Earning a Living in Jamaica and St. Lucia

Shern Darcheville has a pretty nice deal. He splits his time between his Caribbean homes in tropical Jamaica and St. Lucia.

But Shern isn’t some independently wealthy millionaire. He has a job just like the rest of us. It’s just that in Shern’s line of work, you’re not tied down to any one place. He can clock in from wherever he likes.

White-sand beaches…swaying palm trees…friendly locals—it’s a long way from the standard 9-5 grind he once endured. And life just keeps getting better. Shern and his wife just purchased another property and their car is bought and paid for. “And most importantly,” he continues, “I get to stay home with my little baby girl while my wife is at school finishing her degree.”

This sort of lifestyle seemed a million miles away when he worked in a quality control office for a company making computer and telecommunication components. But a chance discovery led to a complete change in career…and the dramatic change in lifestyle.

It all started when Shern discovered copywriting back in 2000.

He didn’t need experience. He didn’t need contacts. All he had to do was learn a few tips and tricks and he could finally leave his dull job. But could it really be that simple? Would he really be able to find work as a copywriter without any experience to back him up?

Shern decided he wasn’t going to let the opportunity for a new life pass him by. He was going to go for it.

It wasn’t long before Shern realized that rather than struggling to find work, copywriters were in high demand. Shortly after getting started, he was offered a copywriting job at a big marketing firm. All he had to do was write letters and articles which called on people to buy different products and services.

He loved his new career but he liked the idea of “going freelance” which would mean he could choose his own hours and work from where he liked. Shern took the plunge and started working remotely last April. Since then, his new career has really taken off.

Today, Shern works remotely from one or other of the paradise islands he calls home. Armed with just a laptop and an Internet connection, he works a few hours in the morning and has the rest of the day to relax and enjoy his tropical surroundings.

“Truth is no one in St. Lucia understands what I do now, except my wife,” says Shern. “It really is a mystery to my family and friends who all have ‘normal’ jobs.”

“There is nothing better than heading to the beach by 2 p.m. after you put in a good solid five hours of work early in the morning. Plus, the time I spend with my baby girl at home is priceless.”

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