Ecuador: Best Place to Earn an Income?

When I talk to International Living readers about their plans to move abroad I’m often asked, “Where is the best place to move if I want to earn an income?”

I gently explain that is really the wrong question because today, you can earn an income from virtually any place on the globe you have an Internet connection.

Every day there are over 300,000-plus work assignments online—all of them paid jobs. They range from simple proofreading, editing and writing to complex business or technical advice. These assignments could be done in a few hours or some are annual contracts…but most importantly they can all be done from your end of the Internet connection wherever you are in the world.

This means that the Internet has given you “permission” to live where you want.

For so much of our careers and our lives we were geography-bound to our income but today, you can just throw that rule out the window. You can take the simple skills you have built up (writing, proofreading, using Google to do research and dozens of others) and turn them into a part time or full time income.

One concern that many would-be earn-abroaders have is that their skills are not quite up to snuff for this kind of online work. But I find that most people underestimate their skills and over-estimate the difficulty of working online. Not only that, but there are some great solutions to polishing up your skill set or learning a new, simple, well-paid skill like how to do paid research using Google.

Let me explain…you can’t do “research for hire” if you use Google the way most people do. But with about three hours training you can learn about a dozen relatively simple but largely unknown tricks that turn Google into a tool that will turn up exactly the information you’re looking for without the need to slog through pages and pages of bad results.

With a mobile income under your belt, that only leaves the question of where you want to live. Ecuador is a great place to start. It has a low-cost of living, a high quality of life and the people are wonderfully friendly and optimistic. There’s an energy and eagerness here. You don’t have to spend long in Ecuador to realize that this is a country that’s going places.

And occasionally, you also get your breath taken away by a view like the one above.

I’m getting ready to return to Ecuador, this time for the Fast-Track Ecuador: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference (taking place February 7-9) I’ll be holding a one-day seminar in advance of the Ecuador event, during which I’ll be teaching attendees about the type of earn-abroad strategies they can use to bankroll a new life somewhere like Ecuador.

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