Earn the Big Bucks for a Life of Ease Overseas

Waking up every morning to the beautiful views of Medellin’s Aburra Valley is like a dream compared to the corporate life I left behind in America.

Back then I dreaded the buzzing alarm clock jolting me out of a restful sleep followed by a 60-minute, rush-hour commute to my office only 15 miles away. Then wasting eight hours in a cubicle doing work I hated only to repeat the one-hour commute to get home.

Today one of my rules of life is “no alarm clocks”—although I’ll make an exception for an early tee-off time at the golf course. I make my own schedule, often take several weeks off at a time, and still manage to earn five times what I used to make in the misery of corporate America.

How do I do it? I’ve managed to develop a skill that’s not only in high demand but also highly lucrative. It’s called copywriting—selling with the written word. Clients all over the world seek me out to write advertising sales copy to sell their products and services.

Copywriting gives me the flexibility, geographic independence, and practically unlimited earning potential I’ve always wanted. I can work from anywhere in the world with just a computer and an internet connection.

And the good news is copywriting is a skill just about anyone can master.

Copywriting gives you the opportunity to earn up-front fees of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more depending on the project. Plus royalties based on sales.

Royalties are the “holy grail” of income to me. You can earn tens of thousands of dollars—even six figures—for a sales letter you wrote months ago. The income keeps rolling in while you’re just enjoying life.

For now, I’ve based myself in Medellin, Colombia. I wake up every morning and enjoy a morning cup of coffee and the spectacular views of the Andes Mountains from my balcony.

Then I decide what I want to do for the day: work on a copywriting project, play golf, or hang out with friends. The most important thing to me is that I make the choice about how to spend my day…not some stupid boss.

My life in South America is great. We’re on the same time zone as either the U.S. eastern or central time zones so getting on a Skype call is no problem at all.
And while my income today dwarfs the income I earned in corporate America, my expenses are also incredibly low. My rent is less than half the monthly mortgage payment I once made.

And I have a maid who comes once a week to clean my apartment, wash and iron my clothes, even prepare a week’s worth of meals. It costs me a whopping $20.

The flexibility to travel is also fantastic. When I was in corporate America I couldn’t enjoy all the trips I wanted to make because I was chained to my cubicle and only had two weeks’ vacation every year.

Now I consider my whole life to be a “working vacation” because I can work from anywhere in the world. So I can go spend two months traveling around Europe as I did last year.

When I’m invited to the Dominican Republic for a friend’s 50th birthday party, I can easily go. And when a group of friends is planning a trip to Thailand next January, it’s no problem for me to jump at the opportunity because I don’t need to get permission from anyone but myself.

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