Conventional Wisdom?

Like a winter coat in a swimming pool, conventional wisdom can drag you down. Don’t have enough to retire on? Work longer, it says. Want to live well? You need a big house, a big car, and a massive budget.

But shimmy out of conventional wisdom’s grip, and you will find yourself blissfully unencumbered by the ordinary views of what retirement and the good life should look like.

Peek beyond our borders and you’ll discover all sorts of ways and places to live better…healthier…freer…and enjoy life more. You don’t need a fortune to do it. In fact, it’s possible to live better than you do now on less than it costs to stay home.

In the current issue of International Living magazine, you’ll meet a host of people who have shirked conventional wisdom—and who are living happier, healthier, more interesting lives overseas.

Tara Tiedemann is doing it in Antigua, Guatemala, which offers her a delightful climate, good friends, leisurely pace, and affordable price tag. A doctor’s visit, $25. A week’s worth of produce, $12. As she puts it, “The low cost of living makes me feel that the opportunities here are endless.” (How often do you hear that Stateside these days?)

Lynne and Tim Martin have turned a conventional retirement on its head. “We sold our comfortable California house, dumped the furniture, put our small treasures, art, and clothes in storage, and kissed our four daughters and seven grandchildren goodbye,” they explain.

“At ages 67 and 72, we became senior nomads. Since then we’ve lived in nine countries…and we’re healthier and happier than we were when we started.”

Conventional wisdom tells you to part with your pets when you go overseas. Not so. We’ll show you how simple it is to take Fido to Europe. Lots of folks assume you need to speak Spanish fluently to retire to Latin America…so they stay home. But that’s a roadblock you can make disappear in as little as two weeks.

Point is: when you swim free of popular—but limiting—notions, you discover the possibilities conventional wisdom denies. If you choose to ignore them, too, you’re only limiting yourself.

Editor’s note: Every month, International Living magazine’s writers and editors scour the globe to introduce you to the best—and most affordable—opportunities to live a better life overseas.

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