Discovering the Ireland of Old

The West of Ireland, away from the bustle of Dublin, is a stunning part of the world. On my latest trip, I decided to use Killarney as my travel hub—it put me within reach of must-see locations like the Ring of Kerry, Ross Castle and The Gap of Dunlow.

Killarney also comes with bags of small-town charm and friendly locals eager to make visitors feel at home. After spending some time browsing the quirky shops and pubs that run along its narrow streets, I set off for the nearby Killarney National Park. Here, dramatic mountains, lakes, woods and waterfalls are stretched out under ever-changing skies.

All but about 1% of the ancient native oak forests that once blanketed Ireland are gone—but Killarney National Park is home to one of the few remaining tracts. This fairytale woodland hides rare species like the native red deer and red squirrel that skip across a forest floor blanketed by delicate white and blue seasonal flowers.

Locations like these present an opportunity. You see, I’m a photographer—so I take my camera with me on trips like these. It gives me an income that not only covers my costs, but also allows me to earn money from my travels. So, I spent a whole day snapping pictures of primeval oaks, pretty bluebells and shy animals.

After touring the stunning Irish coast, I visited the Kerry Bog Village. This small hamlet gives visitors a taste of what life was like for the rural Irish in centuries past. Here, giant, brooding Irish wolfhounds wander between thatch huts while Kerry Bog ponies peer over dry stone walls from their pastures.

Killarney holds a dear place in my heart…and a profitable spot in my portfolio.

Later that day, luxuriating with a chocolate whiskey ice cream in a picturesque café in Killarney town, I thought about what a great life photographers have. It amazes me that more people don’t at least give this career a try. Maybe they don’t realize just how easy it is…

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