Earn From Your Skills…Without Being Tied to the Job

In another life, I worked as a charge nurse on a hospital unit. It was a nice hospital, and I was reasonably fond of my co-workers and patients. But 12-hour shifts are long and somewhere around 3 a.m. I would find myself wondering about other options.

Since I discovered how to use my skills online, shift work is a thing of the past. My preference is writing and consulting, tapping into the knowledge and experience of my years in the medical field and as a teacher.

Now, I get up in the morning refreshed and actually looking forward to the day. I work for two hours in the morning, then have lunch with my husband. At weekends we watch our grandson play baseball…take road trips…or go to the beach.

I approached an educational company about writing “how-to” articles for their subscribers. My background as an elementary school teacher made this a great fit for me. They like the way I write, and give me as many assignments as I want.

I’ve written website blog posts for a dentist and a neurologist. The neurologist told me more than half his business comes to him because of his website.

My favorite work is consulting, showing others how to make this change. I love interacting with my clients and helping them to reach their goals and follow their dreams. Thanks to the internet, I can have a chat, send a video, show them what’s on my computer screen, and teach them exactly what they need to know in order to do what they need to do.

I don’t have to work as a nurse, or third grade teacher to earn from my knowledge. I have made thousands of dollars working online and the real benefit for me is the freedom to earn on my own schedule (in agreement with my clients, of course), and from anywhere I like. My favorite spot is my back garden porch or kitchen table.

I’ve taken my online business with me to Costa Rica, Mexico and—my favorite destination—Panama. We took some friends to Panama City last December, just to show them how nice it is. Sitting on a 23rd floor balcony across the street from the water, I watched the fishing boats coming in to the fish market, during my coffee break. Then, I finished my “work day,” got out of my house robe, and went to brunch with our friends.

So, coming from 12 hour midnight shifts to working when, where, and with whom I choose has been a dream come true for me. It has given me my family life back as well as free time to do things I thought I’d have to put off until retirement.

It’s been almost seven years since those awful night shifts, but I’ll never have to go back. I’m living “the great escape” and loving it—and looking forward to many more stress free, happy days doing what I love, with those I love.

Beach, anyone?

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