Ditch the Armchair Retirement for a Dream Income Blogging

When my son-in-law suggested I start a travel blog, I blew the idea off. I’m not all that technical, and honestly, I didn’t really know what a blog was. Then I saw an ad for a blog-building course, and I figured that was an omen. I signed up for the course, followed the easy step-by-step instructions, and published my very first blog post in practically no time.

Since then, I’ve gotten to do some amazing things. I’ve zip-lined, ridden in helicopters, and went indoor skydiving—all at no cost to me. I bounced along in the back of a pickup truck alongside cowboys rounding up bison, taking photographs to use on my blog.

I can bring my husband along on most of my adventures, too. We’ve stayed in historic hotels, romantic bed-and-breakfasts, and a few times, a cozy cabin in the woods. We travel at least a couple of long weekends per month, sometimes more. Earlier this year we spent a week road tripping, exploring the mountains and prairies of a state neither of us had been to before. All we had to pay for was gas and some of our meals. All our hotel stays and activities along the way were complimentary.

I can keep blogging from anywhere we go. All I need is my laptop and internet connection. I post articles about my adventures twice a week and share them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I can even write an article ahead of time and schedule it to post automatically if I’m going to be off on another adventure.

Press trips are so much fun and one my favorite things about being travel blogger. Cities, countries, and resorts often treat groups of travel writers and bloggers to all-expenses-paid trips to drum up positive press. I often run into bloggers I’ve traveled with before and have become good friends with. During the day we visit the attractions and indulge in the local cuisine. In the evening we meet in the hotel lounge for a nightcap. Between trips I keep in touch with my blogger friends through online group sites, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

Shortly after I started my blog, I added advertising to it, since it’s easy to set up and becomes a passive income stream. When I received my first check from those ads, I happened to be shopping for a new camera. I treated myself to an expensive digital camera with that check.

I’ve never had so much fun as I’ve had since I started my travel blog. I’m having the time of my life and making money, too. Who could ask for more?

Image: ©iStock.com/lechatnoir

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