Creating an Income Before You Make the Move

We’ve all gone on vacation and fallen in love with a place. You promise that you will visit again…but really you wish that you never had to go home at all.

But of course you do have to go home, even if it’s just to quit your job or close up your house. And while these thoughts are going through your head…so are the other thoughts of how you can figure a way to stay.

Paul did just that…

For Paul the place was Penang, Malaysia. He loves its unique mix of European and Asian cultures, the sidewalk cafés, and the hawkers selling uniquely Penang food in shadows of the sun-drenched buildings of British colonial architecture.

On any given day, he can go to a bakery and a Malaysian market in the same morning. Because the weather is warm all year round he can sit in one of the many parks or the botanical gardens, and there is something to do at any hour of the night…live music, good bars, theatre and amazing restaurants.

Paul arrived on vacation and decided that Penang was the place where he wanted to eventually live and start a business. He is currently working as a pilot in Hong Kong, and as he has a steady income decided that it was the perfect time to sow the seeds of a business that he could finance while still working.

So he devised a plan. He loved boats; he had spent a lot of time on them as a boy, and noticed that there were no cruise boats on the island taking anyone for sunset cruises or romantic dinners. Old junks in Hong Kong were plentiful, and there is nothing more romantic than an old Chinese junk. They were relatively cheap to buy so why not buy a junk there, sail it across to Penang, and then over the next year or two prepare it for when he retired. It sounded like a plan.

Buying the junk was relatively easy, sailing it to Penang was another matter entirely. In the end he managed to find an old English seadog in a bar, who had retired in Hong Kong, who said that he would do it for him

Two months later his prized junk docked in Straits Quay Harbor, Penang, none the worse for wear. Paul’s dream of starting a business was about to become a reality.

The junk isn’t ready for cruising yet but it will be in a few months. Paul’s a few years away from retiring but this business idea has given him the impetus and a goal to aim for. That he can fund the project while he is still working is a bonus.

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