You Don’t Have to be a “Techie” to Work Online

Is 2014 your year to create your portable income? An income that flows no matter where you are in the world…an income that gives you the freedom to travel and live abroad…an income that taps into the knowledge and skills you have honed in your career and personal life.

You can create this income by working online.

“But I’m not a computer geek”…I hear you say. There was a time when you had to be a “techie” to work online but today, things have changed dramatically. The demand for people with non-technical skills who are willing to work online is soaring.

Our New Year Online Income Challenge is specially designed to make it easy for people like you—who want to work online—to link up with the hundreds of thousands of businesses eager to pay for exactly the kinds of things you already know how to do.

Many companies want people to do jobs that require just basic computer skills like sending emails and filling in forms. (If you’re shopping on Amazon, you’re already doing this.) These opportunities to get paid to do basic online tasks are everywhere…when you know where to look.

When I’m tutoring you as part of the New Year Online Income Challenge, I’ll show you how to secure paid online work in two main areas.

First up will be working with words. This level is great for people who know how to use a simple word processor like Microsoft Word. If you can simply check websites for spelling mistakes and other basic errors or read through articles for typos, you’ll be in demand. And if you’re a good writer, the pet supply company in Oklahoma City doesn’t care that you’re writing the content for their website from the shores of a tranquil beach in Belize…as long as you do good work and meet their schedule.

But what if you don’t like working with words? No problem—take the New Year Online Income Challenge and I’ll show you how to tap into thousands of other small online jobs that come up every day.

These often fall into categories like customer service. Not too long ago customer service usually meant you were working in a cubicle in an office building somewhere. But with today’s technology, calls and emails can reach you anywhere in the world. If you’re reliable, companies are happy to employ you as a freelancer no matter where you are as long as you can communicate. Thanks to systems like Skype, you can talk to anyone in the world for free or pennies per minute. Many companies are keen to exploit these lower costs…and they need people willing to plug in and work remotely to help them do so.

A recent report by the respected company Intuit predicts that 40% of all work done in the U.S. by the year 2020 will be done by freelancers…and much of that freelance work will be online. Last year, one popular online network paid out over $200 million to its members.

So here’s what you need to remember—anyone can work online. This isn’t just for “techies”. Yes you’ll be using a laptop and a phone…but that’s it. It’s your ability to communicate, listen, and solve problems that will see paychecks coming your way.

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