David, Panama—Find Your Dream Home On Any Budget

Panama is attracting more and more expats. They’ve been mainly drawn to Boquete, where an expat community has been established for about 15 years, but now many are choosing to live in David.

David offers the excitement and amenities of a modern city along with the charm of a small town. Everything is within a 15-minute drive or you can easily catch taxis to shuttle you around town for $2.50 to $3 a trip. Everything is close and accessible. Downtown is being revitalized and new businesses are opening monthly. Old buildings are being demolished and resurrected with new modern designed architecture.

It is the hub for all major shopping, services, healthcare, and entertainment for the entire region (including Costa Rica which is only 45 minutes away). With the new development of a 400-store mall, dozens of new mini malls, new boutiques, the development of a new central park, additions to the local and private hospitals, and a new stadium, this city is booming.

Expats also like David because it is bustling with ongoing entertainment, festivals, movie theaters, musical performances, soccer, baseball, great restaurants, and casinos. David is a 40-minute drive to the beach and a 40-minute drive to Boquete and the highlands. In addition, David offers reliable high speed internet, good water, and great infrastructure.

With a larger population and diversification of wealth here, there are many opportunities to purchase new homes as well as homes in established neighborhoods for just about any price range.

David is a very spread out city. The neighborhoods surrounding the central downtown area are filled with lovely older homes with mature landscaping and larger lots. Surrounding the core neighborhoods are many developments of homes that are 15 to 20 years old. The great thing about David is how diversified these subdivisions are.

Some of the established subdivisions have smaller homes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and outdoor or indoor laundry facilities with nice carports and well-manicured yards. The square footage on most of these homes runs from about 900 to 1,300 square feet. You can still find these homes for under $90,000. Rentals of these homes usually run from $350 to $500 per month unfurnished and include water and garbage service.

Although not plentiful, there are some apartment rentals in David. These are usually smaller complexes and can be found renting for about $500 or up unfurnished.

In addition to homes for sale in David, there are also a couple of condo developments. One in particular is located in the historic part of David within walking distance to downtown. This gated community has 21 units and are all owned by North Americans. Basic two-bedroom, two-bathroom units are now being sold furnished from $119,000. The monthly condo fee is $113 and up depending on the size of the unit. The fee pays for water and garbage service, gardening service, and outside care of the condos.

North of the city, the rolling hills take you up in elevation to Los Algarrobos and beyond to Boquete. There are several middle-class neighborhoods and developments tucked away in this area. Many are new developments mixed in with areas where the homes are under 15 years old. Homes in these areas are bigger, usually from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet with gated driveways, fenced, and beautifully landscaping. Most of these homes have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, formal dining room, inside laundry, backyard, and front porches. These homes are the most common you will find in the David area and are priced usually between $125,000 and $150,000. Rentals of these homes unfurnished usually run from $700 to $900 per month.

Because the population in David is growing, there are numerous new housing developments under construction in addition to high-rise apartments. New construction consists of homes beginning at around $85,000 for a two- or three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Tiled floors and granite kitchen counters are now standard for most developments. Most new homes are one story but several new architects are designing townhomes and duplexes as well.

With the low cost of living, including the abundance of housing and the amenities of the city, it makes sense to check out David. Home purchasing here is a great investment as the city continues to grow and expand. With all David offers, more and more expats are finding it a great place to live and call home.

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