Earning in the U.S…Living in Panama’s Highlands

“We were drawn to Panama by the size of the country and all it has to offer…large cities with great shopping…the number of expats, and the friendly, relatively easy visa process,” says Kimberly Call.

Kimberly and her husband, Dale, and their family were living in Texas when they decided it was time for a lifestyle change. Dale had spent over 40 years in the grocery business and was ready to leave it behind him. He feels that Panama is a good place for him to start a new business.

Kimberly, however, was able to work freelance. She had been employed as a recruiter so it was easy for her to bring the work with her to Panama, as a contractor for her former employer. Working online from home she recruits for IT and telecom companies located in the U.S.

She and Dale bought a home just outside the small town of Dolega between David and Boquete, in Chiriquí province. They chose the area for its climate and its beauty.

“The highlands are beautiful and serene and, although we enjoy our shopping visits to the city, we love living up here. We love that you can go only a few miles and encounter such a marked difference in climate.”

When the recruitment company receives job orders from the clients, it is up to Kimberly to search for and find qualified people for those jobs. She interviews them via Skype and submits the suitable candidates to her employer. They are then interviewed and put through the vetting process by the clients and then, hopefully, hired.

“This kind of work can be done anywhere as long as you have a computer, a telephone with which to call back to the U.S., and an excellent wireless provider. We use Skype a lot,” she says.

The owner of the recruitment company has lived in Peru for the past three years while running her Texas-based operation, so it is safe to say it can be done from anywhere.

And Kimberly gets to enjoy an overseas life.

Kimberly happily concludes, “It does not take long to become part of the community here. The people are very friendly and always willing to help translate. We are already finding things to get involved in to help out and make a difference.”

A new home…in a new country…and an online income has made Kimberly happy and content.

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