Retire Overseas Bootcamp 2017

In the Right Spots Overseas, as Little as
$1,485 a Month Can Bankroll a Good Life… Which Means You Can Retire Comfortably on a Social Security Check Alone

Retire Overseas Bootcamp

This fall—over 3 highly focused, interactive days—we’ll pinpoint
for you the communities that would suit you best and hand
you a personalized blueprint for getting there

Dear International Living Reader,

Retire sooner. Spend Less. Live Better. That’s the end goal.

And there’s no question: You can do it.

You can do it in all sorts of beautiful, welcoming, good-weather communities that dot the globe from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe.

Laid-back beach escapes. Quiet mountain getaways. University Towns. Even cosmopolitan cities.

In the right communities, you really can live a richer, more engaging life than you do today… but spend as little as $1,485 a month to do it (housing included).

In other words: Get the destination right, and you could live well on your Social Security income alone.

Of course, you could spend more if you like… and enjoy a genuinely luxurious lifestyle.

On a budget of $2,500 to $3,600 a month, a couple can live extremely well in many places, and afford the sort of comforts only the very wealthy can bankroll at home—perks like a housekeeper to cook and clean every day or a home with a pool and a gardener to maintain the grounds…

The point is, no matter what your budget, in the best-value destinations around the world, your dollars really stretch. And that means you have great options for improving your lifestyle while you trim your spending…

October 27-29, 2017, Phoenix, AZ

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