Your Dream Home on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast From $85,000

If you’ve always fancied a retirement home on the beach, with the relaxed and happy lifestyle that goes with it…then it’s time to take a look at Nicaragua.

With the past financial crises and an uncertain future, the U.S. is looking less and less like a viable retirement opportunity. Had I stayed there, I would never have been able to retire. But I retired 11 years early to my ocean view home in Nicaragua and have never looked back.

San Juan del Sur is a quirky and colorful beach town, and a place that you are sure to find a great and affordable place to live. And now there’s even better news. With a newly finished tourist complex on the pier, our first modern hospital being constructed, and a new ocean view condominium complex and plaza, this city is booming…and it’s a good time to buy before prices go up.

For example, a furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom casita just five minutes from the beach will set you back just $85,000. Rustic wooden beams, and a winding staircase up to the bedroom give this home a quaint country look. This comfortable house has an outdoor deck on the second level looking out to the lush meadows and hills beyond.

In an upscale gated development, you can pick up a 1,900-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a sweeping view of Nacascolo Bay, the next bay north of San Juan del Sur, for just $165,000. Living here will keep you away from the noise of the city, and the quick 10-minute drive gets you there when you want to try out the over 60 restaurants or listen to the great live music the city is famous for. There’s even plenty of space to install a pool outside. This house has a large living area, an outdoor patio and killer sunset views of the ocean where you can sit and enjoy your great new life.

Brand new houses are going up now, too. In a gated community, with sweeping ocean views, you can pick up a four-bedroom, three-bathroom modern home with large picture windows, a terrace, balcony and patio, and private pool. All this and still the price is still relatively low at $265,000 (compared to the U.S.).

If money is no object and you want to spend a lot more, I came across an Italian villa in San Juan’s most exclusive neighborhood. At 6,000 square feet, this furnished five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion has everything you need and more. It includes a separate guesthouse and a pool area with full bathroom, shower, and roofed dining area.

This house sits on a cliff with spectacular views of both San Juan del Sur Bay and Nacascolo Bay. The cost for this in California would be about $15 million…yet here in Nicaragua you can have it all for a fraction of that cost: $1.6 million.

So, if you’re still sitting there thinking, “I always wanted to retire to a beach house. I worked all my life, did the right thing and here in the U.S. I will just never be able to afford it,” then banish that thought.

Come to Nicaragua, find your dream beach house, and you too will soon be sitting on your deck watching the sunset with your favorite cocktail in hand, living the retirement life you always dreamed about. It’s definitely within your reach in Nicaragua.

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