International Living’s Europe Tour

A perfect, sunny climate…fresh, healthy food…a welcoming expat community…friendly, helpful locals…lots to keep you entertained… Portugal and Spain has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to retire on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches or gorgeous, culturally rich historical cities, you’ll want to discover more about these friendly, welcoming, and oh-so affordable countries.

Portugal, with its rugged coastline of cliffs, coves, and whitewashed windmills is the perfectretirement destination. It’s Atlantic beaches resemble broad golden ribbons. Slumbering inlandare historic castle towns, abbeys, and pilgrim shrines. Small villages come surrounded by terraced olive groves, citrus orchards, and vineyards.

Completing the picture are salt lagoons, gurgling rivers, and pine forests. White storks build straggly nests on top of church towers…springy-turf cliff-tops are scented with wild herbs…stone walls trail clouds of blue-mauve morning glory flowers…village houses are draped in wisteria.

Spain offers sophistication, charm, comfort…and, in places, at a price you’d expect to see in Latin America. Lingering into the wee hours over drinks in color-splashed cities… savoring scrumptious paella on a warm summer afternoon, the Mediterranean sparkling in the background…watching the moonlight play off the high walls of the thousand-year-old Alhambra…or sitting on a balcony in Seville overlooking the largest Gothic church in the world, sipping a chilled glass of fino…

If you like Europe and its history…its romance and culture…then you are going to love Spain.

Because not only is it a feast for the senses, it—like Portugal—offers good values.

Join us in the sun this Fall… Over 10 extraordinary days, we’ll explore the best communities in Western Europe for expat living. We’ll introduce you to the experts and expats who know Portugal and Spain well and want to share their insights and advice with you.

See for yourself how good life can be…and how far your retirement dollars can stretch in these exciting destinations. The time to discover more about Western Europe is now.

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