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Panama is Your Easiest Step Into Expat Life

Just 3 Hours From Miami, It’s Ultra-Modern, Safe and Politically Stable

You’ll Love the Warm, Tropical Climate (But No Hurricanes)… the 1,500 Miles of Coastline and Lush Green Mountains

With Excellent Healthcare, High-Speed Internet, and More—Including the World’s Best Retirement Program—You’ll Want for Nothing…

All This, and a Couple Can Live a “Dream Life” for Just $2,200 a Month, All In—Rent and Health Plan Included.

During the All-Online Panama Private Screening, We’ll Show You How to Have the Life You’ve Always Wanted

When Jim and Abbe Gault told their friends and family they were retiring to a tiny beach town a few hours west of Panama City, they were met with incredulous stares and one big question: “Are you crazy?”

“We don’t think so,” Jim and Abbe answered back. “We think we’re making a very smart move.”

Jim and Abbe had enjoyed successful careers as corporate consultants and they understand how important research and expert advice is in life-changing decisions. They’d done their homework.

“We knew we wanted to live in the tropics but not in a hurricane zone,” Jim says, “and that’s Panama. And there are so many great communities that cater to a variety of lifestyle needs…from the big city to beach towns, mountain towns and everything in between.

“Our next logical step was to go to Panama to the International Living conference held there. That was in 2014…and here we are now, living the retirement of our dreams.”

It was at that Panama conference, Jim says, that he and Abbe heard about a corner of the country they’d not yet explored. But it sounded ideal…a small-but-friendly expat community and welcoming locals living happily together in a typical Panamanian small town…and nearby, long stretches of nearly deserted beaches they could have almost to themselves.

Today, Jim and Abbe live in that little town. In fact, they’ve just finished construction of their brand-new dream home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

“We love it here,” Jim says. “You can go on the beach with a cooler. Let me repeat: There are no ‘cooler police’. I can drive my 4X4 on the beach at low tide and might share it with four people and a couple of dogs. It’s a far cry from what I was used to, growing up in New Jersey, where there are thousands of people on the beach every day.”

Plus, he says, there’s plenty to keep you busy. “Fishing, hiking, yoga, surfing, swimming. There are good restaurants where you can get lunch for $3.50 to $5 or dinner for $7 to $14. With a drink and a 10% tip, we never spend more than $30.”

There is a small-town feel with an emphasis on family values. The 2,000 or so locals are friendly and helpful to the 300+ members of the well-established expat community.

This sense of community is one thing Jim and Abbe appreciate very much. “If there’s a car broken on the side of road, people will stop to help. If you trip and fall on the street, people will pick you up. The locals have welcomed us and in turn, the expats get involved in the community. We’ve painted the fronts of homes on the main street and around the plaza and we help with spay and neuter clinics, to name a few…”

This sense of community has been very evident over the last year of the pandemic. “Government restrictions that kept our small fishing village of Pedasi safe from COVID-19 also made it impossible for locals to work, with some exceptions,” Jim says. “But the community pulled together and made sure everyone—even the pets—had the food and supplies they needed.”

The positive attitudes, adaptability, and willingness to learn, laugh, and have fun in these difficult times brought out the best in all of us, Jim says.

And he points out that even though there are more affordable nearby communities to live in…with fewer amenities… Jim says, “Bottom line: A couple can live very comfortably here on $2,000 per month.”

Many couple’s budgets are between $1,500 and $2,000 per month, Jim says. “Some rent and some own. If they rent, they typically pay $800 to $1,000 a month. They usually own one older vehicle and still eat out one or two times a week.

“If you own, as we do, you have more discretionary income for more meals out, but of course you also will be paying for all your home improvements and repairs. Being close to the ocean makes for more home maintenance.”

Jim and Abbe have now built two homes…one in town where they could “walk to every restaurant, to the local grocery store, and the Friday fresh market on the square.”

 And because they missed living on the water, in 2019 they built a new home on the beach. “We hired a fantastic team who built our house in seven months.  That is unheard of in Panama.  Now we can sit on our front porch and see the Pacific Ocean, swim in our own pool in the privacy of our back yard and walk the dogs on the beach every day.  There is nothing as soothing as the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks.”

A few budget items to consider, he says, “Few expats have medical insurance because medical care is very reasonable. Others have inexpensive private insurance that costs $1,000 to $2,000 a year per person and covers them here and when they travel internationally, although not in the U.S. Food is 25% cheaper and much healthier than the U.S., especially meats. Not long ago somebody posted on WhatsApp that they had extra tuna they’d just caught. I ran out and bought 10 pounds for $20.”

But cost alone should be only one factor in deciding to move to Panama, Jim says.

“Expats value the improved QUALITY of life…the beautiful empty beaches, the camaraderie and small-town feel, the friendliness and helpfulness of the people, and the adventure of it all. They gladly exchange a U.S. lifestyle to have these benefits.”  

Are Jim and Abbe happy with their decision to move to Panama? “Oh yes,” Jim says. “We’re here to stay.”

You may discover Panama is right for you, too… and we’d like to help you figure that out.

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JOIN US ONLINE to discover everything you need to know to decide if Panama is the ideal place for you.

Then when you visit you’ll have all the knowledge and contacts necessary to move forward with confidence.

I’m Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living.

Jim and Abbe Gault made a smart decision when they moved to Panama back in 2014. And they also made a smart decision to let International Living guide them along the way.

By attending an International Living conference, they got a fair-and-biased—yes, you read that right—a “biased” look at Panama that helped them make the best decision for their personal needs.

You see, our mission is to give you all the reliable truths and input you need to decide if a place like Panama is right for you. We don’t share what you “want to know,” but what you need to know. And we introduce you to the experts who can guide you every step of the way.

No doubt you’d like to go to Panama and check it out in person. And you definitely should.

After all, it’s one of the top retirement spots in the world for many good reasons. But before you do that, start your research with our Panama Private Screening online event.

There are no expensive airfares, hotels, or rental cars to book, no hours of time spent researching, no appointments to make… We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll virtually meet the best resources we know in Panama—the experts and expats that can offer you the real-world guidance and insightful advice you need to design your own personalized Panama strategy.

And when you’re ready to visit in person, you’ll know exactly where to go and who to meet with.

I’ll explain how to register in a moment, but first a little more background on Panama and what to expect from our Panama Private Screening.

It’s your perfect first step to see if Panama is a good fit for you and start putting your plans in place. I think you’ll like what you discover.

After all…

Panama Offers Many Benefits,
Including the World’s Best Retirement Program.

The government of Panama welcomes you with a world-class retirement program—the same program it offers to its own residents. There’s nothing else like it.

The famous Panama Pensionado Program is the most generous and appealing program of special retirement benefits you'll find anywhere in the world today.

And no matter which attractive resident visa you choose when you move to Panama, you can qualify for Pensionado Program discounts.

As a pensionado in Panama, you’re entitled to:  

  • 50% off entertainment—such as movies, theaters, concerts, and sporting events—anywhere in the country
  • 50% off closing costs for home loans and more…
  • 50% off hotel stays from Monday through Thursday
  • 30% off hotel stays from Friday through Sunday
  • 30% off bus, boat, and train fares
  • 25% off airline tickets
  • 25% off at restaurants
  • 20% off medical consultations
  • 20% off professional and technical services
  • 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies)
  • 15% off dental and eye exams
  • 10% off prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  • And more…

You’re also entitled to a one-time exemption from duties on the importation of your household goods (up to $10,000) and tax exemptions on the importation or local purchase of a car.

In Panama you can have it all: a cosmopolitan capital city with one of the world’s largest financial districts…hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches…highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring-like, even in January and August…and there are never any hurricanes.

Nowhere else can you enjoy such a carefree and comfortable life…with a year-round tropical climate, excellent medical care, fresh, healthy food straight from the farmer’s truck…and a retirement incentive program that’s truly welcoming of expats…

Panama is one of the world’s best and most popular retirement destinations. There are so many more reasons it meets all the criteria on most anyone’s “perfect overseas lifestyle” checklist:

  • Close to the U.S. (just a 3- hour flight from Miami)
  • Safe, politically stable and business friendly with a strong and growing economy
  • A climate for everyone except winter enthusiasts, from tropical beaches to temperate mountains
  • Top-quality healthcare—the Punta Pacifica Hospital is affiliated with Baltimore’s renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine and there are many other excellent options, both in the city and throughout the country
  • No income taxes on foreign-earned income
  • Importantly… A new tax law went into effect on January 1, 2019, which lowered property taxes to about half as much as they were before, to an incredibly low 0.5% of the value of the home. And you can still get tax exemptions on some properties constructed in the last 3 years. (You’ll get all the details during the Private Screening.)


Plus, there are many things that are unique to Panama that you may not be aware of:

  • The U.S. dollar is the official currency—no confusing conversions to deal with
  • You can drink the tap water almost anywhere
  • There’s a built-in community of helpful English-speaking locals and expats, and…
  • It’s very affordable—a couple can live comfortably on the typical Social Security income. The average monthly budget for a couple in Panama is just $2,200 a month or even less, especially if you own your own home as Jim and Abbe Gault do.

Let’s Talk More About Healthcare and the Affordable Cost of Living…

You’ll find your income goes much further in Panama than it does in the U.S. or Canada.

And that’s despite the fact that Panama offers you a “no sacrifices” lifestyle. You’ll enjoy modern shopping malls, supermarkets, spas and hair salons…and, importantly, state-of-the-art hospitals…to rival anything in North America.

All the services and even most of the products you have at home…you’ll find them in Panama.

Most everything costs far less than you’re used to. That’s because the minimum wage in Panama is low and employers and workers don’t have to contend with onerous taxes, insurance, and other fees slapped on everything they do.

So getting just about anything done in Panama is very affordable. As Jim Gault says, to have an electrician or plumber come to your house to fix an appliance, for example, typically costs just $20 to $40.

Even the lowest budget affords a very good lifestyle. For instance, you can splurge on a day of beauty at any number of salons. You’ll likely pay just $20 for a blow-out and mani-pedi.

Best of all, you can afford to pay someone to do the chores you may not be too fond of. A housekeeper typically costs just $20 a day. A gardener may charge you $30 for a day’s work.

As for healthcare costs… A complete blood workup at that gleaming new Hospital Punta Pacifica I mentioned earlier (the most technologically advanced hospital in Latin America) is $170. A consult with a physician at this state-of-the-art hospital is $50.

At smaller-but-modern clinics, like Hospital America or Clinica Omega, you’ll pay 50-75% less, and in rural areas a doctor’s visit can be far less. As one expat has reported, a doctor’s visit in her small mountain town costs just $5.

And remember, retirees on the Pensionado Program are entitled to sizeable discounts!

What about health insurance? Retired couples who would be paying $1,250 a month or more—$15,000 a year—in the U.S. for health insurance with a high deductible say that in Panama, they’re paying, on average, $3,240 a year for coverage—and that’s with a deductible of just $250 a year. That’s a substantial savings of nearly $12,000!

More time and more money to spend as you like…no taxes on your foreign income, no inflated healthcare costs, no more worries about outliving your retirement nest egg.

Here’s How Much Your New Life in Panama May Cost You…

Below I’ve posted an average monthly budget for a couple living in the interior of Panama, outside the more-expensive capital city. (You can expect to spend 20 to 40% more to live in the city).

Rent: $950
Electricity: $90
Propane (cooking and hot water): $10
Water and trash collection: $11
Maintenance/fuel for one car: $140
Internet: $28
Cellphone: $30
DirecTV (US channels): $40
Groceries/dining out: $600
Misc. $300
Total: $2,199

Of course, your own cost of living will vary. There are cheaper rentals out there, especially if you look in smaller towns…

And if you buy a home and you don’t pay rent, or you won’t need a car, you can replace those costs with public transportation costs some home maintenance – but surely lower than what you may be spending now.

Another discretionary budget item is groceries and dining out. You may not spend this much, or you might spend more. It’s totally up to you.

And note that the miscellaneous budget item here of $300 includes car expenses, health insurance and prescriptions. You may or may not have those costs…again, it’s up to you. 

My point: Whatever your budget, you can live very comfortably in Panama.

What About Real Estate Costs?
“If you know where to look you can find a killer deal.”

International real estate expert Ronan McMahon—founder of Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA)—says that real estate in Panama is silly cheap, compared to other global hubs.

“And on one stretch of Panama’s Pacific coast, which an ambitious Path of Progress will make even more accessible, there’s an opportunity to buy luxury homes in a beachfront community with big upside potential…while a little-known tax bailout means huge savings on turnkey condos.”

Ronan’s colleague, Margaret Summerfield, says: "Panama is one of the best locations in Latin America for re-location, retirement or a vacation home. It’s safe, stable, business-friendly and welcoming to foreigners…who have essentially the same property rights as locals.

“There are properties to suit most tastes and budgets, whether you want a house or a condo, a beach pad or a mountain hideaway. With the current global crisis, we expect to see motivated sellers pop up. And RETA members are already getting access to killer deals in Panama.”

Check out these bargains in exciting, cosmopolitan Panama City:

  • In the popular upscale Coco del Mar neighborhood—with expansive jaw-dropping views of the ocean and city skyline and with quick access to downtown and the rest of the city, you’ll find a brand-new luxury high-rise building with a rooftop pool, bar, sports facilities and much more. Two bedroom/two-and-a-half bath condos start at just $220,000.
  • Just steps from famous Balboa Avenue overlooking the bay, a new modern ocean-view condo with marble floor, quartz countertops and two-bedrooms and three bathrooms, community swimming pool, spa, and more is on offer for just $225,000.

Prefer to live outside Panama City, where your overall cost of living can be much lower? That’s where the real property values can be found. Like:

  • In Boquete, the boutique mountain town in the Chiriquí province that’s Panama’s most popular expat enclave (although it certainly retains its Panamanian flavor) you can buy a very nice two-bedroom home on a quarter-acre lot just 7 minutes from the center of town—appliances included for just $135,000!
  • Get away from it all on a nearly 5-acre farm just 25 minutes from Boquete with pastureland, fruit trees (banana, orange, kumquat, guava and more), a 1,440-sq.-ft. with covered porches, and an attached shop for just $190,000.

Beach living more your style? You, too, will be happy in Panama:

  • In the upscale beach town of Coronado, a gorgeous three-bedroom, two-bath home on a flower-filled lot with two large covered terraces and a swimming pool—and even a golf club membership—for just $225,000.
  • Or opt for a luxurious two-bedroom/two-bath condo with gorgeous ocean views—furnished—in one of Coronado’s premiere high-rise buildings with a gym, sparkling rooftop pool, clubhouse, and more, selling for a negotiable $189,000.

During your Panama Private Screening, we’ll point you to Panama’s best real estate bargains.

Are you ready to see if Panama is the right fit for you?

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Panama Private Screening.

We'll show you exactly how to live your dream life… no matter how small your budget. 

If you want to retire even earlier than you thought you could, or just live a more luxurious life than you ever thought possible—there's no better opportunity to gain access to so much expertise…in one place, at the same time.

Whether You're Retiring or Buying a Second Home…
or Starting The New Life You've Always Dreamed Of…
This Private Screening Will Help You Make It Happen

People are coming to Panama for various reasons. And we'll cover all the bases with the high-powered local expertise you need. And we certainly won’t gloss over the challenges.

During the Panama Private Screening, you’ll get the real story about Panama. The good and the bad. Our expats will share both the benefits and the challenges, so you’ll walk away with a realistic picture of what awaits you in Panama.

What Else Should You Know About Panama? 
It’s Politically Stable and Economically Sound

You’ll find mostly good news coming out of Panama, although as with most countries, the current pandemic has taken a toll. Over the past 25 years, Panama’s has been amongst the largest and fastest-growing economies in Latin America, largely thanks to income from the Panama Canal.

Although that growth stumbled in 2020 because of the pandemic, the canal and the financial district are not going away. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) forecasts Panama’s economic growth at a booming 12.5% for 2021.

Just to give you a small idea of what today’s Panama is all about:

  • It’s the most modern of all Central American countries. You can stay at a rustic rainforest resort or an island hostel and still enjoy the same high-speed internet that you would in Panama City.
  • It’s the only country in Central America, in fact, with an urban metro transportation line. A second line now completed makes getting around Panama City easier than ever.
  • From the expanding international airport at Tocumen, also known as the Hub of the Americas, you can travel anywhere in the world, and often on a direct flight. (For several years in a row, Tocumen has been named best airport in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • With historically low inflation, one of the world’s biggest banking sectors, and the government’s business-friendly “go get ‘em” attitude, Panama offers a combination of benefits that no other Central American country can match. If you’re looking to start a business, as many expats have done, there’s no place better than Panama.

Panama is a true melting pot of Native Panamanian, African, Asian and European cultures…a place where diversity is appreciated, and harmonious living is the result. No matter your skin color or religious affiliation, you’ll be welcomed to Panama. (Yes, you can easily find English-speaking worship services.)

️‍ And if living in a county that values human rights and diversity is important to you, you should know that Panama complies with the landmark Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling that recognizes same-sex marriage and transgender rights.

Here’s What’s to Expect from Your Panama Private Screening

  • See firsthand how little it really costs to live in Panama. Not via some theoretical budget, but by meeting the people who are already doing it and learning their tips and secrets.
  • Discover the best, most stable markets on the Panama real estate scene. Not from some agent's listing, but by hearing from the International Living experts who have assessed these areas firsthand.
  • Get in early on the newest emerging markets where opportunities are to be found. Not by listening to salespeople, but by taking advantage of our market analysts' extensive experience.
  • Find out about Panama banks, corporations, trusts, private-interest foundations and how you can benefit from these. Hear it straight from the professionals who are guiding your fellow expats.

Get the REAL picture, not through any rose-colored glasses. Taxes, insurance, and visas are not the fun part of being an expat. But you need to know this part of the story before you take your next step in Panama. There are many ways that a move overseas…and especially to a country with benefits like Panama…can help lower your tax burden.

Our seasoned professional experts—with decades of experience in their chosen fields—will deliver the on-target information you need to get the real picture about living in, investing in, or starting a business in Panama.

Just a few of the people who make up our staff for this groundbreaking conference:

Jessica Rameschyour boots-on-the-ground guide

Jessica is International Living’s Panama editor. She lives and works full-time in Panama and spends much of her time scouring the country and writing articles for International Living readers seeking a new life abroad. She’ll share her firsthand knowledge that will get your own transition off to a smooth start.


Rainelda Mata-KellyAttorney, Mata-Kelly & Partners

When it comes to residence issues, tax law, corporations, foundations, banking, and real estate, there is no better authority in Panama. Rainelda will bring you up to speed with the practical information you need to know if you're planning to retire, buy a property, or start a business. And if you're setting up offshore accounts, corporations, or trusts, hearing what Rainelda has to say is indispensable.


Dr. Debbie Wong, MD, Punta Pacifica Hospital

Dr. Debbie is an internationally trained and board-certified surgeon at Panama’s esteemed Punta Pacifica Hospital, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine in the U.S. She’ll offer you her analysis of the healthcare market in Panama and discuss your healthcare options there.


Rosalind Baitel—33-year Panama expat

Roz Baitel has lived in Panama for more than 33 years. She and her husband Allan Baitel (president of Kol Shearith Israel Congregation and vice commodore of Linton Bay marina) raised two children (now grown) in Panama. She’ll offer her insights how to best adapt culturally in Panama and reveal the opportunities, benefits and challenges Panama has to offer.


Jim Gaultwill share his insights as an expat in Panama

You’ve read some of Jim’s story. He has a Master of Education degree, specializing in training, from Temple University and spent his career as a pharmaceutical training expert. After attending the 2014 International Living conference in Panama, he and his wife Abbe moved to Panama’s Azuero Peninsula where they’ve lived happily ever since. They recently finished construction on their second home in Panama, their “dream home” right on the beach.


Winton Churchillcan help you make a living anywhere in the world

Winton Churchill is founder of the Barefoot Consultants, an international training and consulting company that helps clients make a living from anywhere in the world by tapping into their own skills and career experience. “Today, you have the power and access to put your skills and abilities on the global market regardless of where you live or work,” he says.


Suzan Haskins—International Living Senior Editor

Suzan has lived in 7 different overseas destinations and she’ll share the wealth of insider intelligence that comes with that. She’ll help you profile yourself and choose the community that’s right for you. She’ll also share a step-by-step guide to follow before you ever leave home that will help ensure your success once you land in Panama.


Pablo Arias—Relocation Specialist

From neighboring Costa Rica, Pablo is Panamanian at heart. He lived in Panama for two years and has traveled extensively throughout Central America in his position with Grupo Relocations Arivi S.A., coordinating shipments for expat retirees and corporate clients. He will provide advice on how to import your household goods and personal effects anywhere in Latin America.


Steve GarfinkSocial Security expert

Author of Retire in Luxury on Your Social Security, Steve will explain what, specifically, you can do to ensure you’re positioned to claim the maximum Social Security benefits due to you. Experts say couples leave an average of $120,000 in benefits unclaimed… simply because they don’t know to ask for them. This is your chance to ask…


Ron ElledgeMedicare expert

A U.S. Medicare and health insurance specialist, Ron Elledge has devoted his entire career to understanding the intricacies of U.S. health insurance options. (No small task.) If you’re looking to retire overseas full- or part-time, roam the world, or just travel now and again, Ron has written the quintessential book, on the topic called Medicare Made Easy: What Expats, Frequent Travelers, and You Need to Know and during the Private Screening.

(Note that this message is NOT approved, endorsed, or authorized by the Social Security Administration or Medicare. All information regarding Social Security and Medicare discussed or mentioned here is available for free from the Social Security Administration and Medicare. But they’ll take you through the details and make the information they provide easy-to-understand and accessible.)

International Living Editor Dan Prescher will be your emcee for this conference. He’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have about living overseas. In 2001, he and his wife (and fellow International Living editor), Suzan Haskins, left Omaha, Nebraska, for the warmer climes of Latin America and they haven’t looked back since. They’ve traveled all over the world in search of the best lifestyle opportunities and have themselves lived in Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and yes, Panama.  

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, it's possible speakers may change. Other arrangements will be made to cover the same topic.

Note: As part of your Panama Private Screening, you’ll get all the contact information for every expert…email addresses, phone numbers, websites…so you can follow up any one of them now or as long as it takes to make your move to Panama.

There are many other experts, too, that you’ll meet when you join us for your Panama Private Screening. You can be sure you'll get first-hand input on topics such as:

  • Shipping your household goods
  • Banking
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Cultural acclimation
  • The legal ins and out of buying real estate in Panama
  • The best visa option for your needs
  • How to safely move your pets to and keep them healthy in Panama
  • Home, auto, life, and health insurance
  • And much, much more… including all the country’s best destinations depending on your lifestyle needs

Our seasoned professional experts will deliver the on-target information you need to get the real picture about living, buying, or starting up a business in Panama. We’ll even have special presentations on moving overseas as a single person and one with tips on how to enjoy life as a roving expat.

Believe me, this firsthand information is worth its weight in gold.

We've got a full schedule planned for you. No stone will be left unturned.

As you might imagine, we’re making final preparations as I write this. Our goal is to make 100% sure you get everything you need (and more) from this historic online event—just as if you were joining us in person in Panama, but at a tiny fraction of the expenses you’d incur to do that.

Here’s how it will work:

Your Panama Private Screening will take place over four days, Wednesday-Saturday, August 11-14. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, we’ll host manageable two-hour segments beginning at 7 PM Eastern Time/4 PM Pacific Time. (You’ll get details in your online registration packet.)

On Saturday morning, our experts will be online for a live Q&A session and you can ask all your questions in real-time.

And don’t worry if you can’t be there for every presentation or segment. We’ll archive every bit of this Private Screening so you can review at your leisure.

Just to repeat:

Each evening session will be available to you beginning at 7PM EST so you can log on at any time to watch—so don’t worry if you can’t be available every evening or for every session.

Same goes for the live Q&A session on Saturday morning. You’ll be able to interact live and ask questions of our experts but this session, too, will be recorded and available to you later if you are unable to be present.

You'll get everything you need to move confidently forward with your Panama plans, and you won’t have to leave home to do that.

This 2021 Panama Private Screening Online Event is a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity. The Depth, Breadth, and Insights Just Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else…

We’ll cover all sides of Panama. From luxury living to a comfortable and enjoyable way of life that you can manage on a social security check…from the lush green mountains to the dazzling beaches and everything in between.

This Panama Private Screening will bring you up to speed on affordable lifestyles that you didn't know about before.

Think about it. If you gather this information on your own, you'll spend thousands of dollars, and months of your time. Knock on doors, search the internet, sit in lawyers' offices, and hang out with real estate agents, it will be impossible to assemble the body of knowledge that we've pulled together for this online event.

And you don’t need to leave home. No airfares, hotels, restaurant meals, or masks required.

Frankly, this Panama Private Screening is a good investment of time and money for anyone who's considering making a life there…well worth every penny you'll pay to attend.


REGISTER NOW and Get 2 Valuable Special Bonuses, including a Detailed Panama Itinerary Guide—a Must-Have When You Travel to Panama in Person

Register now for the Panama Private Screening and we'll send you via e-mail two of the most valuable reports about Panama we've ever developed.

The first will save you a bundle of time and money when you are ready to put boots on the ground in Panama.

It’s our Panama Scouting Trip Itineraries and Travel Guide (value $79). If you'd like to spend one week, two weeks, or up to four weeks in Panama, this is guide will show you how to plan and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Delivered electronically to get it in your hands as quickly as possible (and so you can ask questions during the Private Screening live Q&A sessions), It’s a helpful, timesaving resource with three “planned-for-you” travel itineraries you can follow.

Created by our IL Panama editor Jessica Ramesch, with well more than 15 years’ experience living and traveling in Panama, you cannot find this kind of expert on-the-ground guidance anywhere else.

The second special report I’ll send you for free is called Panama’s Best Budget-Stretching Destinations: Where to Look Now (value $29). It delivers actionable need-to-know information about how to lower your cost of living in Panama. Also delivered electronically, it’s completely up to date with concise, no-nonsense, and hot-off-the-press information.

Nowhere else will you discover the where, what, when and how of upgrading your retirement lifestyle in Panama. And if you’re not ready to retire yet, even better. You’ll soon know how your move to Panama will save you money and improve your standard of living right away.

Specifically, you’ll get the inside line on:

  • Panama’s famous Pensionado visa—what no one tells you but you need to know. Importantly, you’ll learn exactly how to qualify and how to best get the biggest benefits…
  • Where the best locations in the country are to truly live well on a retiree’s income—the best, little-known destinations where you can be ahead of the curve. Want to find the lowest-priced (but best-quality) homes, condos, beachfront lots, farms, and more, including the best rental deals? We lay it all out for you and include a valuable rolodex of resources.
  • Importantly, we explain how to save on health insurance, healthcare, and prescription costs

The information in these two special reports (not available in our magazine, on our website, or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter) will save you thousands of dollars as you plan your travel and move to Panama…

But they’re yours for free—so that you can be as prepared as possible and hit the ground running when you get a chance to explore Panama in person, you'll know exactly where to focus your energies in order to make the most of it and you'll know which regions interest you, and what they cost.

These special reports will be rushed to you immediately when you sign up for the Panama Private Screening.

They are only available for free to Panama Private Screening attendees.

You’ll also get your own copy of the Panama Private Screening Workbook. In it, you’ll find full bios of each expert and professional that you’ll meet onscreen during the Private Screening. And you’ll get all of their contact details so you can follow up with them privately and ask questions. They’ve all graciously agreed to be available to you as long as you need. And when you are ready to travel to Panama in person, you’ll have built-in contacts in every corner of the country.

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  • Many Valuable Bonus Videos: Beyond the live program, we’ll post several other (at least 20 in fact) important and helpful videos on topics such as learning to speak Spanish, tax issues expats should know about (including one for Canadians), doing your real estate due diligence, moving abroad part-time or as a single, and more.
  • The Panama Private Screening Workbook with complete speaker bios and contact details.
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June 2021

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P.P.S. As you know, we’ve hosted many conferences in Panama over the years. This Private Screening will offer the same valuable content but delivered online for your convenience and safety—and to help you get ahead of the curve with your Panama retirement plans.

Here’s a small sample of what attendees said about our 2020 Panama Private Screening:

“It was laid out very well with a plethora of topics. My husband and I are seriously considering retiring to Panama when he retires in 2922. Therefore this up to date Information is critical to us. We plan to visit Panama sometime next year to see if Panama is for us. Thank you for putting together a wonderful, concise program. “

– Karen B.

“I found the discussions on medical care and insurance as well as Rainelda’s discussion of legal matters to be the most beneficial information. Jim Gault’s discussion on a successful transition to Panama was excellent. I was impressed at how informative and how smoothly all the presentations went on the online format. I intend on reviewing the archived videos again in the future when I get closer to my move to Panama.”

– Tim A.

“Very well organized. Love the boots on the ground perspective and insights. Great info for professionals in legal, medical and real estate. Well done! Best of all, I'm thrilled that it was all videotaped so I can still see all sessions even though I had a schedule conflict. I thought I wanted to focus on Boquete, but now I want to check out all the areas. Panama offers something for everyone! Thank you for a small taste of life in Panama.””

– Susan

“Ms Ramesch was excellent and a wealth of current knowledge; Ms Mata-Kelly and Dr Wong answered so many of our questions, again being current and forthright. Mr Gault gave the “real” expat experience that was invaluable.”

– Jack C.

“The presenters were all very nice and very knowledgeable. Between the presentations and the bonuses, all of my questions were answered. This is an excellent way to learn about a country you may be considering for a relocation so you will know whether you want to spend the dollars for an in-person visit.”

– Karla B.

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