Don’t Wait for Opportunity to Find You

Ordinarily, I skip over blog posts and emails in which people rave about how lucky they are.

Sometimes life deals you a great hand, and I’m all for letting the world know about your good fortune…but I rarely get anything I personally can use out of articles on the topic. As much as I’m glad for other peoples’ good luck, their stories rarely contain anything I can use in my own life.

All I can usually say at the end of such stories is, “Oh, how nice for you.”

You may have already guessed that I’m about to tell you just such a story. But this story has a kicker—my good fortune is something that almost everybody shares nowadays. They may just not know it yet.

So, there may well be something at the end of this particular good luck story that you can use yourself.

My good fortune—was to stumble into a career that I can do from almost anywhere on the planet.

I spent a lot of time in my youth learning the writing trade. I began my training as a journalist. My graduate studies were in literature. I funded my schooling as a grant and fundraising writer. After graduating I worked for years in marketing and advertising writing.

And for the past 16 years I’ve lived all over the world writing for International Living.

This last part is the important one. Sixteen years ago, I discovered that my career—the thing I do to fund my life—is something that doesn’t tie me to one place, one community, one country.

I can get paid to do what I do from anywhere on the planet.

Good for me, right? Why should you care?

Because today, the story of my good fortune, can also be your story.

Funding your life doing something you enjoy from anywhere on the planet is no longer something people just stumble into the way I did.

The world is getting smaller and much more interconnected by the minute, and in this new global environment, the opportunities for making a living doing what you enjoy in some of the most exotic places on earth are expanding exponentially.

Especially, with the advent of the internet, taking your show on the road and making money abroad is possible anywhere there is an internet connection.

It has literally made my career possible for the past 16 years. Without the internet, I’d be filing my stories and articles for International Living by post, and in today’s world those stories and articles would be old news by the time they arrived at the home office.

But don’t think that funding your life abroad is just for writers. Artists, consultants, designers, engineers, traders—anyone with experience in a field that someone else finds useful—can ply their trade on the internet now…and the internet is everywhere.

Funding your life abroad isn’t even just for those who can work online. In my 16 years of living and working abroad, I’ve met thousands of expats operating restaurants, tour operations, shopping services, B&Bs, art galleries…you name it. Nearly any business you can imagine doing at home…is a business that can be adapted for doing abroad.

All it takes is some networking, some good examples, some experienced advice, and the ability to think a little bit outside the box.

I’ve been extremely lucky in my life and career. But in today’s world, my particular brand of luck is no longer unique or limited to just a few possibilities.

If you’re lucky enough to have acquired some skills during your life—and to have a taste for adventure—then you’re already just as lucky as I am.

All you really need to do is figure out the best way to take your show on the road. I did it 16 years ago…and the opportunities have only increased since then, in almost every career path.

Aren’t we lucky?

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