Earning from My Apartment on the French Riviera

When I set out to find a property in Nice, the idea was to have a vacation home…consider a possible future retirement there…and use it to expand my property rentals business from Paris to the French Riviera.

Nice was my city of choice for a few reasons. This is the hub of the Riviera. It’s a real city with a lot of life, a real heart and great inner-city transportation so you don’t need a car. The Mediterranean is on its doorstep and the weather is mild and very sunny—they say 300 days a year of sunshine, but even if it’s not true, no doubt you’ll see plenty of it. Bring your sunglasses.

All this makes it both a great place to live and a great place to visit. There is a very international community—the British, the Italians, the Russians and Americans make you feel very much at home among the locals. Language is less of an issue, thanks to all these non-French speakers and there is no shortage of activities for internationals in Nice or the nearby communities.

Thanks to the many events that take place in Nice it’s easier to rent your property out year-round than in other enclaves on the Riviera, which tend to be a bit more seasonal. I have found lots of different websites on which to advertise my property and there are many individuals and small companies who manage rental properties.

My property, “Le Matisse,” tends to rent short-term during high season (May through September) and longer term for several weeks or even months during low season (October through April).

It’s in the Carré d’Or (Golden Square) area, a centrally located spot with pedestrianized streets, chic cafés, restaurants, and designer shops.

For me, Le Matisse ticked all the boxes for good financial potential and when it’s not renting I make use of the apartment as much as I can.

One tip: Don’t try to save money by settling on a secondary location…as we all know, location is key to success!

In the end, for me the most important question is: Will I enjoy the use and ownership of the property? You can invest in property in lots of places where a return on investment can be better. But ask yourself, where you’ll enjoy your investment most.

This past October, I booked myself into Le Matisse for two-and-a-half weeks, with the idea of writing the first chapters of a book and a book proposal. It was here that I imagined being able to concentrate on such an endeavor, but at the same time feel as if I was on vacation. It was also a test to see what it would be like to really live in Nice on a daily basis.

When I left Le Matisse to board the train it was a sad moment. The sun was blinding inside the apartment and closing the door on it was not easy.


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