Do You Know Which of Your Photos Could be Bestsellers?

You probably already take lots of photos when you’re on vacation…or when you’re scouting a second-home location overseas.

But did you know you might be able to sell those photos, too?

That’s what Dave Morgan did. When he traveled to Asia, he took pictures of the native people, monuments, and scenery. He made over $6,000 from the pictures he took in Asia when he sold them to a text book publisher. Then he was paid again for those photos when the book reprinted a few years later.

He wasn’t a hot-shot photographer. He was just a backpacker looking to see the world.

He took a week-long, four-wheel-drive journey across Tibet. He went trout fishing in a pristine mountain stream in Bumburet, a hidden valley in the Hindu Kush. And otherwise enjoyed his trip just as any backpacker would.

After that first success, David’s photo career took off. He says: “I got my start selling photographs from the walls of coffee houses and restaurants. My photos sold like hotcakes. They sold so fast I had to raise the price to keep sales down—I couldn’t keep up with my orders. I soon found out that I could do less work for more money!

“At one time I was making about $300 a day from one coffee shop alone, and that was my first public show, ever! That first show landed me a job taking photos for an interior designer’s portfolio. Two couples called me asking me to shoot their weddings. (Now THERE’S a profitable market!)

“And an author happened to enter the coffee house one day and bought several of my photos for her book. The publisher even flew down from New York to visit me in my hometown.”

You can easily do what David did… because his success isn’t due to any amazing talent.

You don’t need fancy equipment. Some markets—including International Living’s photo editor—accept photos from basic point-and-shoot cameras.

All you need are a few simple secrets to help you take the kinds of photos that sell best. And some step-by-step instructions for contacting the right buyers and getting the most money out of each image.

It’s not hard. But each market has a protocol you must follow. And you have to know what you’re doing and select your images carefully.

This video tells you more about these step-by-step instructions, protocols and easy-to-follow guidelines.


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