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Recently, I attended a conference in a college which was introduced by a seasoned media veteran.

He acknowledged the advances in technology by describing the whiz-kid students in the audience as “natives of the digital world” while he described his own generation as “digital tourists.”

This man is a musician, singer, documentary maker, event organizer, and radio presenter with a rich store of knowledge…and a head of graying hair.

True, he’s not as savvy around technology as the youngsters he was addressing. But, boy, does he have a background and a depth that they have yet to achieve.

That’s how it is right now with Baby Boomers…lots of experience in a changing world.

And none of that experience should be dismissed just because you don’t feel confident around technology. If you’re reading this email, you already know how to use a computer…and that’s enough to channel your experience into an income.

There is a real place for your skills in the new landscape. In fact, it’s technology that’s making it possible for you to work in a whole new way.

One of the most fundamental changes—and this affects all generations—is the strong shift in the workplace from employee contracts to freelance projects.

This means that as long as you have basic computer skills you are in the game.

There are many tasks you can carry out. Technology just means you don’t have to be in the office any more…which means you can be pretty much anywhere…a beach in Panama…a highland village in Ecuador…or a coffee shop in Italy.

It’s kinda nice being a tourist in the digital world.

You can put in a few hours a day…earn your keep for a low-cost economy…and then relax in whatever way you choose.

Living in a low-cost economy means your money goes further. You get to live in a nice place…dine out often…explore the culture of your new home.

The media man I mentioned earlier lives in a fishing village in the south-west of Ireland.

He uses technology to keep on creating marvelous music and media output.

And if he finds himself out of depth with it…he hires the whiz-kids to help him out. It’s all a lot more possible than you might think.

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He firmly believes in the benefits of freelance careers for Baby Boomers.

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