“Copywriting More Than Covers my Cost of Living in Ecuador”

“Wait a minute…you actually have a job? I thought you were independently wealthy!”

My friend Michael was in shock. It was understandable since he’d never seen me “work” in the traditional sense of the word. With all the time I spend eating out, going to concerts and exploring the downtown shops of Cuenca, Ecuador, he thought I was a member of the idle rich.

Then, he heard me talking about having a work deadline later in the week. A client was launching a new product and needed my help. You see, I do have a job. I’m a copywriter.

Let me explain…

Copywriters choose their own hours and where they want to work from. But at first, I was cautious about the limits of my freelance life. I stayed close to my apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. I wasn’t quite brave enough to make the jump to an international lifestyle. But as the months went by, I realized my clients really didn’t care where I lived.

In fact, as long as I answered email regularly and turned in projects on time, I could work from anywhere I chose. So, three years ago, I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador.

It was a big leap of faith for me. I was worried my business would come crashing to a halt as soon as I left the States. Today, I’m amazed I ever hesitated.

Business didn’t slow down when I got to Ecuador. I’m busier than ever, but happier than ever, too. The money I make copywriting more than covers my cost of living in Ecuador. I have a beautiful three-bedroom apartment with a view of the downtown skyline and a maid who comes twice a week to clean. I can afford to eat out every day of the week, grab a taxi anywhere I want to go, and I travel to my heart’s content. Life is pretty darn good.

Living as a copywriter abroad, I have the flexibility to be social and enjoy the local culture on my own terms. My clients connect with me from every corner of the globe. They come from Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Canada as well as the U.S. For them, it’s all about results, not where in the world the writing happens. And thanks to modern technology, my virtual checks keep coming no matter where I go.

Now I know the stereotype is for writers to be starving artists, stuck in tiny attic apartments eating Ramen noodles every day to get by. No, thank you! I’d rather have a rich life in every sense of the word—connected to an expat community I enjoy, writing opportunities all over the world, and all the bills neatly paid. Copywriting makes it all possible.

My friend Michael’s mistake is a common one. Living the way I do, people think I must have retired young or married rich. It’s just not true. All that is true is that I made the choice to take my life and my career overseas—and you can make that very same choice right now.

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