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I travel with a camera all the time.

These days I make a living from photography—selling to publishers, stock agencies, and fine art clients—but even when I was in a job, I never missed the opportunity to indulge in what used to be my hobby.

During early morning commutes, I captured scenic landscapes and nature close-ups throughout the four seasons.

Images of ice crystals on frozen ponds and kids sledding caught my eye in winter.

Water gardens with lotus blossoms awakening at dawn preoccupied me in summer.

During vacation times, I built a portfolio shooting close-ups of flowers and cat o’ nine tails in gardens…expanses of cranberry bogs…reflections of boats in harbors…rolling sunflower fields punctuated with poppies…and architectural details in doorways from Nantucket to Tuscany.

In Philadelphia, where I live, many photographers take night shots of Boat House Row illuminated along Philadelphia’s Schuykill River with the stately Art Museum in the background, overlooking the city like The Parthenon on The Parkway. One night at dusk, I focused on a Nevelson sculpture in the foreground, which changed a tourism shot to fine art image.

In recent years, these images have sold to architects, buyers of corporate art, designers, dentists, doctors, diplomats, and entrepreneurs as fine art. I’ve sold images for prices ranging from $100 to $4,000 depending on size, and framing.

By sourcing interior designers who created rooms in luxury show houses, I sold images and got my name in front of many prospective buyers. Framed pieces sold for $400 apiece and a large wall mural photograph brought $4,000.

In one house, a wall mural sized enlarged photograph of rolling meadows was mounted to a kitchen wall, to create the illusion of an expansive vista view outside. Everyone touring the house thought the wall looked out on that actual view. I charged the designer a fee for use of the photograph and she paid for the printing and installation costs. The photo was printed on canvas, “wallpapered” onto the wall in such a way as to be removable so that the mural image could be relocated if the house was sold.

Just a few weeks ago, I shot close-up patterns created by ice glistening with apple juice, floating in an antique glass. Yesterday, I sold it to a health care practitioner as fine art décor for his office.

Beyond selling framed fine art photographs to health care professionals for office décor, you can license images to doctors, dentists, and veterinarians for use as postcard mailings for patient appointment reminders. Your photograph of a swan gliding across a serene lake can calm nerves about visiting the dentist.

No matter where you live…or where you travel…there are beautiful images to create and sell as fine art to collectors.

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