Discovering Paradise on Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Carlos stares into the afternoon sky, scans the horizon, and glances at his cell phone to check for messages. Then, using his machete and with a few deft flicks of his wrist, he slices through the scrub.

Brightly colored butterflies float on the breeze. Whenever they come close, Carlos gently brushes them away from us and away from any danger to them.

Carlos, though hardly five feet tall, wears the wide smile common among Mayans. It’s contagious.

He’s one of the most successful developers on the Riviera Maya but here in the scrub, he’s a world away from bustling Mexico City where he spends a lot of his time. In the Riviera Maya is where he’s at his happiest—not in any boardroom or first class airline seat.

“I can’t to wait show you this…” he tells me. My expectations are high. Three more flicks of Carlos’s machete and we’re through; my expectations are more than met. The most spectacular cenote (sinkhole) I have ever seen opens up in front of us like a giant amphitheater. Tropical birds swish and swoop overhead.

Carlos heads along the edge and gestures for me to follow. Another hack and he points. A hole in the ground, no wider than three feet but perfectly symmetrical, drops directly down to a white-bottomed underground lake and cavern. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

To our right, all is peaceful, perched high above the main cenote.

Gesturing all around, Carlos says, “This is where I will put the wellness center.” The rest of the area will stay protected. Carlos wants to keep the most beautiful parts for everyone to enjoy.

This isn’t the first walk I’ve taken with Carlos. I remember, six years ago, when we first hacked through the scrub five minutes up the road. That site was where Carlos built a luxury community. Values there have risen strongly.

Where we are standing today might be the best remaining development site in this part of the Riviera Maya—a picture-perfect, natural paradise, minutes away from some of the world’s finest white-sand beaches. The path of progress is heading down these white sands from Cancun towards Tulúm—but as Carlos said, this will stay protected.

Just down the shoreline is the world-famous Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. Because that special area is protected, there are limited lands available for development.

New roads, bridges, and a government program are designed to more than treble tourist numbers. Unstoppable North American demographic trends mean that more and more baby boomers will want to live somewhere sunny, safe, affordable, convenient, and with First-World amenities south of the border. Somewhere just like this.

These beaches are already a low-key, jet-set hangout. You can eat world-class food from Thailand to Italy. The feel is still rustic chic…but the stars come here for a yoga retreat. Accommodation is a scarce commodity. Very scarce. This is the strongest signal I could hope for about a real booming rental market. A market we can profit from.

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