Nicaragua Fast Facts

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Population: 5,966,798

Capital City: Managua

Climate: Tropical in lowlands, cooler in highlands

Time Zone: GMT-6

Language: Spanish (official)

Country Code: 505

Coastline: 910km

Nicaragua: Beautiful and Affordable

Along Central America’s Pacific coast you’ll find rocky outcrops, world-class surf, and some of the most jaw-dropping views in the world. If it’s natural beauty you are after, Nicaragua is the jewel of this stretch of coast.

Today’s Nicaragua is like a newborn child, eyes bright with hope with a smile promising a great future. The country stuns with its physical beauty, something that surprises every newcomer. Majestic volcanoes pepper the horizon along the Pacific Ring of Fire, some with billows of white smoke, proclaiming the life within, while others sleep, protecting their sparkling crater lakes for you to enjoy.

Lake Colcibolca, the 19th largest lake in the world, houses Ometepe Island, a magical place that soothes the soul with its own lakes, volcanoes and verdant green forests. White sand beaches and turquoise water with low-hanging palms greet you on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. Bosawas National Reserve offers a dense rainforest, second only to the Amazon in the Western Hemisphere. Hiking, rock climbing, floating down crystal clear rivers, surfing a volcano and more are only some of the adventures in Nicaragua.

Pacific Coast, Nicaragua
Pacific Coast, Nicaragua

Because Nicaragua is just emerging as a tourist and retirement destination, many take advantage of the economical real estate and rental prices to retire early. Ocean-view condos for under $100,000 still exist, as do fully-furnished apartments to rent for $400 to $500 a month with all amenities and a block’s walk to the beach. Don’t despair if you want “more” of a house, as upscale mansions with a 240-degree view of the ocean exist for those with deeper pockets. The truth is, you can easily build your dream house and your dream life in Nicaragua, for about an 8th of the price of what it would cost you back home.

Still lacking a strong infrastructure, Nicaragua, like Costa Rica maybe 40 years ago, offers people from the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere the role of true pioneers. These expats are helping to shape Nicaragua into the tourist mecca it will become. New government laws with unparalleled tax benefits help expats form corporations and open businesses with ease.

Nicaragua is not for everyone. It’s more primitive and wild than its Central American neighbors. It’s for the young-at-heart, who don’t worry if the electricity goes off, who don’t stress over guests arriving late, and who don’t want to sit around just watching TV when they retire. It’s for those with vision, who want adventure, want to feel young again, and who want to create their ideal retirement. Don’t wait any longer. Let Nicaragua surprise you.

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Golden Sands and Fresh Seafood: My 5 Favorite Beaches in Nicaragua

Golden Sands and Fresh Seafood: My 5 Favorite Beaches in Nicaragua

There are those who like big cities; some prefer farm country; while others are happy in the mountains. I, on the other hand, am a beach person for sure. I don’t have to go swimming in the ocean every day or even every week, but just knowing that the water is all around me is something that I crave.

San Juan del Sur vs Matagalpa: Which Part of Nicaragua Should you Retire To?

San Juan del Sur vs Matagalpa: Which Part of Nicaragua Should you Retire To?

Nicaragua is an economical paradise. Imagine your dream location, with your favorite views, the best weather you can imagine, plenty of things to do, lots of new friends, and all for only $1,500 a month. That works out at just $18,000 a year to live in this beautiful country including everything: a furnished place to live, food, WiFi, electricity, water, trash, entertainment—everything! And you can enjoy a higher quality of life to boot.

Searching for Opportunities on Northern Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

Searching for Opportunities on Northern Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

As tourism grows and infrastructure improves, retirees have turned their attention toward Nicaragua. Here, you can get great-value land and property if you get in before the crowds come—think Costa Rica pricing 40 years ago.