The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop 2020

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This Summer… Take a Three-Day Vacation And Return Home With The Skills You Need to be A Money-Making Photographer


The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop

Alexandria, VA | August 28-30, 2020

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your passion for photography into a lifestyle…

If you long for the freedom to set your own hours… travel whenever you please… and wake up every morning LOVING what you do…

… and if you want to do all of this AND make a good income… then join us in Alexandria, VA, this coming August, to learn the best, most efficient, most fun way to start living the photographer’s life.

Join our experts in person, and in just three days, I guarantee: You'll not only have a wonderful time… but you'll come away with the skills you need to sell your images to magazines, newspapers, online stock agencies, and photo buyers around the world. You’ll even walk away with some of the photos you need to get started, right there in your hands.

If you can take pictures like these…

© Amy Muschik. This photo was taken at a Great Escape Publishing pet photography workshop. Royalties have been more than $1,000 so far.

© Theresa St. John. This simple image of a diner booth has earned $280 and counting.

© Wayne Hoover. Wayne sold a set of fine art photos (including this one) for $500 a pop, bringing in a total of $2000.

You could easily…

  1. Travel to places you’ve only dreamed of… and let your photo royalties foot the bill…
  2. Turn a hard drive full of images gathering dust on your computer into spare cash…
  3. See your photos on the cover or inside pages of a glossy magazine…
  4. Earn a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars for your vacation and hometown photographs…
  5. Build a steady stream of passive income from your photos that can pay your bills or fund your retirement…

Essentially, you’ll walk in on Friday with your notebook and a camera. And walk out Sunday evening with everything you need to know to turn your photos into paychecks.

You Can Do This!

Even if you’ve only ever taken 
snapshots of family and friends…

You’ll be surprised how easy and flexible it can be to turn photography into a rewarding income… once you know a few tricks of the trade.

If you’re looking for a full-time gig, you can treat it that way. Or this can easily be something you do to make money on the side – on weekends or only when you travel.

It’s Not the Prettiest Pictures That Sell… It’s the Photos That Meet a Need

You don’t have to be a gifted photographer or own the fanciest equipment—you just need to know who’s buying and what types of photos they want to buy.

Lisa Top spent a few minutes running around the house taking pictures of oddities (gopher mounds, termite droppings, dry rot) anything that could be considered “pesty”. She figured insurance and pest control companies might need photos like these.

And she was right!

She recently wrote to tell me that her photo of termite droppings is now her best seller online.

Kristen Bentz attended this workshop in Phoenix, AZ several years ago and soon after used her new skills to sell her photos locally. Today she’s making a name for herself with her dramatic weather and storm images like this one:

Kristen Bentz has sold this photo multiple times for an upwards of $2,500 
earning her a total of $7,000 for this single image.

But what’s really great for Kristen is that she’s having a blast. She’s doing something she’d gladly do for free in her spare time anyway. The only difference now is that she’s making money from it.

© Bonnie Caton—one of the experts who will be at our event—shares some more details about what you can expect

And she’s not alone…

Colleen Bessel first attended a Great Escape photo workshop in  2014 and is now selling her photos as fine art on a tiny island off the coast of Vancouver. She sets up a booth at her local art fair where she displays bright color photos that she’s turned into digital watercolors.

Colleen took this quick snap while at a wedding and it’s gone on to earn her over $750 so far! All told she ears about $3,000 each summer selling photo prints at her booth.

Patrick S. in Colorado isn’t a professional photographer either – though he always took photos on vacation and, like most parents, lots of pictures of his kids. One day, out at a nearby park with the family, he had his camera in tow and started taking a few shots… shots he then sold to an airline in-flight magazine.

He was hooked. Everyplace is a destination for somebody, after all… and these photos were designed to entice vacationers to come to his hometown. The best part? The first collection of shots he sold earned him $450. And then he did it again to the tune of $800. And then again for $1,300!

And you may have heard us talk about Danny Warren before.

Danny is the proud father of two beautiful children. He has a full-time job as an application developer. Photography is just a hobby for Danny. A busy and hectic schedule doesn't leave him with a lot of extra time.

Whenever he gets a spare moment, Danny escapes to go hiking, camping, and traveling — and of course taking pictures of his adventures along the way. He's able to submit photos from his trips to an online stock agency where they sell without any extra work on his part. 

Danny’s grateful to have a steady passive income stream that helps fund his travels, and boost the family budget doing something he loves.

Not one of these folks had any formal training as a photographer. They simply learned a few tricks behind creating a good photograph and who to sell it to… and next thing you know, they’d discovered how to turn a fun photo hobby into a viable income stream. An income they can take with them anywhere in the world – whether they do it full-time, part-time, or even just on vacation.

“Starting out as a beginner, receiving feedback has been a key factor in allowing me to learn and grow as a photographer. This photo of the new cathedral in Cuenca, Ecuador has sold for $78 and $73 to a travel site for a banner on their website, plus another $35 in other stock photo sales. I love seeing my photos used by high profile brands and websites, and I know that would not have been possible without the valuable feedback that guided my improvement.” – Amy Muschik

Beginners Welcome:

Discover how fun and easy it can be to 
turn your photos into cash…

This coming summer in Old Town Alexandria (at the BEST and ONLY Ultimate Photographer’s event in 2020), with our experts by your side, you’ll see how you can turn your spare time into money-making time – and have fun doing it. Even if all you’ve ever done is take vacation snapshots and pictures at family holiday time.

It doesn’t take any special equipment. Or years of experience. In fact, if you can snap simple photographs like these, you can do it…

© Theresa St. John. This image has sold as both stock and fine art, earning a total of $420.

© Amy Muschik. This image has now earned her more than $1,000.

© Lisa Top. Lisa sold these three together printed on metal for $750!

© Shelly Perry. This photo is part of a series that has already earned more than $1,000.

Join us at The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop and you’ll:

  1. See why photography is one of the best-paying, most rewarding ways to make money on the internet – something you can do for fun, on your own schedule, and without a big investment in gear.
  2. The one thing other photography courses never tell you– it’s not the prettiest pictures that sell. Great photos go unsold every day while ugly photos sell in droves. Discover what you need to know about this ginormous photography marketplace and how to cash in by selling simple, easy-to-shoot photos.
  3. Learn the single, easy, lucrative secret to selling your images online. You don't do ANY marketing. They sell themselves 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. And they can be photos of anything from your houseplant to the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Learn about Lifestyle design: How to balance time and money so you’re earning the most from the least amount of work.
  5. Get the fast, simple formula to attract more buyers, almost magnetically. It’s all in how you describe your images. We'll hand you the "keywording tool" that works like magic. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s automatic.
  6. Find out how to sell simple travel photographs to magazines and newspapers. You decide where you want to go – getting spa treatments in Bali, skiing in Utah, shopping in Paris – and we’ll show you how to turn pictures from your trip into money in your pocket.
  7. Come away with the know-how to create photos you can sell the very next day. Try your hand at travel photography and spend a half-day out and about “on assignment” while you explore the neighborhoods and attractions of Alexandria. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to create saleable images and how to sell them—a proven system you can replicate on your own when you return home.
  8. Get real-time feedback on your photosin our group review sessions. You’ll quickly see from our team of professional photographers and photo editors exactly what makes for a good photograph. You’ll find out why those glossy magazine photos always look so stunning and how you can tweak yours to have the same effect.
  9. Find out how your hometown, your pets, your kids, your vacations, even the weather in your hometown can all be photo goldmines. And discover how (even in your spare time) you can take photographs right in your own back yard that will bring in $200 – $700 over time.
  10. Learn where to start: Discover what photo buyers want from beginner photographers like you. Skip the “guessing game” of what buyers want, save time, and find out exactly how to succeed from the get-go.

Plus, this summer, we’ll show you how to turn your hometown into an income…

In addition to all the opportunities to sell stock and fine-art photos of your own hometown… we’ll also show you a simple new skill you can quickly learn, to earn $300 – $2,800 per project, in a single weekend, by working with local businesses…

 “This workshop changed my life — or at least the direction it was going in. My biggest fear was dying before I actually had a chance to live. You gave me hope, confidence and skills all at the same time. I've been all over the United States…to Ireland, Fiji and Paris thanks to these events. I'm, of course, doing all the "hard" work of taking photos. But you opened my eyes to the possibilities and I'm forever grateful.”

— Theresa St John

"I never thought I'd be a photographer. I was actually more interested in writing than I was photography. Now look – my last print just sold for $1,500 and I'm having so much fun with it. I keep telling everyone: Just try it. You'll never know if you like it unless you try it."

— Wayne Hoover

Get Paid to Have FUN!

If you’d like to set your own hours… travel when you please… wake up every morning loving what you do, then you absolutely have to join us at this year’s event.

You’re not alone. And the folks who have joined us in the past will tell you they’re happier, healthier, and more successful because they did.

“There’s something very rewarding about seeing your photos in a magazine. Something very cool about walking into Bed Bath & Beyond or another department store and seeing your photo in a picture frame on the shelf.

I’m telling you…

I’ve literally stood next to a photo of me on the shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond, taken by professional stock photographer Shelly Perry whom you’ll meet in Alexandria, and just waited for someone to pass by so I could point out that it’s me inside the picture frame.

And my grandmother is as proud as punch, too. She found a picture of me at Walgreens in Florida while shopping with a friend. “That’s my granddaughter,” she told her friend. And together they bought every frame on the shelf!

What if that were your photo?”

— Lori Allen

“I just have to share this. Prior to attending my first photography workshop, I did not know what ISO or F-stop were. I am therefore thrilled every time one of my stock photos shows up somewhere cool. A few months ago one was shown on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, and today one showed up on a syndicated column that appeared in all online Sun media newspapers across Canada.”

— Workshop attendee Amy Muschik

Jump-Start Your Successful New Life

“This was my vacation for this year.  I was looking forward to having a great time, learning a LOT, and being inspired.  Let me say I was NOT disappointed!!  My expectations were greatly exceeded and the workshop was a truly AWESOME experience.  The program and instructors were excellent.  The environment was supportive and heartfelt.  Networking opportunities were plentiful, and all my questions were graciously answered.  I was also very pleased to come away with a better sense of my direction with photography and marketing.”

— Lynn C.

No Experience Needed

“A truly friendly approach for beginners as well as lots of more advanced information and techniques/tools for more experienced photographers. And, of course, everyone is made welcome.”

– Vicki C.

Over the years we’ve shared the secrets to success with thousands of readers just like you.

“The Ultimate Photographers Workshop is a great way to open the door to take you to the next level of your photography. The workshop was well worth every penny.”

— Lauri B.

“I feel empowered and fueled with a new energy and that is worth its weight in gold!  The warmth of this group extends from the staff to the presenters and radiates throughout the members.”

— Morgane M.

Ordinary Folks,
Extraordinary Successes.

See How Much previous participants Are Earning Now…

Join us in Alexandria this coming summer, and you’ll learn not just everything you need to get started… but everything you need to set yourself up on a path to success for a photographer’s lifetime of freedom, adventure, and profits, including…

  1. The skills you needto take saleable photos, even if you’re just starting out and don’t know what all the buttons on your camera do…
  2. Hands-on experience, with the opportunity to learn one-on-one with our photography experts. This is great for beginners and experienced photographers alike…
  3. A proven income plan, with specific steps you can follow and no guesswork
  4. A plan for growth– you’ll be part of our community, so as your skills grow over time you can continue to share tips and ideas with fellow photographers, keep up with the latest trends in the market, and learn how to grow your new income even more…

Basically, it’s the quickest and most comprehensive way for you to get started as a money-making photographer – whether you’ve taken courses before and want to take things to the next level, or are starting completely from scratch.

But don’t just take my word for it. Folks who have already used the tricks and secrets taught in our programs in the past are enjoying tremendous success…

Meet Wayne Hoover:

Here’s another participant turned photographer, Cheryl Bigman:

Meanwhile, here’s what previous participants have to say…

Our Speakers Earn Rave Reviews

“This is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from professionals—up close and personal. They are all so humble and ready to share their knowledge. A great place to share, learn, and come away inspired.”

—Chris Z.

“By far this is the best program I have ever involved myself in.  So informative and well presented.  When you leave it is almost like leaving family.  You will be back.  Promise.”

— Ralph G.

“This was the most amazing workshop from beginning to end.  The energy and flow was enlightening.  The wealth of information was beyond my imagination and I’m super excited to utilize some of the tools.  An extra special bonus was the laughter and giveaway.  Everything was shared.  I am so grateful to GEP for this amazing experience that I will take with me for a very long while.  Thank you everyone for a great weekend.”

— Lisa B.

 “GEP wants you to succeed.  The presenters/instructors are successful and very happy to share their “secret sauce” and encourage you to learn and grow.  I definitely recommend this workshop for those thinking about becoming a photographer and those looking to re-energize their passion.”

— Marsha C.

“I was made to feel welcomed and important part of the G.E.P. family. As a first timer at G.E.P. I was simply blown away by the fantastic presenters and the wide variety of content. Simply amazing and I have attended a lot of workshops! Well done in every way.”

— Cynthia B.

“All you guys are awesome in your own way. Passion for photography shines through as does the firm belief that any of the attendees can make it. Your wonderful personalities are the icing on the cake.”

— Dara M.

“I learned more about photography in three days than I learned in a lifetime!”

— James T.

“This is the most informative and inspiring workshop I’ve ever attended. Bonus — the people.  So many nice, friendly, supportive members of the group and staff.”

— Karen A.

 Noreen Kompanik told us she’s now earned more than $900 selling photos with her travel articles.

Troy Nelson came to the workshop, followed our 10-Day Success Plan when he got home, and told me he quickly made $1,500! He loves taking storm photos, as well as pattern and texture photos of his fossil and mineral collection that he sells online…

Even after attending photography school and numerous photo workshops, James Kao had little idea of how to monetize his skills until he came to the Ultimate Photography Workshop. He's since had his work featured in magazines (including a two-page spread in Hana Hou Magazine) and he's earned more than $5,000 in prizes from photo contests."Lisa Norrgard sold at least 20 canvas prints within months, with prices ranging from $225 to $375 each.

Caroline Maryan entered five of her photos in an exhibition for emerging artists in Seoul, South Korea where she lived at the time. Three of them sold. Two for $500 each and $600 for the third.

Leslie Ehrin sold hers to a textbook in 1998 for nearly $30,000, imagine what it would be worth now (Note: Not everyone can expect this. Wow!)

Marylinda Ramos got $500 from a photo along with a  cover image and story in a regional sailing magazine.

Wayne Hoover sold a set of fine art photos for $1,500.

© Wayne Hoover. This photo sold 
along with two others in a set for a total of $1,500.

© Theresa St. John. Royalties and fine art sales total nearly $820.

Steve Collender got into stock photography when he lost his job at the airlines after 9-11. “If I earn enough to pay the electric bill,” he thought, “I’d be happy with that.” But soon his photo royalties paid not just the electric bill but also the phone and gas bill. Then they were enough to pay the car payment and eventually the mortgage.

Tiiu Napp photographed her cat for Friskies Cat Food and the Carnation Company and won $5,000 and a trip to Los Angeles, CA.

Beverly Shook puts her nature and still life prints in calendars and has made almost $1,000 so far.

Stephanie Wolden takes pictures of vineyards, expensive wine bottles, and winery events in her Napa hometown and recently wrote to say her side hustle now brings in $13,000 per year!

Diane Watson was invited to exhibit her work in a local gallery for Atlanta Celebrates Photography. She received $300 for one photo and $150 to $200 for .

Stories like these continue to roll in – from around the country and around the world. People selling their photos in lots of different ways… working when and where suits them… and getting paid for what they love to do already…

And now we’d like to add your story, too.

This is our BIGGEST (and ONLY) Ultimate Photographer’s Event of 2020!

It’s the only time you’ll get access to so many experts all in one place—all ready to lend a hand to beginners.

This August in Alexandria, you’ll get real “boots on the ground” advice from experts who are making it happen themselves. They’re all approachable and generous with their time and expertise. They firmly believe that anybody – armed with the right secrets and a commitment to use them – can turn his or her photos into cash.

You’ll hear from…

Shelly Perry, from Portland, Oregon, specializes in stock photography. Her images have been seen all over the globe on music CD covers, books, magazines, catalogs, websites, ad campaigns, and even on TV. Two thirds of our photography success stories are thanks to Shelly. Now she’s back by popular demand…

Shelly earns more money in online stock agencies with a small portfolio than others earn with their very large collections of images, Shelly will tell you her secret for getting the most bang for your buck and why you should avoid wasting your time on images that won’t sell.


Jad Davenport spent a decade as a war photographer covering wars and genocides. Now, he’s an author, photographer, and filmmaker, and his work has appeared in National Geographic magazines and books, IslandsCoastal LivingPBSNBCVanity FairOutsideMen’s JournalConde NastTravel + Leisure, and others. He’s also a member of the Explorers Club in New York, and a photography workshop and expedition leader at National Geographic Creative.

This summer, Jad will be taking the stage in Alexandria to share the wisdom of his experience from leading international travel and wildlife photography journeys. This may inspire you to get out on your own adventures – and to make a nice profit from your travel photos along the way.


Daniel Nahabedian is a freelance travel and cultural photographer. In 2008, Daniel bought his first camera and within one year became a full-time photographer. Currently living in Granada, Spain, Daniel speaks five languages and has lived all over the world including France and Thailand. His work has appeared in Travel+EscapeAsiaRoomsSmithsonian magazine, National Geographic website, Matador Network and more.

In Alexandria, he'll talk about his journey from no-income photographer to travel photographer and show you how to do the same. If you aren’t sure you have what it takes to really make a go of photography… Daniel has been there and knows exactly the advice and skills you need to pick up. He’s also known for his amazing way of creating magic with light—and he’ll take to the main stage to teach you how to do the same this year.


Bonnie Caton is the creator of the Breakfast Stock Club. She started as a writer wanting to take photos to accompany her travel articles but today she sells more photos than she does articles. And because she was in your shoes just a few years ago, she knows exactly what kinds of lessons you need – how to be a scaredy-cat photographer and still make a sale… how to understand light and your camera… the easiest way to learn it all in a single weekend… and more.

She’s got a secret for pulling in $500 a day (or more) from your photography—and she’ll show you how she’s used that secret to earn $10,000 from photography in the last 12 months – this income was earned in her spare time, since she already had a full-time job here at Great Escape Publishing!


Joe Sindorf is an award-winning photographer and international humanitarian filmmaker who has worked in more than 75 nations around the world. His work normally takes him to places where people are at their worst — in the aftermath of major natural disasters; surviving famine or drought; and suffering intense injustice. His still photographs have been published in National Geographic Traveler, Outside, American Photo, World and Professional Photographer among others. His video work has won international film festivals, the NATAS Emmy Award, the George Foster Peabody Award (commonly referred to as the Pulitzer Prize for Television) and others.

Joe is currently earning 14 times more income from his video stock footage than he is from his stills of exactly the same scene. He’ll show you exactly how that’s done, so you can work on collecting video clips with your camera or smartphone in addition to still photographs.


Tracey Minkin is the Senior Editor of Travel and Features at Coastal Living, an award-winning luxury magazine and digital brand specializing in homes, destinations, food, style, and personalities from the coasts of North America and beyond. During her career, Tracey has worked as a freelance writer and as an editor for regional and national magazines – so she knows exactly how to pitch to many different kinds of publications. Her writing has been anthologized in collections and has won both regional and national awards; she was a contributing author to Fodor’s The Thirteen Colonies, a historical/cultural travel guidebook; and she was the founding editor of a Providence, Rhode Island-based digital news and information platform, GoLocalProv.

In Alexandria, Tracey will show you how photographers can increase their income by breaking into magazines, or writing short articles to accompany their photos.

And many more…

Our presenters will reveal “tricks of the trade” to take more saleable images. They’re all ready to generously share their wisdom, tips, and insider secrets, both on the stage and in the halls, with anyone who asks.

There’s no doubt – getting paid to take pictures no matter where you are is a great lifestyle.

You’ll get the details on where to sell travel images, including stock photos, editorial, and fine art.

But they’ll also show you how to score free stuff and enjoy perks along the way – things like free stays and access to places only photographers are usually allowed.

There is no substitute for the hands-on experience you’ll gain from our team of professional photographers.

You’ll get…

  1. A full rundown of the latest photography tool that’s in high demand(but without much competition yet).
  2. The first, second, and third steps to take to earn money with your photography this year – even if you have zero experience…
  3. Advice on what kind of camera to buy – spoiler: It’s not the biggest, most expensive models…
  4. The simple headshot formula to earn $500 in a single day: Still the greatest income opportunity for those with little experience…
  5. Details on how to get free stuff with your photos – hotel stays, museum tickets, park and show passes, free drinks, and more…
  6. Specifics on how to earn 14 timesmore when you add video to your skills…
  7. The latest trends, including why authenticity is in – no need for models and fake settings – now you can photograph real people doing real things. We’ll show you how and where to sell the photos…

And more.

And not only will you learn these tricks and secrets from the pros, you’ll get a chance to try them yourself, too…

Get Professional And Supportive Feedback in our One-on-One Sessions—From Mentors Who Want You to Succeed

After all, sitting behind a desk and learning how to do something is completely different from getting up and actually doing it. That’s why you’ll spend at least half a day with your camera in-hand practicing what you learn.

And you’ll get feedback on your work before you leave so there’s no guesswork.

You’ll know what it takes and you’ll have proof that you can do it. And you’ll leave with the beginning of a saleable photo portfolio in hand (plus all the know-how you need to reproduce saleable photos on your own when you get back home). That’s what this whole thing is about, really.

Feedback is the number one tool new photographers need to succeed. Good feedback on your images – from a pro that knows the system – can shave years off your learning curve and ultimately put you in a happier place.

And that’s why this year we are going to devote even more time to your photo reviews. You’ll get a whole new level of personal mentoring… one that would cost a small fortune were you to pay for it anywhere outside this workshop.

You’ll find that this is a safe space for beginners to learn – you won’t get a harsh critique, but rather helpful advice from a supportive and encouraging teacher. Someone who will motivate you to keep at it.

All you need to do is come with an interest in photography – no experience necessary, just a digital camera in hand – and in three days this coming summer, we’ll show you exactly what you need to know to turn photos and videos of your next vacation… your own hometown… and even your pets… into a fast, fun, easy income stream… for life.

In your spare time. Again, no experience necessary

Special Bonus:

Earn 14 times more – and fund your travels – with VIDEO!

It’s an opportunity to cash in on all the benefits of selling pictures from your vacations for income – the money, the on-the-house travel perks, hotel upgrades, free meals, and more…

Here’s What Joe Says About Shooting Video on His Travels:

“Making beautiful images is wonderful and preserving the memory of special moments is priceless… but why not make some money at the same time?

Creating good, saleable video clips with your camera is far easier than you might fear! I’ve been shooting award-winning video for years and I’ll be sharing the professional tricks that I use every time I pick up a camera to ensure I’ll have shots that clients want to buy.

If you already have your camera in your hands, it is simple to shoot profitable video clips — and I’ll show you a few simple, proven guidelines to help you make money selling video clips as stock… tips you can put into practice immediately. Video has increased my stock sales by 14x — and it can happen for you too.”

Without a big upgrade in equipment.

And without the hassle of sending photos to an editor, uploading them to a stock agency, or otherwise selling them online.

VIDEO is nearly as big a game-changer in the photo world as the internet was, creating a great opportunity for travelers willing to document their experiences in exchange for complimentary travel and a second income. And it’s here to stay.

Hawaii, Greece, Belize – you decide where you want to go and fund it using that tiny little video button on the top of your camera, iPad, or smartphone.

You don’t need a special video-recorder. You don’t need a bunch of video-editing software. Nor do you need a crew of people to help you.

In some ways, videos are even easier to sell than still photographs. There’s less competition, and the market is HUGE.

Note: you can sell video clips from your own hometown, too. And, this August in Alexandria, you’ll see exactly how it’s done.

Joe Sindorf (who you’ll meet at the workshop) has cracked the code for earning 14 times as much from his video clips than he earns from his regular photos. And it doesn’t require a ton of extra time either. When you already have your camera out shooting photos, you can easily learn how to press the video button and create short, saleable clips you can sell.

Join us this August and learn how to profit from your photographs and VIDEO!

8 Reasons Why You Won’t Want to Miss This Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop

  1. If you like taking pictures of your family or snapping vacation photos on your vacations, then you've got the basics to make it in this business. All you need to do is turn your interests and habits into income-earning tools. And that's exactly what our experts can show you how to do this August in Alexandria.
  2. Past attendees have said that they’d pay extra for more group review sessions because they learn so much just watching the experts comment on their classmates’ photos too. But you don’t have to pay extra. This workshop includes review sessions and more shooting time.
  3. A glossy magazine photo can earn you anywhere from $200 to $1,200… if, that is, you know what photo editors are after. And that's just one of the important secrets you'll learn at this event.
  4. You’ll discover even more fun and lucrative niches you may never have considered before. In Alexandria a whole new world of opportunity will open up before you. If you’re looking for a new way to make money on the side, or a career change altogether, you won’t want to miss this event.
  5. The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop is NOT your standard-fare photo workshop. It’s true you'll spend some time listening to our seasoned pros divulge their secrets… but we've also arranged for you to put what you've learned into practice. You'll be shooting out and about in Old Town Alexandria, getting the "in the trenches" experience you need. And then you’ll return to the classroom where you’ll learn how to sell the photos you just created. That's unlike anything else you'll find on offer.
  6. There’s no other event like this… anywhere. And at these workshops, we make it our business to let you know exactly what editors, photo buyers, and stock agencies want. You can’t find this information on the street and it would likely take you years of trial-and-error to learn it for yourself. There IS no better way to get started.
  7. Don't forget the money: You'll find out exactly what you need to do to make your photographs saleable in addition to all the sessions you’ll get on improving your photography from the start.

And the #1 reason why you should attend this event: 
Because you can’t afford not to.

Leave on Vacation, Return Home With the Skills to Be a Money-Making Photographer

This year, The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop will take place in enchanting Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. This riverside city offers more than 200 years of history, delicious dining options, and plenty of amazing photo opportunities.

Step back in time as you stroll along red brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets, flanked by colonial-era buildings. At the heart of Old Town, catch the free trolley that runs the length of charming King Street, where you’ll explore a plethora of independent shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

Washington, D.C. is minutes away, so you can easily explore its famous sights and museums by land—or, catch stunning views of D.C. monuments from a cruise along the Potomac River. You can also visit George Washington’s former home at Mount Vernon, just outside the city.

Be sure to stop in at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. This former World War II torpedo factory now houses the U.S.’s largest collection of publicly accessible working artist studios, where you can meet the artists and browse through one-of-a-kind paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and more.

Treat yourself to waterfront views and fine dining at one of the many al fresco restaurants along the Potomac River. Or, grab dinner and drinks in quirky locations, like an 1800s feed house, or a speakeasy hidden inside a donut shop.

If you like off-the-wall attractions—things you just won’t find anywhere else—don’t miss Spite House, the skinniest historic house in the U.S. at only seven feet wide. And, check out the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum, which was still a working apothecary until 1933.

You’ll have plenty to photograph in Alexandria – and, you’ll enjoy it all in the company of like-minded people, keen to learn, seek out the best photo opportunities, meet new friends, and HAVE FUN!

The workshop takes place at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria Old Town where we’ve arranged a special discounted rate for you of just $149/night plus tax and incidentals. Travel and accommodation details, along with the event itinerary are all laid out for you below.

We’ll pack a lot of fun and information in during the day, but after hours you’ll have time to walk right out the front door and explore the history and charm of Old Town Alexandria. Or simply relax with a cocktail as you get to know your fellow photographers.

An Exciting New Money-Making Adventure… That Adds More Fun And Freedom to Your Life

If you’re interested in finding a way to fund your travels with your photos… a way to earn an income with a flexible schedule, from anywhere on the planet (or right there at home!)… and set yourself up for a lifetime of creativity and adventure… then don’t wait to do it.

Act now. This is our ONLY Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop in 2020.

And it’s the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way there is for you to gain all the knowledge you need to make money from your photographs… for life. Our experts will be right by your side to help guide you as you get started.

If you’re ready to turn that dream into a reality, then I encourage you to join us in Alexandria this coming August.

The admission to The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop includes three days of intensive (but downright enjoyable, too!) class sessions geared to produce saleable photographs.

As a beginner, you’ll get a step-by-simple-step blueprint for how to get started, and some easy tips to gain camera mastery in no time…

If you already have some experience, you’ll enjoy learning about the latest trends, and mingling with our experts to get your questions answered in a casual, one-on-one setting…

And EVERYONE will benefit from the hands-on experience, personalized feedback, and supportive community of like-minded new photography friends.

We’ll also treat you to three cocktail parties and a lunch on us. And throughout the program, you’ll discover…

  1. How you can ditch the 9-to-5 grind… be your own boss… and work from anywhere in the world… from Italy to Fiji with your new-found skills…
  2. A simple roadmap to your first $10,000…
  3. Seven simple (but powerful) tricks that will instantly transform your photos from average snapshots to photographs you can sell to a variety of buyers…
  4. The tricks of the trade that photographers and videographers use to score VIP treatment, deep discounts, and even free vacations…
  5. The two best, proven ways to set up a passive income stream with your photos and make money selling simple images online (that’s money that comes in while you sleep)…
  6. This year’s hottest trends and what to shoot first – we’ll get you started with the fastest sellers…
  7. How to take advantage of local photo opportunities, earn your first $1,000 and fund your trips before leaving home…
  8. Where to find $300-$2,800 photo projects you can complete in a single weekend…
  9. How to break into magazine photography – PLUS: 3 magazines that are almost always in need of good photos and stories and how to get it right…
  10. How to earn thousands of dollars a year selling simple video clips from your camera or Smartphone…
  11. New this year! 30-day post-event skill-building class. The event doesn’t end when you leave Alexandria. If you’re serious about learning how to make money with simple photos, this new course is the fastest, easiest way to continue building your skills.
  12. Plus, how to start from scratch and earn back your workshop fee in 90 days or less…
  13. And lots, lots more…

Gain Camera Confidence Before 
the Workshop…

Plus, when you act now, you’ll get exclusive access to our pre-workshop “Camera Confident” coaching sessions. No matter what your current skill level we’ll make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your photographer’s weekend when you get to Alexandria.

And the best part is, you don’t have to wait months to get started.

Before you even get on the plane to come out, we will take you by the hand (from the comfort of your own home) and get you up to speed on all the basics you need to get the most bang for your buck out of this event.

Light, composition, camera settings, simple but effective tricks… we’ll cover them all in your “Camera Confident” at-home training program.

This is just one of your fast-reply bonuses when you register today.

We could realistically charge up to $499 for a pre-workshop series like this, but you can join WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE when you register for the 2020 Ultimate Photographer’s Event right now.

Make money doing what you love…

“This workshop didn’t just impart great, specific information; it changed the trajectory of my life.  I am taking the first steps to my second-in-life career and made new friends to share the journey.”

– Lisa Moore

Save BIG with a Winter Discount for a Limited Time Only

We could reasonably charge $2,000 to $3,000 dollars for an event of this caliber, not to mention the accessibility to the professional photographers on staff. And it would be worth every penny.

Just one publishable photograph might earn you that much, or more. But when you secure a seat during this sale, you can take advantage of a BIG discount.

The “At the Door” price of this event is $1,997. But the last 3 years have sold out well in advance of the event. When you book now you can take advantage of a big $400 discount.

This means that if you register today, you'll only pay $1,597 to attend (money you could earn back with the sale of photos or videos in the first 90 days after attending).

What to bring a guest? The price of your ticket plus your guest’s ticket comes to a total of $2,694.

As with all of our events, the earlier you register the better. If you want to attend the event in Alexandria this coming August, reserve your seat NOW. The price only goes up from here, and as I mentioned before this is our ONLY Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop of 2020.

(Note: Other discounts may apply. See the Registration Page below for details.)

Register Now, Pay Later

Plus, when you reserve your spot now, you can lock in your $400 discount with a small deposit of just $499 down today.

When you do, you lock in the discounted workshop price and you split your fee into three easy payments. You can spread them out comfortably over the next few weeks… and still lock in your $400  discount.

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  1. Three full days of info-packed sessions in the classroom, out in the field, and in photo review sessions.
  2. Marketing advice from professional photographers like Shelly Perry, Bonnie Caton, Daniel Nahabedian, Jad Davenport, Joe Sindorf, and others.
  3. Special cocktail parties each night where you’ll have a chance to meet and mingle with the experts and your fellow photographers.
  4. Hands-on photo and video shooting out-and-about in Alexandria… no experience required.
  5. A photo review session where you’ll get feedback on your work from professionals in the field.
  6. Marketing advice about where and how to sell your photos for fun income.
  7. A special group lunch (on us!) on the last day of the workshop.
  8. Personal assistance throughout the program from our staff.
  9. Hot breakfast and coffee breaks daily.
  10. Lifetime access to workshop presentations from every class session, so that you can review what you learn in your favorite chair at home.
  11. Lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share travel plans, meet one another before the event, and stay connected post-event… (some attendees have said access to this group after the event is worth the entire cost of the workshop!)
  12. Pre-event guidance from Great Escape Publishing Staff including what to expect, what to pack for the weather, equipment list, and travel tips.
  13. And more…

And, when you register during this Discount period, you’ll also get:

  1. FREE seat in our Camera Confident At-Home Training Program (a $499 value).
  2. FREE copy of our How to Earn Back Your Workshop Fee in 90 Days or Less guide (a $39 value).
  3. FREE copy of 17 Places Where You Can Quickly and Easily Sell Your Photographs (a $39 value).
  4. And you’ll enjoy the opportunity to earn an extra income doing something that’s really, really fun. I know quite a few people who would give their right arm for a dream job like being a photographer.

… but you must register today.


Guarantee # 1— I guarantee that the Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop will provide you all the insider tools and secrets you need to get paid as a photographer. We’re focused on success in the real world, and we’ll walk you through what you need to do, step-by-simple-step.

Guarantee # 2— I guarantee we’ll deliver the how-to intelligence you need to start taking saleable photographs, sell them to magazines, newspapers, websites, and as fine art, and cash in on all the great perks of the photographer’s life. No prior experience necessary. 

Guarantee # 3— I guarantee we’ll treat you fairly should you register and then find you need to cancel for any reason. Cancellations made between now and January 13, 2020 will be refunded, minus a $150 processing fee.  Cancellations made between January 14 and March 3, 2020 will be refunded, minus a $350 processing fee.  And cancellations made on or after March 4, 2020 will receive a workshop credit on file for any future Great Escape Publishing Workshop, minus a $350 processing fee.

Click Here and Save $400!

Whether you’re just picking up a camera for the first time, or you’re an accomplished photographer seeking ways to make more money from your photos, these three days in Alexandria could, quite literally, change your life — as they already have for so many of our members who, today, are seeing their photos in print and are enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with the photographer’s life.

Many participants come back
again and again…

“Each workshop is unique. Even speakers that have been at past workshops come with a new twist, or new way of looking at photography. The second time around, I actually knew what they were talking about, and I was more able to absorb all the information we were given so I could improve my skills.”

– Elizabeth Coughlan

“I highly advise a second workshop to anyone. On first attendance, you get so much information and it's often hard to absorb it all then. Upon a second attendance, things that were a bit unclear now become clear. You are more familiar with your abilities. There is always new content and new presenters. A second attendance reinforces whatever didn't "catch" the first time! And it's always an enjoyable experience.”

– Susan Peters

“Go! You always learn more, even if it's similar material presented by a different expert. Plus, you're more advanced and the stuff presented will make more sense or resonate with you more than the first time around. I found that at my second Ultimate photo workshop, I knew my camera better, had more confidence, and a better skill base, which made the new information more relative to me.”

– Melanie Wood

This is an excellent opportunity to jump into the photographer’s lifestyle…

Whether you’re interested in adding photos to your travel articles… or you’re looking for a way to turn a “hobby” into an income-producing pastime… or you’re interested in, quite simply, learning and perfecting a skill that can provide you endless enjoyment, prestige, and fun…

… then I encourage you to join my colleagues and me August 28-30 in Alexandria.

There’s no better time than right now to learn how to create an income stream through photography… and if you’re interested in video or 360-degree photography, too, then – NOW is the time to act.

Space is limited, and we won’t hold another Ultimate Photographer’s Event until 2021, so I encourage you to register now.


Bonnie Caton
Creative Director, Great Escape Publishing

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P.S. I can tell you this program is worth every penny – and more – but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few more of our past participants have to say…

 “I can’t imagine spending 3 days in a more comprehensive, instructional, yet still warm + welcoming environment. The level of knowledge is off the charts, yet the instructors are so willing to take their valuable time to get as basic as the attendees need. Truly an exceptional investment in my future.”

–Shea M.

 “If you’re on the fence about attending, hop off and do it! You will learn far more here than you would elsewhere.”

– Reba M.

 “The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop will give you skills that you can use the day you leave the workshop. I learned so much that I feel like I am bursting with ideas. More importantly, I have confidence and motivation that I can be a successful travel photographer.”

– Mary M.

“GEP workshops provide a wealth of information on photography…The instructors all bring something different to the table…They are also incredibly kind and helpful.”

– Kari O.

“It does not disappoint! Well worth the expense!”

– Helen P.

“The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop was my first photography training event. It was a good choice…I’ll be back!”

– Cynthia A.

“The amount of care they take to help you learn and develop as a photographer is second to none. You cannot come away without at least a dozen ways to move to professional status.”

– Jeffrey J.

 “The only way to explain it is Go! If you’re serious about a second career and think photography is a passion, you’ll have found your tribe.”

– Gail C.

“I was made to feel like a member of the GEP family from day one. Highly recommend for all levels.”

– Andy W.

“Attend! Attend! Attend! Well worth time and money, and valuable learning experience.”

– Gloria S.

“I never thought three days of jam packed information could be so fun.  The content, instructors, speakers, and staff make it something you want to do again and again.”

– Kari O.

“In the span of 3 short days, I have received the tools, the knowledge, the help, and inspiration to make money with photography…It has been the best investment I’ve made in myself for many years.”

– Michael T.

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Your Schedule

The Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop

Alexandria, VA | August 28-30, 2020


After you get registered and grab breakfast and coffee, settle in and get ready for a full day of learning. We’ll start off with an overview of this year’s biggest trends and high-selling themes… the best markets for beginners… and how to make the biggest impact with your photos in the coming year. We’ll also have sessions geared toward helping you decide which direction to take with your photography.

  1. 8:00AM – 8:30AM: Registration and breakfast on us at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town
  2. 8:30AM – 12:00PM: Workshop Sessions
  3. 12:00PM – 2:00PM: Lunch on your own
  4. 2:00PM – 6:15PM: Workshop Sessions
  5. 6:15PM – 7:15PM: Welcome Cocktail Reception


Today is another full day of learning, including more classroom sessions and hands-on time “in the field,” paired with more in-depth sessions from our pros. Splitting into beginner and advanced tracks, you’ll get a chance to grow your photo skills in the streets of Alexandria with an instructor by your side.

Dinner is on us tonight!

  1. 7:30AM – 8:00AM: Breakfast on us at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town
  2. 8:00AM – 12:00PM: Workshop Sessions
  3. 12:00PM – 2:00PM: Lunch on your own
  4. 2:00PM – 6:00PM: Workshop Sessions
  5. 6:00PM – 7:00PM: Evening Cocktail Reception


Continuing to build on what you’ve learned so far, today’s sessions will hand you the exact formulas our pros use to make an income doing what they love… plus more tools to build your skills and photography income into the future. You’ll also learn about some unexpected ways to turn a profit with your camera.

  1. 7:30AM – 8:00AM: Breakfast on us at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town
  2. 8:00AM – 12:15PM: Workshop Sessions
  3. 12:15PM – 2:15PM: Lunch on us at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town
  4. 2:15PM – 6:00PM: Workshop Sessions
  5. 6:00PM – 7:00PM: Farewell Cocktail Reception

Note: Schedule and speakers are subject to change.

Register Here!

We will also host a number of optional Add on Workshops:

Optional Add-on Event #1: Thursday, August 27
“Tell Your Camera Who’s Boss” Fast-Track Camera Manipulation: How to Set Your Camera to Get the Creative Effects You Want, with Bonnie Caton (limited to just 12 attendees)

Optional Add-on Event #2: Thursday, August 27
Lightroom 101: Get Up-and-Running Fast with The Best Photo Editing Software on the Market! With Daniel Nahabedian… Beginners Welcome and Encouraged! (limited to just 12 attendees)

Optional Add-on Event #3: Two dates available: Thursday, August 27, or Monday, August 30
Shooting Travel Videos for Stock and Profit Hands-On Field Day Workshop with Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker, Joe Sindorf (limited to just 12 attendees)

Optional Add-on Event #4: Monday, August 30
Lightroom 201: Advanced Techniques That Will Transform You from Lightroom Novice to Pro in One Day FLAT! With Daniel Nahabedian (limited to just 12 attendees) 

Optional Add-on Event #5: Monday, August 30
Increase Your Income: The Photographer’s Shortcut to Travel Writing Success One-Day Workshop, with Coastal Living’s Senior Travel and Features Editor, Tracey Minkin (limited to just 15 attendees).

These short but powerful add on workshop are optional and cost between $499 and $699. Discounts may apply.  Full details and a booking form for the add-on workshops will be made available to you once you have registered for the main workshop.

Your Travel Details


Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town
625 1st Street.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Hotel Website

We’ve made special arrangements at the Holiday Inn & Suites Alexandria – Old Town, where the workshop is taking place, for your stay at $149 USD per room, per night, single or double occupancy. These rates do not include any applicable taxes or incidentals.

Occasionally the Holiday Inn & Suites Alexandria – Old Town may offer special rates and/or packages for their rooms through various internet sites… feel free to check and see if a special rate is available that catches your eye… you might get lucky and save even more over the already discounted group price we’ve arranged.

This rate is only good until our room block is full. Rooms are first come, first served.

If you’d like to share a room with another participant, we encourage you to make a post on our Alexandria Facebook page once you’re registered. This is a closed group and only participants coming to the event can gain access to the page. You’ll be invited upon registration.

And, of course, if you wish to arrange accommodation in another hotel, or elsewhere, you are free to do so, and can still participate in the entire workshop. 


You are also responsible for arranging transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.

By Shuttle: The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Alexandria – Old Town offers complimentary daily shuttle service to/from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) from 5:05am – 10:35pm.

By Taxi: The hotel is just a 4-mile ride from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). You can expect approximately a 12-minute ride by car (likely longer during rush hour). Cost will likely be around $24 plus tip. More if you hit traffic.

By Ride Share: Transportation companies Lyft and Uber also operate at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  Check their perspective websites for more information and rates.


If you’re driving, overnight hotel guests receive complimentary parking with their hotel reservation – normally priced at $20 per car per night.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made between now and January 13, 2020 will be refunded, minus a $150 processing fee.  Cancellations made between January 14 and March 3, 2020 will be refunded, minus a $350 processing fee.  And cancellations made on or after March 4, 2020 will receive a workshop credit on file for any future Great Escape Publishing Workshop, minus a $350 processing fee.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. We’ve written articles about travel insurance before – how to know when you need it and whether or not it’s a good deal – so I can send you those when you register.

Click here to secure your seat in the Biggest photography workshop of 2020 – at a massive $400 savings!