Confessions of an Uncertain American

“It’s tough to know what to invest in,” said the fellow sitting next to me. “Gold, currencies, stocks…it all scares me right now. But I decided to go with real estate. I’ve done a lot of research about the international markets and right now seems to be the best time to move forward. I see a lot of discounts and incentives…and low prices. Real estate is a strong tangible asset.”

Of course, he said, he’s hoping to find the lowest prices in the best, upward-moving markets. And that’s how he came to be sitting next to me. He’s here to learn where the very best price-for-value properties are found. And to get a raging deal in one of them.

“Things in the U.S. are still too uncertain for my liking,” he explained. “I’m not at all sure the economy is going to recover. And as for the political direction, well…”

His voice trailed off. But then he laughed. “Hey, if I get a beach house outta this…and it’s in the place I hope it is, where the cost of living is low and I can watch the sunset and drink a cocktail or three, then I won’t have to worry about any of it.”

This is a smart guy. He’s a business owner back in the States. He’s looking forward to retirement in a few years and he knows he can’t afford a beachfront home anywhere along the coasts of the U.S. And there are only a few States he’d want to live in anyhow. Too many taxes in some, too cold in others.

“Once I retire, I’m giving away my snow shovel,” he said.

He’s in the right place. And he’s got plenty of company here on the “Fantasy Island” I told you about yesterday. We’re here in the lap of luxury at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. If you ever get a chance to come here, I’d recommend you grab it. This is one of the most beautiful and service-oriented resorts I’ve ever experienced. And when it come to value-for-price it doesn’t get any better.

I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m here with an exclusive cross section of your fellow International Living members who’ve gathered for a special closed-door summit in this beautiful island setting.

We’re sharing ideas, tips, and secrets about the prettiest, sunniest, most lucrative, and in some cases, lowest-priced places on the planet to live, spend time, and buy real estate.

Essentially, we’ve come to stop stalling and start moving.

“Now’s the time,” says real estate expert Ronan McMahon of Pathfinder.

Baby boomers are headed out of the U.S. in greater numbers than ever before, he said. It’s their time to enjoy life, and find their piece of paradise.

Knowing that, Ronan says, and knowing other important driving factors behind the markets you might be considering buying real estate in, for lifestyle or for investment purposes…will enable you to make the smart moves.

Ronan has been investing in international real estate for the past 14 years. He’s on the road more than anyone I know…except perhaps for his colleague Margaret Summerfield. Together, they’re a formidable team.

“If Ronan is the deal maker,” said International Living’s Dan Prescher earlier today, “Margaret is the deal breaker.”

He’s right. Margaret is responsible for the due diligence on the hundreds of real estate deals that come across her desk every year. For every 100 real estate projects she evaluates, she chooses only a handful to investigate further and visit in person—and those must have all legal permits, licenses, and more…no exceptions.

Over the last two days, Ronan and Margaret have shared their strategies for identifying markets, projects and specific properties. (It’s far more complicated than that old adage “Location, location, location.”)

The 2 Essentials of Buying Real Estate

 If you’re looking to spend any amount of money on real estate this year anywhere on the planet, you’ll want to hear what they have to say. You’ll also want to hear from the dozens of other participants assembled on this spectacular island at this exclusive private gathering.

Where you buy is important…sometimes. What you buy is critical…usually. The Terms you negotiate and What NOT to Buy….essential. What it all boils down to is based on one key factor. It’s simple really…but I have lots to cover here. However, there is one simple, low-cost way to protect yourself and your real estate investment dollars…

I tallied it up. In just two days now, we’ve spent more than 18 hours sharing information, analysis, and strategies. (And we’ve spent almost that much time sharing coffee and cocktails, food and fun. In other words, we haven’t slept much.)

Yesterday I told you about the video recordings we’re doing at this meeting. Our audio-visual guy hasn’t had any sleep either, believe me. He’s recorded all 18 hours of this meeting. And right now he’s sequestered in his room, making notes and preparing for the daunting editing project ahead.

We’ve seen photos, videos, and had written materials put in our hands about the best places in the world to live and buy real estate…at pennies on the dollar.

Why are we privy to these deals? Because of our strength in numbers. When Ronan and Margaret go to explain to real estate agents and developers how many International Living members are reading this email, they pay attention. And in this tough economic climate, they’re willing to offer us some extraordinary deals.

Don’t spend more than you should for your dream real estate. But how do you know how much to pay? In many international markets, there are no comps. But if you were in this meeting the past few days, you now have the inside line…

Also today, Ronan revealed his top distressed-market opportunities. “Blood in the Streets” investing, he calls it. “If you’d bought in Argentina in 2002 when they were going through a financial crisis, you’d have done very well,” was the example he gave.

Today, he says, in deeply distressed areas like Ireland, Greece, and Spain, economies and real estate markets have imploded and prices are in a rapid downward spiral. (Ronan is Irish, by the way, and follows what’s happening in the European Union like a lion on the hunt.)

He says European markets are set for further falls and that extraordinarily good deals can be found at fire sale auctions going on now in Ireland, for instance. (A little thatch-roof Irish cottage by the sea can be yours for pennies on the dollar of what it would have cost just a few years ago.)

Ronan explained exactly how the Irish auctions work…where to find the list of properties, how to evaluate the opportunities, how to bid, and so on. But there are some pockets of Europe to stay away from, he says. Places still on the downward spiral.

Asia is another market worth keeping tabs on. On a particularly beautiful overlooked stretch of coastline, he said, white-sand beaches overlook an island-dotted horizon. Tourists haven’t come here yet in great numbers, so $80,000 buys you a nice condo of more than 1,000 square feet. And that means this area is super strong in the “appreciation potential” and “value for money” categories.

Closer to home, we discussed the potential of markets like Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico—specific areas where prices are low and potential is high.

Never, ever think of a country as a market—that’s an important piece of advice everyone took away today. Instead, focus on the micro market…we did plenty of that today.

An opportunity in Uruguay, particularly, was discussed today. The opportunity there is not in celeb-trendy Punta del Este, but elsewhere—both in the interior and along coast. Believe it or not, the beaches we learned about are even nicer than in sparkling, stunning Punta. But the prices are 1/10th as much. You can still buy a half-acre lot in a gated beach community from $31,900.

Here’s How to Get in on the Deals Offered at This Private Meeting…

Yesterday I told you about some of the amazing deals we’re learning about here. Not only are the prices…on beachfront and oceanview properties, especially…jaw-droppingly low, but incentives are being offered that I’ve not heard of before. No down payment, zero-percent financing, furniture and appliance packages, on and on and on…

So many deals have been brought to the table that I just can’t get into all the details here. But…here’s the next best thing…the way you can gain access to all the valuable info and incredible deals we’ve been learning about here at Casa de Campo.

(By the way, while this meeting is NOT about the Dominican Republic, this island is stunning. And that’s why I call it Fantasy Island…whatever your imagination can conjure….your mind’s-eye picture of the quintessential Caribbean paradise…the Dominican Republic is 100 times better. And the prices here are low….)

But I’m getting off-topic. As I mentioned, we brought our audio video specialist along with us to the meeting. He’s painstakingly recorded every presentation and every workshop at this meeting. (Each afternoon, we broke into small groups to discuss all the fine details of every opportunity we’ve learned about here.)

Once you watch these video recordings you’ll be prepared to act on these deals. It’s never been easier or more affordable to own your dream home in a sunnier, more welcoming climate. And these videos will help you do exactly that.

Like I’ve explained, we’re learning about the best places in the world to buy property. You can buy your dream retirement property or an investment property that will help build your retirement portfolio. And you can do so with no money down, interest-free financing, and at rock-bottom prices in some of the world’s most desirable locations—the Caribbean, coastal Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and more…

Here’s how to get the inside line….

Your Own Home in the Sun

Reserve Your Own Home in the Sun Kit today and you’ll take a “front row” seat for this exclusive meeting. You will see and hear the analysis, the secrets, and all the deals being revealed here at this exclusive, closed-door meeting. And you can take advantage of all the deals and act on these opportunities just as those in the room today are doing.

 When you order now, you’ll save a whopping $170 off the price we’ll eventually charge for this kit. Instead of paying $299, it’ll only cost you $129.

We’ll offer this low price until we have these fresh-from-the-editing-suite video recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point… we must charge the full price of $299.

A soon as we’re finished making copies of the video recordings, the handouts, the Powerpoint presentations, etc., I’ll send the information about how to access Your Own Home in the Sun Kit. We want to get it into your hands as quickly as possible.

Make no mistake: there’s no other way you can find this private meeting information on your own, let alone at this low price.

Even so, we’re offering you a money-back guarantee:

If You Don’t Find The Information in This Kit to Be of Value, You Pay Nothing

 Dozens of experts have come to this special-access meeting from around the globe to cover every possible aspect of investing in your second home in paradise—whatever that means to you. After you’ve heard their closed-door briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

If you like the idea of a retreat you could enjoy a few weeks or months a year… a sanctuary with all the earmarks of a “Retirement Retreat” but which could also produce rental income and quickly increase in value—then you want to see the videos and get “inside the room” at this private meeting.

You’ll have plenty of time to review the information…the video recordings and Powerpoint presentations, the hand outs and speaker bios… and if you don’t agree that you received valuable and actionable information, we’ll return every penny you paid.

This is truly a risk-free opportunity for you.

We think you could do very well… If you act on even one of the closed-door opportunities you learn about when you review Your Own Home in the Sun Kit materials, the savings could be worth many times more than the price of the video recordings package.

We’re so sure you’ll be pleased with the Your Own Home in the Sun Kit that if you aren’t—for any reason….

Call us at any time in the next 30 days—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back.) We’ll give you back your $129.

A home overseas in one of these popular-but-overlooked destinations can give you a real asset to hold in a market well-positioned for gains. Plus income that could well defray your cost of ownership and, at the same time, give you an escape in the sun you can enjoy.

Don’t wait and miss out on the savings—order now.

Editor’s note: Remember, you get $170 off the regular price of Your Own Home in the Sun Kitthat includes all the handouts, video and Powerpoint presentations (containing information on the current real estate deals) from this closed-door meeting.

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