Your Dream Home Near the Beach in Ecuador From $70,000

If you’ve ever looked for beachfront property in the U.S., you’ve probably noticed that you pay a high premium for being “on the sand,” and in most cases just being near the sand. At best, moving a few blocks from the ocean in the U.S. will move you from the “impossibly expensive” to the “still out of my budget” options.

Happily, in Ecuador that is not the case.

Along the warm Pacific coast, you can still find affordable, good-value beachfront property. Or, you can choose to save a bundle by looking just a block or two away.

Salinas, on the southern Pacific coast of Ecuador, is a good example. Its location on the northern side of the Santa Elena Peninsula and the cooling effects of the Humboldt Current have combined to give this town its wide, gentle beaches and a great climate—no wonder it’s the most popular beach resort in Ecuador. Along the Salinas beach, and the neighboring beach of Chipipe, there are many high-rise condo buildings, with properties in the $150,000 to $300,000 range.

That is great value (averages about $120 per square foot) for beachfront living, and it surprises many people how affordable homes can be in a major resort. But just off the beach, the savings are even more surprising.

For example, there is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo on the market in Salinas at $84,000. It’s not on the beach but is close enough that you still have an ocean view from the rooftop Jacuzzi—that’s right, you get a rooftop Jacuzzi and pool for your money as well.

If you need a little more room, check out the newly constructed building just two blocks from the Pacific, where you can get a three-bedroom unit for $104,000. This building has 24/7 staff, pool, gym, Jacuzzi, bar, and a rooftop terrace with a shared barbecue area.

Similar deals are to be found for single-family homes, like one three-bedroom, two-story home near the beach priced at $70,000. This home features a flat concrete roof, so you can add a rooftop terrace area or even a third floor with the money you save.

Renters can find great deals off the beach as well, starting at $300 for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. There’s a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a newer building, completely furnished with access to a private pool and Jacuzzi that rents for $650 per month. That’s just two examples of many currently available, and they all cost about 50% to 70% less than comparable oceanfront rentals. This makes these off-beach rentals a terrific way to save money while checking out the area, especially if you plan to eventually purchase a place on the beach.

The market looks good for the future, too. Since most beachfront land is already developed, there has been a noticeable increase in new construction and renovations just one, two, or even three blocks back from the beach.

So, if you thought living the beach lifestyle was something you could never afford, think again. Your new home could be waiting for you in Salinas, Ecuador…just a short walk from the beach.

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