Discover Your Options For a Unique Mountain Home in Ecuador

Everyone has their own vision of paradise. Perhaps your perfect utopia involves sand beneath your toes, turquoise waves, and gently swaying palm trees. Or maybe you prefer the urban jungle where you’re surrounded by the modern creations of man.

But if you’re at all like me, your dreams are of peaceful mountain settings where you can enjoy being outdoors every day of the year. No brutal heat, never any snow, and few if any mosquitos.

Amazingly, I’ve found my paradise right in the middle of the Andes mountains. I’ve lived in Ecuador for the past five years and it meets my provisions for paradise exactly. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who feels that Ecuador is the perfect place to call home. Just ask any of the other tens of thousands of expats from around the world who also choose to live in the country what they think.

Having found a beautiful and tranquil location, many expats have opted to buy property here, often choosing condos or homes in lovely gated communities. But there are many options out there for those looking for something a little different.

For instance, you can own a horse ranch located right inside the crater of a volcano. Don’t worry, the volcano has been long dormant and there is an entire village situated inside the caldera. In fact, the ranch is within a nature reserve making it an ideal area for a tourism business or simply for enjoying the surrounding beauty yourself.

For $485,000 you can own a turn-key horse ranch complete with 25 acres of land, a two-bedroom house, and 25 horses ready to takes guests on trail rides. As a bonus, the ranch is less than two hours away from Quito, making big city amenities easy to access.

If you like horses, but aren’t quite ready for a herd of your own, you can look into buying property at Casa Mojanda, near the craft town of Otavalo. Casa Mojanda is an eco-lodge tucked away in the Andes mountains. Here guests have access to an on-site restaurant, Japanese-style hot tub, library, horseback riding, and—of course—spectacular views.

Now, the lodge is offering select lots for sale where buyers can build their own home and have access to lodge amenities. And yes, that includes some access to the trail horses as well. An approximately 5,400-square-foot lot with a newly constructed, two-bedroom house will cost around $100,000 to $120,000.

Similarly, you can buy a portion of land attached to a dragon fruit farm in an Ecuadorian cloud forest. These lots range in size from 5.5 acres to just over 18 acres and are being sold for between $200,000 and $300,000.

They may not be the cheapest portions of land in the country, but they are in a highly desirable area near the town of Mindo. This region is prized by naturalists due to its unique ecosystem where you’ll find over 100 species of birds, dozens of butterflies, and rarely-seen mammals like Andean bears. Here you could grow your own dragon fruit (along with a huge array of other edible plants) or simply spend your time bird watching and exploring the misty forest.

These are just a few examples of the unique opportunities that await you in Ecuador.

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