Copywriting: Solve Your Income Woes With a Few Persuasive Words

“Go to college and get a good job.” This used to be sage advice. But when you graduate into a recession and no one is hiring, it begins to sound a bit empty.

When I left college, I couldn’t get hired in my field and couldn’t afford to go back and study something else. I ended up looking for any job that would pay me, and eventually got hired as a low-level government clerk.

I climbed the ladder for 13 years, through cutbacks, reorganizations, and two cross-country moves. I finally got to where I earned a decent living, only to have to move after my husband got transferred for his job. Our new state had no government offices and no opportunities in my career field. I was unemployed once again.

I started working with a temp agency. Several gigs in, I ended up with a full-time job at a local business. It was barely above minimum wage, but it was a steady paycheck.

Or rather, it was steady until the owners started having problems. First, they cut my hours in half, then they sold the business.

I went back to the temp agency, and this time ended up in a corporate gig. I was an administrative assistant for an international corporation. The pay was OK, but without specialized training and certifications, there was no hope of a promotion.

There I was, 20 years in the workforce, in another entry-level job. No real security, no hope of working up in the organization, no chance at increasing my income.

This wasn’t how I pictured my career.

I finally realized I was never going to get anywhere in the corporate world, and I quit. It was time to do something different with my life.

Fortunately, around that time I found out about copywriting. It seemed simple enough. No degrees or licenses required, just learn how to write persuasively. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I didn’t want to go back to school. It seemed like a low-risk, high-reward proposition.

I started learning the basics of persuasive writing and attended a workshop and job fair. It was simple to get started. I easily picked up a few clients, which allowed me to pay for classes as I went.

And copywriting does pay… I now earn double what I did in my corporate job, and I work part-time. I can support my entire household on what I earn, and this has given us unbelievable freedom. In fact, last year my husband left his corporate gig, we sold our house, and now live in Ensenada, Mexico.

I finally found the right income for me. It was simple to get started and I make a comfortable living. I don’t have to work crazy hours or get an advanced degree. And I’m not tied to an office, so living overseas was never an issue.

This is a great way of life. I just wish I’d heard about copywriting sooner.

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