Ecuador’s Coastal Secret

If I owned a beach house here, I don’t think I’d rent it to anyone. I’m not sure I’d want to share this place, here on the finest stretch of Ecuador’s coast.

I’d want to be here…feet dangling in the lap pool, face in the bright sun and warm breezes…all the time.

Well, maybe at sunset I’d amble down the steps to the beach for a dip in the mighty Pacific…and a stroll along the miles of beach that open up as the tide drifts out.

Then there’s negotiations to take care of—with the fishermen who bring their catch onto this beach.

The expats who live along this coast feel the same way. At one project (Jama Campay), most of the owners don’t rent their homes when they aren’t here. It’s that special.

Of course, some do. In fact, one owner I know (he’s a member of my Real Estate Trend Alert group) was able to gross $3,800 in December. Not bad considering he bought it, just last year, for $180,000. That’s a gross yield of 2.1% for one month alone. Plus, the value of his home is rising.

December is a strong month for rentals. January, too. February brings Carnival…try getting a comfortable bed here around that holiday.

This owner has the best of all worlds. An amazing beach home that he bought on the cheap. It’s rising in value. He visits three times a year. When he isn’t there, he lets the on-site rental management team know and they rent it out and take care of the details.

Until a year ago, the drive time from Quito to this stretch of stunning Pacific coast was more than eight hours. Now thanks to a new road, you can drive from the capital to the coast in three and a half hours.

This is Ecuador’s nicest stretch of coast. This is one of the nicest stretches of Pacific coast you will find. Yet, it stayed undiscovered because it was difficult to get to. Now that’s changed.

For nine months of the year the steep hills that rise from beach and rocky coves are covered in a thick, rich, green jungle. The views to the ocean are jaw-dropping. You are surrounded by wonderful brightly colored birds and butterflies. Howler monkeys roar. Big cats are on the prowl higher in the hills. Whales drift by.

There has been almost no development here because of the accessibility issue. Now it’s the place to be. The other owners at this project are mostly the elite from the capital. They don’t rent their homes when they aren’t here. When they are here they often want a rental so that they can be joined by friends and extended family.

Buyers outside Ecuador are now catching on, too. This stretch of coast is set to explode. My advice: Get here now.

About the author: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (IL‘s preferred real estate advertiser).

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