Argentina is a wonderful destination for those considering a retirement overseas. It is a beautiful country that is often compared to Europe for its culture. In other words, retiring in Argentina can be a comparable and affordable alternative for those who have dreamt of retiring in Europe but are unwilling to yield to Europe’s high cost of living.

An Economical Retirement in Buenos Aires or the Argentine Countryside

The cost of living in Argentina is quite low, so your retirement funds will be able to stretch a long way in this part of the world. The nation is recovering from its past economic recession, so right now you can actually have the best of both worlds: prices are low and the economy is improving. This second fact means that there are lots of opportunities at the moment for making investments in Argentina. A wise investment or two may help a long way in funding your Argentine retirement and allowing you to live like royalty for next to nothing .

In Argentina, you can live in the gorgeous metropolis of Buenos Aires, which is full of culture, art, and museums. Or if you are searching for more tranquility for your retirement, then you can set yourself up on a stunning private ranch in the beautiful Argentine countryside. Argentina is modern, developed country with very accessible and affordable healthcare. There are also lots of great real estate opportunities throughout the nation, both in Buenos Aires and the countryside. Prices that are so low, you will most likely be able to afford a retirement property in Argentina that is far superior to what you could purchase for the same price in the United States.

Speaking Spanish Is Not a Prerequisite for Retiring in Argentina

When you retire to Argentina, it is nice to learn some basic Spanish because it will help make life easier and allow you to engage more with the local Argentines. But can you get along without Spanish? Yes. In the better hotels, restaurants, and shops, there will be at least one person on the staff who speaks excellent English. If the help is under 30 years old, they will typically speak some English from their schooling. Your only problem will be in small establishments and most taxis. But if you have the hotel or store phone a cab for you, they can tell the driver in Spanish where you want to go. Everyone is polite and willing to help, so speaking Spanish is a luxury, not a necessity.