Earning a Good Paycheck…Sitting by the Pool

The words jumped out at me from the email on my screen. “We have an emergency! We need your help!”

At that moment I was on vacation in Mexico with my husband.

When I worked in a corporate job, seeing an email like this while on vacation would have made me nervous. But not this time.

I quickly scanned the message. My client needed an article on short notice. Now, it wasn’t my intent to do work on vacation. I had finished my assignments before I got on the plane, and made sure nothing was due until after I got home. I just planned to relax by the pool with a fruity drink.

For a moment, I considered turning down my client’s request. But then I realized something. The article they needed would take about two hours to complete. Why not write it while I relaxed?

“Sure,” I wrote back. “I can help you.”

Then I grabbed my computer and my sunscreen, and headed down to the pool.

Dashing out the assignment in between cool dips in the water and tropical beverages, I soon had it done and sent in.

My client was thrilled with my work and extremely grateful that I saved the day. They also paid me a handsome sum for my article. And the best thing about it? They didn’t even know I was on vacation.

That’s the beauty of being a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting is an easy skill to learn. If you can write like you speak, you’ll do well.

Before I left my corporate career as an administrative assistant, I was making decent money, but was frazzled from the tight deadlines and constant stress of my job.

By contrast, as a copywriter, I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been.

And the pay is great, too. I started off slow, making enough to pay for dinners out and that vacation to Mexico. But by the end of my first year as a copywriter, I was making as much as I had in my office job.

I personally know copywriters that make much more than I do, even well over six figures a year. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.

Working in an office, I had to ask for my boss’s permission to go away on vacation. Now when I want to travel, it’s my decision. I don’t have to plan my trips around someone else’s schedule. As a freelance copywriter, I set the days and hours that I work.

And as long as I have an Internet connection, I can take my work with me anywhere in the world.

In fact, I’m writing this while I’m away at a conference…

Being a freelance copywriter has allowed me the freedom to control my income, my schedule, and who I work for. My commute consists of walking across the hall to the spare bedroom I’ve turned into an office, and my cats are my co–workers.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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