I Dream of…a Caribbean Vacation Home

Back in the day, my wife, Suzan, and I enjoyed scuba diving. It’s one of those sports that can take you to some extraordinary places, and we spent some idyllic days and nights under water in quite a few of them.

We were mainly recreational divers. We did some technical stuff—night dives, wreck dives, cave dives, deep dives that called for actually using our decompression tables.

But we most often suited up simply to relax and be amazed by life in the ocean. We’d get weightless in 40 or 50 feet of bathtub-warm, gin-clear water and hover around a coral head or drift lazily past a reef wall and just take it all in until we emptied our tanks.

Some of our all-time favorite dive trips took us to the teaming waters of the Caribbean.

More than once we dreamed of doing it for a living—becoming dive guides and getting paid to spend all our time in the water. We met and befriended plenty of people who had done just that, and their lives seemed about as perfect as working lives can get.

As we like to say, life is what happens while you’re busy making plans, and we ended up doing other things. Lots of other things, in lots of other places. But those dream-like days diving the reefs and rocks of the Caribbean stay with us.

And so does an alternate plan we had back then. We still get to visit various places in and around the Caribbean often enough to keep this plan ticking somewhere in the back of our minds, just in case we hear the knock of opportunity on our door.

Diving, boating, fishing—all those things you enjoy on vacation can seem a grind or chore if you have to count on them for a livelihood. Many an avid sportsman has seen his or her passion for something fade after it became a job.

But what about earning some money just for having someplace for those sportsmen to stay while they do the things they’re still passionate about? And—this particularly intrigued us—what if you could stay in that place yourself, on some exotic island or sandy stretch of coast, whenever you needed your Caribbean fix?

That’s the plan that still tickles our minds…owning a vacation property in one or more of the Caribbean destinations we liked as divers.

The Caribbean covers a big area and the types of locations and properties you can find are almost limitless. So we’re pretty sure that just the right place at just the right price is out there somewhere, and we never really stop looking for it, either consciously or subconsciously.

As I said above about making plans—our lives right now don’t include a vacation home. Some would say we already live in one.

But as time goes on, as situations evolve, sooner or later that itch in the back of our minds may meet an opportunity so special at a time so right that we might make that Caribbean dream come true.

Who knows? We may even find the time to get in the water again. I hope so, because reliving those idyllic Caribbean days and nights would be so sweet.


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