Ditch the Office and Travel the World with Blogging

Most days, I like to start my mornings with a fresh smoothie, sitting at my desk while checking my email. But instead of being stuck in a stuffy office building, my desk is in the guest room of my apartment in Berlin. And instead of wearing a suit and uncomfortable shoes, I work in a cozy pair of gym pants and a t-shirt.

Being able to work where and when I please is one of the many benefits of travel blogging. I’ve worked from cafes in Guatemala while practicing my Spanish. I’ve written blog posts right after exploring ruins in Cyprus. And I can escape to Italy and Spain at a moment’s notice when Berlin gets too cold.

I can also decide to take a few days off, or a few weeks, and the site still generates money. That’s because most of the money comes from advertising and affiliate commissions, which means the money I earn isn’t directly tied to the number of hours I put in.

Blogging wasn’t always my primary income. I started a travel blog many years ago, as a way to express my passion for travel, even when I couldn’t afford to actually hop on a plane. It was a fun hobby, but I quickly realized that it had the potential to become a full-time income. I started getting more serious about blogging and learning how to improve my site. Soon enough, the money started trickling in.

It started as just a few dollars a month, but now the site is my primary income. It’s enough that my income pays for the groceries and other cash expenses for me and my husband. And it pays for most of our vacations.

One of the major perks of travel blogging is the VIP treatment you get when traveling—like the free tours, hotel stays, and sample products. I love food tours, so I always contact food tour companies when I’m visiting a new city. Most are more than happy to provide me with a free tour in exchange for writing about it on my site. Free stuff doesn’t pay the bills, but it definitely reduces my travel expenses.

Luckily, getting your blog up and running is easy. I didn’t need to have any technical skills or coding to set up my site. It’s as simple as typing in my blog post and uploading photos. Making money with it takes a little more time, but once I learned what to focus on, it became part of the fun.

Image: ©iStock.com/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

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