fact to chew on: The average condo in Bermuda sells for $650,000…yet you can own a waterfront condo on the beach in Belize’s Ambergris Caye (with its palm-lined Caribbean beaches, fine white sand, and turquoise waters) for just $190,00. For true Caribbean value, Belize is hard to beat…but it’s only one of the reasons this English-speaking enclave makes sense today. Laura will talk about why she likes life there…and take you on a virtual tour of a few special spots where you can live better—for less. Like a little-touristed waterfront community where one couple reports, “We live on about one-third of what it cost us to live in Pennsylvania.”

John Michael Arthur

John Michael Arthur, IL Costa Rica Central Valley correspondent. For three decades before moving to Costa Rica, John practiced medicine outside of Dallas as a family practitioner and he and his partner raised their five kids. Today, he’s a “gentleman farmer,” on a three-and-a-half-acre farm complete with a river in the Orosi Valley. He’ll bring with him to Orlando his own story to share, plus a whole basket full of opportunities for you: great-value destinations…good-living options…real-world intelligence…and Costa Rica secrets you won’t hear about anywhere else. Plus he’ll share his picks for the best coastal deals…the interior, cool-weather towns he likes best…and more…

Tuula Rampont

Tuula Rampont France expert. France is a land that seduces quietly. One minute you’re a tourist, gazing up at the craggy peaks of the Alps, or wandering through a picture-perfect medieval village, or biting into a warm, flaky pain au chocolat in a Parisian café. And the next moment, you realize that you’re in love. And you never want to leave. From sunny Provence to rugged Normandy and everything in between, France offers a sophisticated, foodie, arts-rich culture. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. Tuula is based there and has traveled the country extensively and will be on hand to share her picks for the best-value escapes in this romantic country and help you figure out which one might be right for you.

And we’ve invited other experts as well…

Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon of Real Estate Trend Alert and Pathfinder, International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser, will be on hand along with his colleague Margaret Summerfield and from them you’ll not only get the important insider guidance (and cautions) on buying overseas. Plus they’ll discuss three reasons why 2019 is the year to invest in overseas real estate. You’ll discover secrets like…

  • How tech transformations are influencing opportunity in real estate around the world and what it means for you.
  • The newest “Riviera” and how you could beat the path of progress there to pocket profits on an under-the-radar stretch of Pacific coast.
  • What Brexit means for global real estate investors…including three spots to watch for potential gains and exactly how to play them…
  • And more…
Winton Churchill

Winton Churchill, founder of Barefoot Consultants, will be on hand to show you how you could add to your retirement funds—and even bankroll your life overseas—with an income you take with you wherever you decide to go. You may not think you have a “portable” skill, but don’t be so sure. Winton will show you how you can tap into the 30-70% of opportunity most folks leave on the table.

Warren Hardy

Warren Hardy of the Warren Hardy Spanish School in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is coming as well. And if you like the idea of a Latin American retirement or relish the idea of spending time in Spain…you’ll find his guidance invaluable. Many of the countries you’ll learn about in April are Spanish-speaking—and that can feel like a roadblock for many folks. But it shouldn’t…and Warren will show you why.

His specialty is teaching expats—and he gears his programs specifically for older learners. This spring, he’ll talk about why it’s important that you learn the local language wherever you end up…and will show you—right there on the spot—some tricks to make it a lot easier than you imagine.

Beverly Nelson

Beverly Nelson, Ph.D and Michael Bartlett from Life Path Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, will talk about how to manage (and make the most of) the emotional challenges and benefits a move overseas can deliver. Maybe you’re a little scared. Maybe you’re excited but your spouse is skeptical. Going abroad can be as intimidating as it is invigorating and so Beverly and Michael will give you some tools you can use to focus on starting anew with purpose, reinventing yourself, and deliberately crafting your life so that it looks the way you want it to look.

Beth Carson

Beth Carson, author of Profitable Vacation Rentals Abroad will be joining us for a special workshop to show you the insider strategies she’s perfected for turning vacation rentals into cash machines. Your overseas home could do more than just pay for itself…it could actually earn you an income—often a very nice one—when you’re not there enjoying it. Beth will talk about how to choose a property and what to do with it when you have one. Plus discover ways you can turn your house back home into a money maker, too, and use your U.S. property to fund your travels.

John McGee

John McGee, President of Expat Global Medical, a firm that focuses on offering medical insurance for expats, will be with us in Orlando to share his insider strategies for getting quality, affordable health insurance that’s customized for your particular needs. He’ll talk about the benefits—and pitfalls—of different kinds of coverage and help you understand the lay of the land so you can begin to identify your own best strategy for insurance and care when you’re living and traveling overseas.

Steve Garfink

Steve Garfink, author of Retire in Luxury on Your Social Security, will be on hand to talk about what, specifically, you can do to ensure you’re positioned to claim the maximum retirement benefit due to you. Experts say couples leave an average of $120,000 in benefits unclaimed… simply because they don’t know to ask for them. Steve will talk about savvy claiming strategies and the questions you need to ask to make sure you’ve got your “ducks in a row” so you’re tapping into the greatest retirement payout you’re eligible to receive. It can make a big difference in how early—and how well—you retire, no matter where in the world you may end up. Remember: Your Social Security benefits go with you.

And the speaker list for this Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference goes on…with attorneys joining us from the countries where they work…a tax expert…developers…investment advisors…real estate agents…and more…

Answers to Your How-to Questions to Jump Start Your Life Overseas

This program is comprehensive. We won’t leave anything to chance. And that means our experts, in addition to location-specific presentations, will cover lots of other live-overseas how-to’s as well, like…

  • How to navigate your healthcare options and figure out your best path for insurance and access to care, given your personal situation and priorities.
  • Should you buy or rent overseas? “It depends” is often the answer…so we’ll show you what it depends on, exactly…explain how to choose, and then how to find the housing you’re after at a good price in a place you’ll like…
  • How to get your financial world in order so you’re not only set to go overseas…but you have a realistic, workable plan in place for managing your finances from abroad as well…
  • What will you do once you get overseas to stay engaged, feel connected, and enjoy yourself? We’ll talk about everything from how to find and join expat groups, to how to tap volunteer opportunities, how to pursue hobbies you’re interested in, and lots more…
  • How you can earn overseas and fund a life that looks the way you want it to look. With technology making earning from anywhere easier than it’s ever been, you may be surprised by the many ways you can get paid overseas—doing things you enjoy on a schedule you set. If you like the idea of earning on your own terms, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the room for this eye-opening discussion.
  • Creating your own personalized go-overseas timeline and the insider’s guide for putting your plan in motion and keeping it on track—so you get from where you are now to where you want to be quickly, easily, and enjoyably.

We’ll get you thinking about the questions you need to ask, we’ll answer the ones you ask us, we’ll address your concerns, and we’ll make it easy for you to compare, contrast, and weigh your options for better-value living overseas.

In addition to those intensive sessions and the targeted presentations to the full group, we’re also having breakout interactive workshops where you can focus specifically on countries or subjects that interest you most.

That way, by the time the three days are up, you’ll have a solid, realistic plan in place for getting to the community that’s right for you.

Plus in addition to the presentations, Special Focus Sessions, group discussions, and interactive workshops, we’ll also have a generous Networking Hall open throughout the event.

Our speakers will each have booths inside there where you can meet with them, ask questions, discuss your options, and simply connect.

This forum is, in fact, one of the most valuable resources you’ll have access to. I say that because it allows you to, say, talk to our editor from Costa Rica at one table and ask all the questions you want.

And then you can walk eight feet to your left and strike up a conversation with our “delegation” from Panama…or Belize…or Ecuador…or Italy…or Malaysia…or wherever it is you’d like to learn more about.

You can say, “Hey these guys over here just told me this about life in Costa Rica. How is it similar or different where you live?”

You can put yourself in a little circle with folks who live in—and know well—the countries that interest you most and have them compare and contrast their own experiences for you…right there while you all have a cocktail or a cup of coffee in hand.

Listen in as they agree or disagree with one another. And you’ll start to see in your own mind’s eye how and where these countries might fit into your future.

The point is: This is the ideal forum for making connections, getting the “real scoop,” and arming yourself with the kind of on-the-ground insight that is just plain impossible to glean online or from book research.

That kind of information gathering is important—and we encourage it, of course. But this live program in April is much more “experiential.”

It’s like the difference between reading a book about how to ride a horse and actually putting your foot in the stirrup and getting on one. You learn a lot, fast.

At this event, we’ll give you the hands-on details and input you need to target the specific community that makes the most sense for you and put a realistic, step-by-step plan in place for getting there.

It’s a way to do it efficiently, quickly, and comfortably. While you’re having fun!

I should say, too, that you’ll find yourself in good company at this conference—among like-minded fellow readers who, like you, are interested in exploring their lifestyle options overseas.

No doubt you have friends, family, and neighbors who look at you like you have three heads when you say you’re interested in retiring overseas. I know—the idea is a little outside the box.

But when you’re at International Living’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference - you’ll find that everybody else is as eager as you are to find their “just right” spot abroad.

You’ll find your fellow attendees to be an interesting, well-traveled, enthusiastic, fun group of people.

So you’re networking with the experts—but at the same time, you’ll find your fellow attendees to be excellent sources of intelligence about destinations—and good company as well.

Come Away with Your Own, Individual Master Plan for Retiring Better Overseas

In addition to all the “hand-holding” our experts will offer you through their presentations, workshops, and group discussions, and through the time they’ll spend with you in our Networking Hall, we’ll give attendees who join us in April another, super-powerful resource as well.

We call it International Living’s Retire Better Overseas Master Plan and when you register for this conference, the first thing we’ll do is begin readying a copy especially for you.

It’s not available to the general public. We created it for event attendees, specifically. And each attendee’s Master Plan will—by the end of the event—look different from everybody else’s.

Because, you see, this Master Plan is as much a workbook as it is a guide to the countries and opportunities we’ll be exploring together this spring.

As a companion resource for this live conference, it includes not only important country-specific information, details, recommendations, and contacts that go along with each expert’s presentation…

But it’s also full of worksheets and questions for you to consider. And consider them we will, together.

The Master Plan is something you work through with our experts’ help, and as you do, it will begin to point you down a specific path.

But your path will be your own. You have your own ideas, your own priorities, your own set of circumstances…and those drive the direction you head in.

We’ll work with you to help you make sense of your best options…and using the Master Plan, you’ll literally begin to circle on the map the spots you should be focusing on.

You’ll find the Retire Better Overseas Master Plan full of…

  • Interactive elements designed to help match your dreams about life overseas with the specific place (or places) where you could make that dream real.
  • Your step-by-step guide for what to do first, second, third, and so on so you can smoothly transition from where you are now to where you dream of being.
  • A cheat-sheet that gives you a checklist for planning your escape overseas.
  • In-depth country reports on Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Portugal, France, Thailand, Italy, and Colombia that function as written companions to the presentations our experts give—so you have a detailed reference you can refer to later.
  • Our rolodex of contacts you need to help you get overseas quickly, efficiently, and with as few hiccups as possible.
  • And more…

You’ll Be Well Prepared…

When you give us three days of your time in April, we’ll give you every tool you need to be confident you’ve targeted a place in the world that makes good sense for you to live better and spend less. And you’ll know exactly what to do to get there.

We’ve anticipated questions you may not even know you have. And we’ve made sure they’ll all be answered by the time you leave.

We’ll make sure all your needs are taken care of, so you can relax and focus on the things that mean the most to you. Included as part of this program are—

Welcome Cocktail Reception: After our opening sessions, we’ll “officially” kick off the event with a cocktail party and an opportunity for you to rub elbows with the speakers and meet your fellow attendees, too.

Coffee & Networking Breaks: You’ll have a lot to absorb during the program. So we’ve scheduled frequent breaks for you to stretch your legs…grab some complimentary refreshments…network and check out the various exhibits that may interest you.

Farewell Reception: We like to end our events the same way we start them…with a big bang. We’ll end with a Farewell Reception. It’s a great way to chat and wrap up an event that may very well be the turning point of your life.

You’ll Stay in Comfort in Orlando

We’re hosting this program at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Seaworld, where we’ve arranged discounted rooms for attendees. (They’re just $149 a night (single or double occupancy), which includes your WiFi.)

The hotel is well located just 12 miles from the airport and complete with an olympic-sized heated pool with a poolside bar and grill, several excellent golf courses just minutes from the hotel, a fitness center, and a full spa. The guest rooms are generously sized and well appointed.

If you choose to come early or stay a few days on, you’re just 10 miles from Disney World, 8 miles from Universal Studios, and right across the street from Sea World.

But everything you need for your stay during the conference will be right on hand. The resort offers distinctive and well-recommended dining options, including a sushi restaurant, a sports bar that serves classic pub fare, an upscale American comfort-food restaurant, that pool bar I mentioned before, and an ice cream joint, too. There’s a Starbucks on the property as well!

This is going to be an intensive program, no question…

But we want it to be easy, too, which is why we’ve chosen this location in Orlando.

If you were to fly around the planet trying to figure out the spots most worth your attention, it’d take you years to narrow down your options and it would cost you tens of thousands in airfare alone.

Plus you’d spend thousands more trying to track down and meet with the best contacts in each place. And it’s hard to know who the best contacts are.

By joining us April 12-14, 2019 at International Living’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference, you gain in one place—over three hyper-focused days—all the intelligence you need to draw a line to the destination that’s right for you and all the step-by-step guidance and reliable contacts you need to get there.

Our experts live in these places we recommend around the world, they travel throughout them regularly, they know the reliable contacts and have done the hard work of separating the best ideas and opportunities from those not worth your attention.

In other words, we’ve invested the time, money, and effort…so you don’t have to.

You can attend—and have the best opportunities in the world handed to you on a silver platter—for just $995 per person. Bring a guest, spouse, partner, or a friend—and that person can join you for only $795. (That means a couple comes for only $1,790.)

But you don’t actually have to pay that much…

Book Early—and You Save $200 Per Person

But please understand that attendance is limited by the size of the conference space we’ve booked. And we expect this event to sell out, as our live programs typically do.

Even so, it helps us to have a rough headcount earlier rather than later as we can better plan for staffing and printing materials and so on.

So that’s why, in exchange for reserving your place now and letting us know to save a seat in your name, we’ll take a full $200 off the price of your admission (and an additional $200 off your companion’s ticket).

That means you attend the event for $995 $795 and your companion joins you for only $795 $595. But that price is only until midnight on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

In fact, you may well be eligible for additional savings as well. The $200 off for your Early Bird sign up is a discount ON TOP OF any others you qualify for.

If you are an International Living magazine subscriber, for instance, you’re automatically due an additional $50 off. So you’d pay just $745 when you book before March 13. And additional discounts may apply as well.

The point is: There won’t be a better-value time to sign on.

And I should say, too, that while the price goes up on Wednesday, March 13, I cannot guarantee we’ll actually still have seats available at that point. We may well sell out ahead of that date.

So don’t wait and miss out.

If you’re at all interested in joining us, please let us know sooner rather than later to save a seat in your name.

Register by clicking below.

Interactive, Useful, Personalized

As I said earlier—this Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference is geared entirely to helping you—in your individual situation—to find the spot that’s right for you.

Everybody’s Master Plan for going overseas is going to look different.

After all, what would make you happy might drive your neighbor nuts. We all have our own preferences, our own interests, our own lists of “must-haves” and “can’t stands,” our own budgets. Everybody’s situation is unique, in other words.

That’s why this special 3-day Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference is going to be super-interactive.

So, frankly, if all you want to do is sit back and listen to lectures…this might not be the forum for you.

But if you’re ready for answers…ready to get the coordinates for the spot that’s right for you…ready to get an actionable master plan so you know how to get from where you are now…to your ideal retirement locale overseas…

Then I hope you’ll join us…

Because in your just-right place overseas, the climate will put a smile on your face…the cost of living will allow you to live better than you do at home…and you’ll have the time and freedom to create a retirement that matches the one you see in your mind’s eye.

Click below now to register.

Or you can call our events team directly at 1-866-381-8446 (toll free in the US and Canada) or 1-410-622-3040.

I look forward to seeing you in April.


Dan Prescher

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living

P.S. When you sign on to attend this conference, we’ll give you something extra, too, at no charge…

We’ll be recording this program—capturing all the advice, guidance, and recommendations from ever expert in every session. And we’ll sell the recordings to readers who couldn’t be in Orlando in person.

But for attendees, access to the recordings is $249 FREE. They’re our gift to you, a special thank you for attending in person.

And I know you’ll find them invaluable. Because it means you can listen in again to any of the sessions you’d like. On a couple of afternoons, we’ll be splitting into smaller groups for our special-focus workshops. As an attendee, you can only be in one room at a time. But with the recordings, you’ll have access to every word uttered in the other workshop sessions, too.

Again, this is a $249 value that’s yours, FREE, when you reserve your place in Orlando for our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference today.

P.P.S. I don’t think that a comfortable, enjoyable retirement should be a radical notion. I think the idea that you could have control over how you spend your days…and the confidence that your nest egg will go the distance…I think that should be within everybody’s grasp.

It doesn’t feel like it is at home…but in the right places overseas, it’s easy. You can afford to relax and enjoy life your way

…and that means you can travel, spend time with the family and friends you choose, read those books you’ve been meaning to read, take up an instrument, learn a new language, start a little business, volunteer…

Laid-back beach escapes. Quiet mountain getaways. University Towns. Even cosmopolitan cities. In the right places—and we’ll hand you the coordinates for where they are in April—you really can live a richer, more engaging life than you do today…but spend as little as $1,620 a month to do it (housing included).

That means you could live well on your Social Security income alone.

On a budget of $2,500 to $3,600 a month, a couple could enjoy the perks of a rich man’s life…a six-figure retirement on less than $50,000 a year.

At International Living’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference—we’ll “hold your hand” and walk you through the options that are best for you. We’ll pinpoint the coordinates you need on a map. And we’ll connect you with exactly the people who can help you get there with ease.

Don’t wait and miss out. Click below now to register while seats are still available.

P.P.P.S. Last year’s attendees had plenty of praise for this worthwhile investment—and I am confident you will, too. Here’s what a few folks had to say…

“The conference was extremely informative and helpful. It provided information and a support for the vision of actually moving to an international destination with confidence and knowledge!! An incredibly important first step in helping to understand this very detailed process, while providing an exciting picture of possibilities you can make come true!!! Was such a pleasant experience all the way around!!!! Thank you!”

The conference helped identify and clarify the steps necessary to plan an international life. It is all within my ability to make it happen.

The quality and credibility of all the speakers is excellent. This is my first conference and I am very impressed with the professionalism and especially the knowledge of each speaker. You can feel their passion and love for the countries they live in. I have definitely expanded my thinking on the options I will consider after this conference. Thank you. Very glad I came to the conference – I learned a great deal and now know how to get additional information when I need it. I highly recommend this to anyone starting out on their new international journey – it will definitely help you solidify a plan. Thanks IL!

– Kevin C.

The entire conference was very well run. There was a great deal of information provided and a lot more that I think will be discovered as the recordings are reviewed. The exhibitors were a great source of information as well. I am very glad that I finally decided to attend one of these events.

– Michael H.

Fantastic event. Plenty of information and people to speak with when you had questions. All of the people involved were beyond friendly and helpful. I will highly recommend this to all of my friends.