Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass

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What if You Could Get a $111,000
Upgrade in Retirement?

You Could Lock in Six Figures in “Extra” Social Security Benefits Over the Course of Your Golden Years

But Not All Benefits Happen Automatically—And NOW Is the Critical Time to Act

Dear Reader,

What would adding $111,000 to your retirement funds mean to you?

Would it mean more money for travel…

…funding a grandchild’s education…

…or just living comfortably, with the confidence that you could spend what you want without thinking twice…

With that cushion, you could go out to eat anytime you felt like it, get that spa treatment, upgrade those golf clubs, spend three months a year in Paris or at the beach in Mexico…

Adding six figures to what you have for retirement is not a pie-in-the-sky idea.

Look, the Social Security system was set up back in 1935—going on 90 years ago.

Since then, Congress has passed 61 additional laws to expand, adjust, and fix it—each one containing multiple new rules and clarifications.

Hundreds of changes.

Some of them may affect you. And they could give you an opportunity to collect more—as much as six figures more.

This is your money. You might as well claim it.

If you don’t, somebody else will.

Chances are very good that you’re leaving Social Security money on the table.

A lot of it.

A 2019 study revealed that just 4 out of every 100 retirees are claiming the maximum they could.

The average retiree household neglects to claim $111,000 over the course of their retirement.

This is YOUR money we’re talking about here. Don’t leave it locked away.

I’m Steve Garfink.

I’m the author of a book called Social Security Secrets.

I hold a National Social Security Advisor Certificate and am also Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies.

If you’ve been to an International Living event, you’ve probably heard me speak.

With a Few Simple Tweaks, You Could Pocket More

You can do some very simple things to put yourself in a smart position to maximize your payout from Social Security.

And you should do them.

After all, why settle for the average monthly benefit of $1,543 …

If you could, instead, be cashing checks to the tune of $3,895 a month. That’s the maximum retirement benefit being paid in 2021.

For a couple each claiming that amount—it would come to $7,790 a month.

$93,480 a year. That’s a significant sum.

Over a 15-year retirement, that’s worth $1.4 million. More, actually.

Because that figure doesn’t take into account increases from cost-of-living adjustments.

My point is: Social Security is a valuable asset to you.

Most folks don’t understand just how valuable.

And what almost nobody understands is that not all Social Security benefits are carved in stone. You don’t simply check a box and get what’s coming to you.

There’s a lot of flexibility built into the program… and that could mean a lot of money that you’re leaving on the table.

I say that because ninety-six percent of retirees are losing out on a collective $3.4 trillion in potential retirement income.

The funds are there—and you deserve to get your fair share. 

That’s why—in one day, in the comfort of your home—I’d like to show you exactly what you could do to maximize what you receive. 

So you can go into that next chapter of your life with more confidence… and more money.

And by the way, not only is how much you get NOT written in stone. But it’s largely up to you.

All too often, people just shrug their shoulders and figure the retirement they end up with “is what it is.” They’re at the mercy of their situation.

But I’d like to help you put yourself in a much stronger position.

So you have more control over what your days look like in retirement.

New Rules Mean New Opportunities

Timing is always important when it comes to Social Security and retirement savings.

But RIGHT NOW, it’s more important than ever.

I say that because the landscape around retirement funds and around taxes is changing.

This could work in your favor—or against it, if you’re not careful.

Did you know that at the very end of 2019, an obscure new rule effectively stripped away a key benefit of saving in pre-tax accounts like some IRAs, for instance?

If you were hoping to leave tax-protected funds to your heirs—you may want to rethink the way you do this.

And retirement security is on the congressional agenda again today. In the months ahead, the Senate is expected to consider legislation designed, ostensibly, to make it easier to save for retirement.

That’s great. But that legislation could, as is often the case, come with hidden consequences you’ll need to be aware of.

It means that the assumptions you’ve been operating under when it comes to funding your later years may—or may not—still make sense. But I want to show you what to do now and what to watch for.

Even if you work with a financial professional, he or she may (or may not) provide you any guidance on Social Security. In fact, a recent survey reveals that less than half talk to their clients about it at all.

And if they are giving you guidance, watch out! They may not know what they’re talking about.

Social Security is an incredibly complicated—but very valuable—asset for you. 

Now is the time to get smart quick. And I’d like to show you how.

But I SHOULD Wait till I’m 70 to Claim, Right?

Stop and Read the Paragraph Below, Right Away!

The conventional wisdom you’re used to hearing…

Things like wait as long as you can to claim your Social Security, till you’re 70 if possible…

Or put away as much as you can in pre-tax retirement savings accounts…

That may—or may NOT—be sound advice for you anymore.

It depends on your situation. And it depends on where, when, and how you want to retire.

It’s important RIGHT NOW to find out what your best options are.

The sooner you understand what the landscape looks like today, the sooner you can pivot if you need to—and do the right things to maximize the funds you have to retire on.

They’re not complicated things. But you have to know to do them.

And that’s the critical bit.

Let me give you a quick example…

This Couple Will Add $70,000 to Their Social Security Checks

A few years back, after a presentation I gave about maximizing your Social Security, a couple named Laura and Bob came up to me.

They’d keyed in on one particular strategy I shared—and wondered if it might apply to them, making them eligible for more Social Security funds than they were collecting at the time.

They were both 67 years old. Laura had started to collect her Social Security benefit when she was 63—getting $570 per month. Bob started his when he turned 66—and he was collecting $2,200 a month.

But there is a provision in the law that they’d been unaware of until I mentioned it—and, indeed, it applied to their situation.

Turns out that Laura should have started collecting $905 a month after Bob filed, an increase of 59% in her benefit, or $335 extra per month.

Yet for some reason that adjustment in Laura’s favor had not happened.

So at my urging, the couple contacted the Social Security Administration and, having reviewed the situation, the SSA corrected Laura’s claiming basis.

They credited her for six of the 16 months since Bob had filed, and an additional $2,010 showed up in her bank account in one lump sum.

However, the other earliest 10 months she should have been collecting more—those funds were lost because, well, that’s the rule.

Laura and Bob are out $3,350 because they had not been aware of this provision earlier. They didn’t know to ask about it.

Still, they were thrilled to get an entirely unexpected $2,010 at once, plus $335 more per month. Every month.

That’s $4,020 more each year!

If Laura and Bob each live to their average life expectancy of 85, they will have collected over $70,000 more—just because they got smart about exactly how the Social Security system works.

Timing is important.

The landscape around retirement savings and taxes looks different today.

What I’d like to do is draw you a current roadmap so you can see clearly where to go.

So you can see what it would take to add thousands—even tens of thousands or $100,000 or more—to the Social Security benefits you receive.

A Roadmap for Adding as Much as $100,000 to Your Social Security

Too often, people think about their savings trucking along on one straight road.

And on a parallel road right next to it, they imagine their Social Security moving along.

Two separate things, heading in the same direction.

But that’s not how it works if your aim is to have the most money you can to retire on.

Your Social Security benefit and your savings (no matter how big or small they may be) need to intersect.

How, when, and where—that’s something I’d like to help you figure out.

It’s important.

Because when it happens in the right way—it can mean more money for you in retirement.

That’s why—for the first time ever—I’m hosting a special one-day event online I’m calling my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass.

I’d like to invite you to be there.

Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass

With Steve Garfink * September 11, 2021

Whether you’re already retired, on the cusp or retirement, or that next chapter is still a decade or more away—this program is designed to help you assess and adjust your situation.

When you join me, I’m going to draw you a roadmap so you can see the places where you could claim as much as six figures more in Social Security.

With techniques like how to interpret entry  723.1 in the official Social Security Handbook, which—if you work it right—could deliver you as much as a 76% increase in your benefits.

Or what entry 320.2 really means—and why clarity here could hand you as much as $50,000 in additional Social Security if you meet the right criteria.

And I’ll show you how you could save more and protect what you’ve already saved from added taxes, too.

Your retirement can look a lot richer than you may think.

You have more options than you probably imagine.

And I’m on a mission to help you understand clearly what they are.

All sorts of provisions and rules exist that can allow you to increase what you receive from Social Security.

But you have to know about them.

The Social Security Handbook has more than 2,700 entries—on topics that range from what happens if you remarry, to when a lump-sum payment is made, to how you access extra help with prescription drug costs.

Not all Social Security benefits are automatic.

It’s up to you to request the funds you’re due—and you don’t know what you don’t know. 

But I can help.

Get the Scoop in Plain English

I want to be absolutely clear: I don't have anything to do with the Social Security Administration. And they have comprehensive information about all their programs posted online for free.

You are more than welcome to go ahead and wade through it. There's nothing to stop you from figuring out your eligibility on your own.

Just like you can read the law yourself before you write your will… or like how you can look up zoning restrictions yourself before you buy a house.

None of what I’ll tell you is a secret.

The Social Security publications are available to you if you have the hours and the patience to spare. And you could, certainly, call an agent on the phone to inquire as well…

But in my experience—and that of the folks I’ve help sort through their options over the last decade—you have to know what to ask.

And you have to ask it in the right way. At the right time.

In fact, a 2016 study by the Government Accountability Office found that Social Security’s claims specialists and the online claims process don’t always provide key information or explain choices clearly.

That’s why, at my masterclass, I’m going to lay it all out for you—in plain English.

That way you can chart a course toward retirement that makes smart sense for you—given your situation now.

Nobody else is going to be as concerned about the funding of your retirement as you are.

So I hope you’ll join me for this upcoming program, because I’m going to empower you to make choices about how you arrange your finances that can allow you to pocket more funds and retire better—and sooner—than you probably think you can.

Stop Fixating on That “Magic Number” You Think You Have to Save for Retirement

Most people believe that there is some “magic number” when it comes to retirement savings. Some amount you’re “supposed” to have in the bank.

But no matter what that number may be, it’s often arbitrary, and a number that seems somehow to always be in the distance.

And so you slog on, wondering if you’ll ever get to retire.

But what if I told you that you could stop thinking that way?

What if I told you that the perfect retirement nest egg might already be yours… just sitting in the Social Security coffers, waiting for you to come and collect it?

Most people just don't know how to do this.

If you take away one thing from this presentation, I hope it’s this:

Your Social Security is likely your biggest asset in retirement—even if you have savings and investments.

Don’t Ignore It: Social Security Is Your Biggest Asset in Retirement

I’ve created this one-day online program because most people don’t realize that.

Over time, for most people, your Social Security benefit will dwarf the value of your house and savings.

And though most people leave it to chance—do you really want to leave it to some bureaucrat sitting in a cubicle to decide what you’re due?  

As The Wall Street Journal put it, “Even for affluent families, Social Security income remains crucial.”

The director of Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research made an important point when she said, “If you have a high-earner couple who earned the max and don’t claim until 70, you’re talking about [getting] the better part of $100,000 a year.

“You have to be very wealthy before you don’t consider that important.”

Let me repeat that in case you weren’t paying attention.

You have to be very rich to dismiss what I’m telling you right now.

And if you’re not—then you really need to listen up, because this September 11 is likely to be the only time this year you’ll have to attend my masterclass.

Some couples—maybe you—are going to be looking at nearly six figures a year in income from Social Security if you manage it right.

And that’s money that is adjusted for inflation and will be paid out to you for as long as you live.

Yet so many people never give their Social Security a second thought.

They just assume they’ll get what they get.

But you have a lot more control over how much you receive than you probably realize.

When you manage your Social Security strategically—and as an integral part of your bigger retirement plan—you’ll find that you could well retire a lot sooner (and more comfortably) than you may think.

Will Social Security Really Be There for Me?

Now, I want to quickly answer a question that people regularly ask. Because there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding around the answer.

The question is: “Will Social Security really be there for me?”

And my answer is: Yes.

Yes, it will be there for you. And for your children. And for your children’s children.

There is abundant wealth in the American economy, far more than enough to keep Social Security solvent for as far as the eye can see.

Does the program need to be tweaked? Yes.

Will the politicians do it—eventually? Yes. I firmly believe that they will.

Because the more than 60 million people receiving benefits –they vote.

Polls show that Americans strongly support Social Security, across party and demographic lines.

No question, talking about the specter of Social Security disappearing gets politicians—of both parties—votes and funds. So they habitually whip up a frenzy of worry that Social Security is under attack and going away.

But they won’t ever actually kill the program.

It’s just too popular among Americans.

Social Security enjoys massive support among just about everybody.

A Pew Research Center poll shows that seventy-four percent of Americans say benefits should not be reduced in any way.

And a whopping nine in 10 Americans say they see it as an important government program.

Can you think of ANYTHING else that many Americans can agree on? I certainly can’t.

Social Security is here to stay.

So you might as well maximize the payments you get from it.

In just a minute, we’ll dip into a few strategies you can use, to give you a sense for the sorts of options you may have.

But first, I want to make the point that this isn’t just about waiting until you’re 70 to collect a bigger benefit—and putting your life on hold and gutting it out at a job you dislike until that birthday.

This masterclass is about designing a claiming strategy that lets you retire exactly when you want to—maybe even years earlier than you think you can—and allows you to comfortably enjoy your life along the way.  

Lots of folks find themselves, particularly in the wake of this pandemic, in a very different place than they thought they’d be. Maybe you’re among them.

Maybe you’ve decided enough is enough, life is short—you’re ready to retire early.

Maybe you were forcibly retired—earlier than you had planned. And now what?

Maybe you’re too young to call it quits just yet—but you want to be sure you can do it eventually—and on your terms.

Or maybe you’re already retired—but wondering, could you be missing out on funds and still able to claim more?

Whatever your situation, I have designed my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass to make your options clear to you.

This program is going to give you the tools you need to create a strategy that maximizes the funds you have for retirement.

Could These 5 Income-Boosting Techniques Make Sense for You?

Remember, chances are, if you don’t plan with your eyes wide open, you’re going to leave money on the table.

Not all benefits are automatic. Some you have to ask for—and if you don’t, you miss out.  

Plus, when and how you claim makes a difference. And you don’t know what you don’t know.

Simple adjustments can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Just to give you a sense for what I mean, let’s look at a few places where people typically miss out.

I’m going to ask you five questions—and you see if any of these might apply to you (or to somebody you know).

You’ll answer “yes” or “no” to each of them and score yourself a 1 for “yes” and a 0 for “no.”

If you don’t have a pen and paper handy, go grab them now.

Each question I’ll ask relates to an income-boosting strategy that you might use.

But even if none of these applies to your specific situation, that doesn't mean you can’t claim extra Social Security income.

It just means you may have to dive a little deeper into this subject. But that’s what we’ll do at my masterclass.

Remember, there are LOTS of ways you can maximize your Social Security income to create a claiming strategy that delivers to you a better, longer, more financially comfortable retirement.

OK—let’s do it. Here are the questions:

Question # 1
Did you or your spouse turn 66 before the end of 2019?

If your answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point.

I ask is because there’s a loophole you may be able to take advantage of that’s handing couples who meet all the qualifications payouts as high as $50,000.   

It’s just bonus money that could be collected over the next two years. On top of whatever else you may be eligible to receive.

This was a provision that, historically, only the wealthiest of Social Security beneficiaries knew to ask for. It allows a couple to “double dip” into the benefit pool, essentially.

Congress felt it was a loophole that only folks with savvy financial advisors knew to take advantage of, and so they took action to end this provision.

But it’s not yet shut tight. Lots of people are “grandfathered in.”

And that means that today, if you meet the criteria—and perhaps you do—you could take advantage of this EXTRA payout for another couple of years.

It could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you—but you DO need to act fast for this one.

It’s worth your while, though, as it could boost your Social Security income by $20,000… $30,000… even $50,000.

Question # 2
Are you divorced and not re-married—and did your marriage last at least 10 years?

If your answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point.

You may not want to have anything to do with your ex-wife or ex-husband. No matter.

Assuming you meet the criteria, you may be able to collect Social Security benefits based on his or her work history.

It doesn’t matter if your “ex” has begun claiming Social Security benefits or not. If he or she is eligible to collect, then you could be eligible to collect.

It won’t make any difference in the amount he or she gets. And that person needn’t ever know you’re collecting anything.

Let’s say your ex-spouse is pocketing a monthly Social Security benefit of $2,950. You could receive a monthly payout of 50% of that, which is $1,475.

If you don’t have a work-based benefit of your own, that full amount would be yours.

If you do have a work-based benefit of your own—say it’s $1000 a month—you’d be eligible to receive the difference. In this example, it would be an extra $475 a month, every month.

Over 20 years, that monthly $475 boost adds up to an EXTRA $114,000 in benefits you might otherwise have left on the table. 

Question # 3
If you pass away first, do you want to be confident your spouse will receive the highest-possible Social Security payout?

If your answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point.

Now, women tend to live longer than men. And so, with Baby Boomers, most often the surviving spouse is the wife.

And I have to say: Based on the current claiming behavior of most men, their widows are getting shafted.

Men inadvertently shortchange their surviving wives—to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars… even hundreds of thousands.

It happens ALL the time when you leave Social Security to chance.

But, as I’ve said, you have a lot more control over this than you probably realize.

If you plan right—you can ensure that your widow receives more.

The most important thing is to avoid what I call the “survivor trap,” which too often deprives surviving spouses of MANY thousands of dollars over the course of their retirement.

Almost nobody sees it coming.

And often, in fact, it is camouflaged as a benefit.

The grieving widow looks at the numbers from Social Security and it sure seems like she’ll get an extra $180 a month, say, if she takes the bait.

So she does. She claims in the way that most people claim.

But it’s a trap. A trap that can easily lock beyond her reach $100,000 or more over the course of her retirement. Those are funds that could make all the difference in her comfort and security.

The “fix”—fortunately—is straightforward. But you have to know to do it ahead of time.

It’s something you can plan for now and put into place so that your surviving spouse knows what to do and what to expect.

It’s easy to maximize that survivor benefit.

It’s just that you have to know to do it.

I won’t go into all the details right now. Your particular strategy depends largely on your own situation, anyway.

But the point—again—is that you need to have a strategy. You need to know the landscape.

That way you can take advantage of benefit-boosting rules most folks have no idea exist.

Question # 4
If you had the opportunity to increase your Social Security benefits by as much as 76%—without getting a raise at your job or working years longer—would you?

If your answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point.

There is one very powerful Social Security income-boosting technique that almost everybody can take advantage of.

I say that because what it requires most is simply patience.

The longer you wait to start receiving your Social Security benefit, the higher that benefit will be.

And it’s not an insignificant increase.

The difference between claiming at 62 years old and at 70 years old is massive.

You get a 76% pay raise—plus all the inflation that occurred between 62 and 70—for the rest of your life, if you wait to claim.

For example, take Margaret. She was born in 1954. Her “full retirement age” is 66—that’s when she’d receive her full benefit of $2,000 a month.

But she can claim early, at 62.  Though if she does that, her benefit will be reduced by 25% to $1,500 a month.

On the other hand, if she waits until she’s 70 to claim, her benefit increases by 32% to $2,640, which is a whopping 76% more than she’d be getting if she filed a claim at 62.

Over 15 years, the difference is worth $61,000.

That’s $61,200 that Margaret would be leaving on the table if she were to claim early, at 62, and lives to just 85.

Now having said that, there are some circumstances where claiming earlier can make sense.

And that’s something I’ll talk about at my masterclass.

But I do want to say that in all the years I’ve been speaking to Baby Boomers about the ways it’s possible to maximize Social Security—and I’ve spoken to thousands of people…

No 70-year-old who claimed early—and that’s just about every 70-year-old I’ve spoken with—has ever come up to me to say they’re glad they claimed early. Not one.

On the contrary.

To a person, they tell me they wish they had known what they learned from me before they filed.

Because they believe they would have changed their claiming strategy.

In other words, had they known in advance, what they know now about how Social Security works—it would have made a difference in the way they claimed.

And—most importantly—it would have made a difference in the amount of money they have for retirement.  

Last question.

Question # 5
If you could lower your taxes and protect more of your Social Security benefit—and more of your savings—from Uncle Sam’s grasp, would you?

If your answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point.

If you’re like most folks, you probably assume that your Social Security benefit is protected from taxes.

And, in fact, Social Security does receive preferential treatment under IRS rules.

EXCEPT in certain situations. But these situations are NOT uncommon.

If you don’t actively position yourself to avoid them—then you could well end up handing more over to Uncle Sam that you want—or need—to.

Take what I call the “phantom income” tax trigger, for instance.

Now, you can work while you receive your Social Security. But you need to be careful about how you do it.

Once your “other” income (beyond your Social Security benefits) exceeds a certain level, then for each additional dollar of that “other” income, up to $.85 of your Social Security instantly becomes taxable. Out of nowhere. 

In other words: Each $1 of “other” income results in $1.85 of taxable income.

Yet if you were to adjust the timing of when you collect your Social Security, and perhaps adjust the kind of “other” income you’re collecting—or when you’re collecting it—you could arrange it so that you pay ZERO tax on those funds.

It’s “phantom income” that triggers an added tax obligation.

And that’s just one “tax trigger” you should be aware of when it comes to your retirement funds.

How much—if any—tax is due depends entirely on how you hold and access your Social Security, your savings, and any additional income you may be generating.  

And it’s up to you to understand how the system works and how to manage your tax obligation in a way that benefits you.

And I’ll just say: If you just go forward blindly, you’re likely to have Uncle Sam deeper in your pocket than if you plan ahead and take your next steps with purpose.

I’d like to help you do that.

Strategies and Shortcuts That Can Help You Retire Better, Sooner

So add up your points for “yes” answers.

If you have three or more, I’d say with confidence that this program will suit you.

But even if you have just 1 point—just one secret I share could be worth thousands—if not tens of thousands—of dollars to you.

Understanding your Social Security options can have a massive, positive effect on the funds available to you, and ultimately, on the quality of your retirement.

With a little insight into how this system works—

  • You can position yourself to maximize what you get from Social Security. Many of the strategies at your disposal are simple and easy—you just have to know to put them in place!
  • With a little insight, you can understand how your Social Security and the rest of your retirement assets (no matter how big or small they may be) “play” together—and you can leverage them accordingly.
  • And when you invest the time to understand your options, you can avoid the automatic tax “triggers” that exist in the system and minimize the taxes you have due to keep more of your own funds to spend as you like.

All of that, so that you can be in the driver’s seat of your own retirement—and can retire earlier and with more confidence (and more funds) than you may think you can.

At my upcoming Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, I’m going to give you the insight you need to make that happen.

I’ll show you things like—

  • How the decisions you make in your 50s and 60s can determine how much you have to fund your retirement (and share with your heirs) in your 80s or 90s.
  • What your financial advisor probably isn’t talking to you about—and the questions you’ll want to ask him or her.
  • How to know what age is the “right” age to claim your Social Security. Of course, it depends on your situation, but we’ll talk about what it depends on, exactly, and I’ll point you to a slick tool you can use to help figure it out.
  • If you’re part of a couple and you both can claim a Social Security benefit—which one should claim first—why, and when?
  • Little-known strategies you can use to help you maximize your Social Security benefit—often with very little effort. You just need to know to put them in place.
  • What if you started to claim Social Security but now you want to go back to work? Are you going to inadvertently set off a tax trigger and owe extra to Uncle Sam? Not necessarily—we’ll talk about the defensive moves you can make.
  • Did you know you can—sometimes—collect Social Security benefits retroactively? Timing is important with Social Security. But it turns out that in many cases—even if you are late in requesting a benefit you’re due—you may be able to arrange for six months of “back pay.” It’s like a grace period. I’ll explain how it works.
  • What if your Social Security benefit is the wrong amount? Find out how and when you can “fix” it.
  • How your Social Security benefits change if your spouse passes away—and what you need to be sure you do ahead of time so that you don’t end up (like most folks) getting less over the long term than you deserve.
  • How YOU can collect more, based on your ex-spouse’s benefit. (He or she will never know.)
  • Why (and when) you may want to wait before you get divorced—or, if you’re considering remarrying, maybe opt to “live in sin” instead.
  • Why women need to be even more cautious than men when it comes to Social Security claims and coordinating them with their other financial assets. You don’t want to shortchange yourself and people do all the time.
  • How to avoid mistakes at your local Social Security office. So much depends on you understanding what questions to ask and what benefits you could be getting. Forewarned is forearmed. I’ll make sure you don’t go in with blinders on that could cost you thousands. Some mistakes can be fixed. Some you lock in for life. So you want to know where you stand.
  • And lots more…

Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass

With Steve Garfink * September 11, 2021

“It’s Like Free Money”: Case Studies to Help You See Clearly How These Strategies Can Work for You

Over one day—in the comfort of home—at my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, I’m going to share with you the secrets, strategies and “tricks” that can have the biggest impact on the funds you have for retirement.

Ultimately, this is about you having the money you need so that you can relax.

It’s about having the freedom and flexibility to embrace a retirement that looks the way you want it to…

If you take what you learn in this program to heart, I predict: You’ll be able to achieve your retirement goals sooner than you probably imagine.

Part of what we’ll do together at my masterclass is look at a series of case studies.

I’ll give you concrete examples of people who live in the real world and want to retire—but aren’t sure when (or even if) they really can.

And I’ll show you how the strategies I’ll be talking about really work.

Because when you implement them, it’s almost like generating “free money” for your retirement. 

I’m talking about funds that are yours—you just have to know to claim them.

Remember, the vast majority of folks like you leave money on the able.

I’m going to show you how to make sure you get every cent you’re due.

And that could be a six-figure payoff over the span of your retirement.

Get Your Questions Answered in Real Time

Plus, this is not going to be a static—I talk, you listen—experience for you.

I’m going to share a series of short, digestible, practical-minded presentations.

And we’re hosting this live online.

So throughout the day, we’ll stop at intervals and I’ll take time for your questions.

Now I’m not giving out personalized investment advice.  

Every person’s situation is different and I’m not a registered financial professional.

(Though I am a retired CFO with more than 40 years’ of experience in finance, strategic planning, and general management.)

My aim with this event is to point you to the spots where you need to think about your strategy.

I’ll give you the questions you’ll want to ask yourself—and maybe bring to your financial advisor, too, if you work with one.

I’ll help you understand the lay of the land so you can take the strategies that I show you and put the ones that make the most sense for you in place for yourself.

And that’s not all.

Follow-Up Online Meeting with Attendees

I’ll host a follow-up online meeting with you and your fellow attendees about a week after my one-day masterclass.

We’ve scheduled this group Q&A session that way so that you have a few days to digest what you learn.

I won’t sugar coat it—it’s going to be a lot to digest during my one-day event.

And that’s why I want to give you a chance to let it all sink in and still make sure you have access to me and can ask any questions you didn’t think of on the spot, during the class itself.

Everybody’s situation is unique. But tried-and-true strategies exist that most people don’t know about…

…strategies that can help you maximize your payout from Social Security.

I want to share them with you and make sure you understand what they are and how they work.

That's why I want to be there for you to answer your questions not just during our program, but after, too.

My Planning Tool Makes It Easy for You

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what your best options are.

As Yahoo Finance put it, “How much—or how little—you know about Social Security can have a huge impact on your post-retirement finances.”

So at my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, I’m going to lay it all out for you in plain English.

You’ll have my presentations… which you’ll be able to go back and refer to any time…

… you’ll have the answers I’ll give you to your questions…

… I’ll host the follow-up Q&A meeting a week or so after the event…

And I’ll also give you my Social Security Planning Tool, FREE.

This is really a hands-on workbook you can dive into and use as a reference.

I have in there the questions you need to consider.

I lay out the calculations you’ll want to make so you can see…

… if you do A, it produces $B in income for you.

… but if you do X, it produces $Y in income.

And I’ll include in this workbook instructions about the best way for you to access information from the Social Security Administration.

There are genuinely useful calculators on the Administration’s website.

In this workbook, I’ll show you where to find them, how to use them, and—most importantly—how to interpret the data they spit out.

That’s the critical bit, of course. That’s where the real value is.

Understanding what it all means.

It’s one thing to “see the map” so to speak. It’s another entirely to know how to navigate it.

But that’s what I’m going to show you.

The Value Is Clear… and the Potential
Return Is Extraordinary

I want to be absolutely transparent here.

I’ve said it already, and I’m going to repeat myself:

The Social Security Administration has comprehensive information about all their programs posted online for free…

If you have the time and patience to wade through it, feel free.

And you can even call and talk with a claims specialist at Social Security, too.

I want to make sure you understand you have those resources at your disposal.

Only 4 out of every 100 retirees is claiming the maximum they can from Social Security.

Chances are—if you do nothing and just leave your claiming strategy to chance—you are going to lose out.

You could be leaving $100,000 or more on the table over the course of your retirement.

That’s just crazy!

Now, of course, I’d love it if you would join me for my one-day, online masterclass.

I can give you a real jump-start on what you need to know and do to maximize the funds you receive.

But my program will not be right for everybody. And I’m under no illusions that it will be.

So even if you opt not to attend, I encourage you to please go check out the information the Social Security Administration has posted for you. 

I personally have found much of the material to be cumbersome and confusing—which is what motivated me to dive in and figure it all out to begin with… and to write my book.

But the information you need is there on the SSA website. At no cost. And it is yours to explore.

Now, I have designed my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass to effectively pull back the curtain and show you what you need to know in plain English.

Social Security is a genuinely complicated system.

There are 2,700 rules governing benefits… thousands of additional rules explaining that first set of rules… and a tangled web of red tape around claiming them.

And you don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why I hope you see the benefit of allowing me to “take you by the hand” and show you what the possibilities are and what you need to be aware of.

  • That way you can be proactive in positioning yourself to claim more funds.
  • And you can be defensive, in positioning yourself to protect against taxes that can take away funds that would otherwise be yours to use. 

You just need to know what to do. And I’d like to show you.

My guidance is based on years’ worth of research, education, and insights. And so I can’t afford to give it away for free. But I still want to make this as easy as I can for people.

I could reasonably ask as much as $500 for this program and it would be well worth it.

After all, my goal is to give you the tools you need to access thousands or tens of thousands of dollars—if not $100,000 or more—in added Social Security benefits that you’d otherwise risk leaving on the table.

This is an investment in your future.

And it could produce serious rewards.

But I want my guidance to be as accessible as possible.

So that’s why the list price for this one-day online program is just $349.

But when you register now—you can, in fact, join me for much less than that.

Discount Registration Here

And when you do, I’ll include some special bonuses designed to give you even more tools you can use to plan for a retirement that’s better—and earlier.

Special Bonus # 1
Social Security Secrets, by Steve Garfink

First, register today, and you’ll receive an electronic copy of my book, Social Security Secrets.

It’s the ideal companion to go along with this one-day masterclass.

It’s packed full of practical guidance—with lots of detail.

And it’s carefully organized so that you can find what you’re looking for.

So if you need to reference something or you want a more in-depth understanding of a strategy I’ve introduced you to in our masterclass…

…you can find what you need inside.

One enthusiastic reader was kind enough to send me a note saying:  

“Your research showed me a way to do something that I had no prior conception of and gave me a new direction. Not only that, but the focus has given me new energy and excitement. It was a decidedly uplifting experience!” – L.E.

This book, which runs to just shy of 300 pages, sells in the International Living bookstore for $32.

But when you join me at my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, it’s yours, FREE, as a benefit for attendees.

And there’s more…

Special Bonus # 2
How to Avoid the “Ticking Tax Time Bomb” When You Plan for Retirement, by Steve Garfink

Sign up for my masterclass today, and I’ll send you another useful guide, too.

Recently, some “retirement legislation” billed as helping people save more passed into law. And in many ways, it did what it set out to.

But a new rule tucked inside it also created a hidden, “ticking tax time bomb” in people’s retirement accounts.

If you have one in yours, this tax time bomb could cost you thousands.

Some people, even tens of thousands.

Whether you have just a little bit in savings or even a million or more—this could impact your future, leaving you less money than you planned on.

So it’s worth your while to understand.

Because a few simple changes to the way you keep your savings and the way you time your Social Security claim could make a huge difference in the amount of money you have to live on in your later years—and leave for a spouse or your kids (and their kids).  

In my report, How to Avoid the “Ticking Tax Time Bomb” When You Plan for Retirement, I share with you some strategies you need to know about so you can better protect your hard-earned nest egg from unexpected taxes.

And this report is yours—at no charge—when you put your name on the attendee list today.

Just click the button below to reserve a place in your name.

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Save Big When You Register Today

I believe strongly that the way most people think about funding their retirement is wrong.

Most folks fixate on trying to “save enough.” They chase some elusive number that is often arbitrary and darn-near impossible to get to.

I mean, how often have you heard: “You have to save $1 million if you want to be comfortable in retirement?”

Well for a lot of people, that’s just not possible.

And so you slog through years, doing your best, and thinking you’re probably going to sink in retirement—if you ever even get there.

When in fact, you may be leaving as much as six figures worth of benefits on the table.

Money you’re just not picking up. That can be transformative money.

And ultimately, that’s the crux of my motivation for putting this program together.

I want to prove to you that you have many more options in retirement—and more money available to you—than you probably think.

If you put together a claims strategy for your Social Security that takes into account all the ways you can maximize what you receive…

And if you assess the rest of your assets with a clear-eyed understanding of what they are really worth and how you can leverage them against one another in a savvy way…

Then you could retire better, sooner, and with more money than you probably think you can.

At my Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass—I’m going to show you how it's done.

You’ll see a special offer when you click below.

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All the Tools You Need to Embrace a Better Retirement—Sooner

Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass

With Steve Garfink * September 11, 2021

When you register now, you’ll receive everything I’ve talked about here—

  • A ticket to my one-day Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, which includes live Q&A sessions throughout (regular price: $349).
  • A follow-up Q&A meeting a week or so after the event, so you can ask any next-step questions and get any clarification you might need (included, free).
  • My Social Security Planning Tool—a workbook companion guide for this event that makes it easy to put the strategies I show you into place (included, free).
  • Social Security Secrets, my 282-page book packed with in-depth guidance (included, free)
  • How to Avoid the Ticking Tax time Bomb When You Plan for Retirement (included, free)
  • PLUS—full access to the event recordings so you can go back and watch anything you want to focus in on again and you’ll have this access forever (included, free)

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This is a Risk-Free Offer for You

Not only can you get a deep discount right now, but I’m making this a risk-free offer.

Register today. Attend the program.

And once you’ve heard what I have to say, if you don’t think it’s worth every penny, let us know before the end of the event, and we’ll give you your money back—100%. You just ask. 

You can attend the masterclass, participate in the Q&A sessions, download my book and the rest of the resources.

And if you still feel it wasn’t worth your while, I don’t want to keep your money.

I’m making this offer because I feel strongly that it’s important for everybody to understand just how much say you really have in the amount you receive in your Social Security checks.

Most retiree households are leaving six figures on the table over the course of their “golden years.”

There’s no reason for you not to claim the funds that are just sitting there. If you don’t, somebody else will.  

Discount Registration Here

I’m Willing to Bet:
You Really CAN Retire Better
—and Earlier—Than You Think

I genuinely hope I’ll see you at this event.

It’s going to include five full hours of in-depth analysis and guidance with live question-and-answer sessions.

And then we’ll follow up about a week later to circle back and make sure there isn’t anything else you want ask or want clarification on.

So often, people are left to their own devices when it comes to retirement planning. And you really just don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s certainly true when it comes to Social Security.

But it’s true beyond that as well.

Even financial advisors don’t usually understand all the details.

I’m really on a mission here to help people get a firm handle on what their situation looks like.

Because if you take the time to get educated and understand how you can both maximize the income due you and leverage your assets in a strategic way…

I’m willing to bet your future looks brighter than you may think.

The point is: You have options nobody tells you about.

But I will. In one day flat.

Discount Registration Here

Over the years, the strategies I’ve shared have helped lots of folks wrap their heads around their own options.

And they find themselves really happy they did. This is a worthwhile investment in your future.

One told me:

“We want to thank you for your time and effort in explaining the Social Security system to us…The charts you provided for early filing and waiting until we reached the best time to start collecting our Social Security made our decision on when and how to file very easy.

– K.K.

At my upcoming Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass, I’m going to pull out charts and case studies for you, too.

Another Social Security recipient who’s heard me speak said, based on the strategies I recommended:

“My wife and I just visited our local [SSA] office and we have submitted the paperwork to enhance our benefits. The overall long-term financial benefits of our action will amount to over $100K in increased benefits [over time]…

“If we had waited 6 months longer, we would have exceeded the time frame to apply for this benefit.”

– M.L.

That’s what I mean when I say: You don’t know what you don’t know! And timing is important. Don’t wait to get informed. It could be costly.

Another couple said something similar:

Discovering that we qualified for a particular benefit through Social Security was a pleasant surprise. We could see how that allowed us to create a filing strategy that brought the maximum benefit possible. 

“We were able to compare scenarios that included moving overseas early, later and a scenario that included not moving at all.  This information has helped us be much clearer in our planning and decision making.”

– M.L.

I’d like to help you find the same clarity about your own retirement.

Discount Registration Here

The way your Social Security and your savings and your other assets play together—it’s a bit of a puzzle.

But when you put it together in the right way—you end up with more money to retire on.

And that’s what I’d like to help you do.

I hope I’ll see you at my masterclass.

There’s a special offer on the table today—but, again, it’s time-limited.

So please click below right now to take advantage of it.

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Steve Garfink
Creator, Six-Figure Social Security Secrets Online Masterclass
July 2021

P.S. Please don’t wait to take advantage of the special offer we have on the table right now when you register today for this special event.

And the price will not be lower than it is today.

So if you’re ready to take control of your retirement, now’s the time to do it. After all, nobody else is going to do it for you.

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