Costa Rica: The Secret of a Healthy, Happy Life

Healthier and happier. We heard that over and over today at International Living’s Live and Invest in Costa Rica Seminar.

I’m Suzan Haskins, reporting to you from the seminar here in San Jose, Costa Rica. This was a day of inspiration. Everyone here is pretty darn sure they made the right move when they decided to take an in-depth look at Costa Rica.

The excitement has been building all week. And so it did this morning when expat Todd Cutter discussed why he moved to Costa Rica’s Central Valley.

“Costa Rica offers true freedom,” Todd says. “They say that about the U.S., but Costa Rica really does offer true freedom.” No one bothers you here, the government is non-invasive and stable, there aren’t people protesting in the streets…people are happy.

Happiest People on the Planet

Sociologists have actually proven that Costa Ricans are the happiest people on the planet—in something called the Happy Planet Index.

Todd has great advice to share: “Look internally and know yourself to know what kind of lifestyle you’re after.”

Although many people who come to Costa Rica think they want to live on the beach, he says, there are more than a few reasons to think seriously about the country’s Central Valley.

“If you’re looking for ease of transition,” like shopping, medical care, social events, and a larger and more diverse expat community, “think about settling in the Central Valley towns of Escazú or Santa Ana. National Geographic says this is where you’ll find one of the of the top five climates in the world!”

Never heard of Escazú or Santa Ana? Don’t worry…Todd told all. And in a minute I’ll tell you how he can tell you all about them, too.

By the way, says Todd, there’s another big difference between North America and Costa Rica. Costa Rica—and especially its Central Valley—is booming economically. That’s apparent if you spend any time at all here. Costa Ricans drive nice cars, live in nice homes, they’re well educated (the literacy here is 99%!), they’re attractive and well dressed…and very few are tired, grumpy or overweight.

Sound like a place you’d like to learn more about? You can—without packing a suitcase or getting on an airplane… with really no risk to you.

We’re recording every single one of the 34 presentations we’ve had the privilege of experiencing over the last three days. Every comment, every question, every joke…every tip, strategy and inside line. And we want you to have it all.

Let Me Tell You About a Hero of Mine…

Before I explain how to get your hands on this invaluable information, I want to introduce you to a hero of mine. He was one of the featured speakers today…

His name is Juan Sostheim.

As a very young man—in his 40s—he suffered a heart attack. (In the hallway before his presentation, he also confided to me about a fire that destroyed his home and all his possessions, including priceless family heirlooms.)

Juan helped introduce Burger King to Europe in the 1970s and he owned a chemical business…

He decided it was time to change his lifestyle. On a family trip to Costa Rica with his young children, he bought a 500-acre farm in the shadow of Volcán Arenal and overlooking pristine Lake Arenal.

There, he built another business…a community really. It’s a teaching farm where tourists, students, and locals discover alternatives to the unhealthy stressful way most of us currently live.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Live like This?

Today, the farm is almost completely self sufficient. Methane generated by compost is used to heat water. Electricity comes from hydro-generated systems installed on the farm’s creeks. Pineapples and myriad other produce are grown without chemicals. The ranch makes its own soap…candles…furniture…everything eaten there is grown there.

It’s a feel-good story. And listening to Juan tell it, you wonder why everyone doesn’t live like this? And his photos he showed lush, green, flower-filled, wildlife-filled scenes, with refreshing ponds, streams, mountains and meadows, you name it—like a new and improved Garden of Eden.

After Juan’s presentation, I watched people crowd around him, anxious to learn more, to plan a visit to the ranch, to see for themselves what Juan’s photos had shown—this is no rustic camp for new-age granola crunchers. It’s modern living with all the luxuries we want and need in today’s world.

Yet Juan has figured out how to make it that way without relying on expensive outside resources. Simply refreshing.

I could go on and on about Juan’s ranch and the Lake Arenal area…about Escazú and Santa Ana and the Central Valley…about Costa Rica’s gorgeous, world-class beaches on both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts… Today we experienced them all, through the eyes and voices of expats who live there.

From sophisticated cities to small towns, from mountains that soar above the clouds to wide, flat beaches and calm, warm waters, to volcanoes, lakes, farmland and more…Costa Rica has something for everyone. Something that perfectly fits whatever new lifestyle you crave. I guarantee it.

How can I do that? How can I guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for in Costa Rica?

Remember I told you we’re recording all the presentations from our International Living Live and Invest in Costa Rica Seminar? Get your hands on this recordings package and test drive Costa Rica for yourself.

We’re so sure you’ll love what you discover that we’re offering you a special money-back guarantee…

Your No-Risk way to Learn What We’ve Learned This Week

You can get every bit of the important information from the Live and Invest in Costa Rica Seminar… It really is the next best thing to being here. (We know there’s a very good reason you couldn’t join us in Costa Rica for this seminar…but that doesn’t mean you need to be left out.)

You can have all the most important information and benefits from this event …

All of the things we’re learning here…

Today, for instance, expat John Collins, who has a thriving furniture business in southern Costa Rica, told us exactly how he made his business so successful. He offered up 7 business start-up guidelines. (Don’t leave home without these if you plan to do business in Costa Rica.) He also named the four professionals you MUST have on your side.

Winton Churchill explained how to make money online…and no, not by creating a fancy website or having any technical skills at all. “If you can fill out an online order form, you can earn a living online,” Winton says, “and that means you can work from anywhere…like Costa Rica. Your knowledge, career experience and skills are more valuable than you think.”

That’s right. With the inside information shared by Winton, you can easily and quickly start making money…all you need is an Internet connection.

“If you make a modest $3,000/month you can live well on that in many overseas markets…and maybe have a little left over,” he said.

And get this…Massimo Manzi explained why Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for health and medical tourism. He displayed some amazing charts, especially some showing how obesity statistics have expanded (bad pun, I know) over the last 30 years or so. We North Americans, it appears, are heavier that ever.

But not so in Costa Rica.

So let’s all go to Costa Rica and get our lives in order, shall we? Costa Rica offers better weather, less government restrictions, better food, and everything costs less than at home.

In fact, Ben Hill, one of the expats we met here, says “I was a junk food junkie…stopping at every 7-11 and buying a bag of chips and a coke, a candy bar…but now I eat healthy food, I feel better, I’m more flexible and I weigh a lot less than I did back in California.”

Andy Browne says “My wife and I walk on the beach every day and we’ve both lost about 30 pounds.”

And Jan Tilston says “We’ve lost weight and we’re healthier, but even more, we’re happier…”

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