Cayo, Belize

Cayo, in Western Belize, is a quiet, laidback, and affordable alternative to the more busy areas of Ambergris Caye or Placencia. This inland region is both the name of one of Belize’s six districts and the locals’ name for its largest metropolis, the twin cities of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

The Best Places to Visit in Croatia 2020

Every year, millions of travelers flock to Croatia, drawn to the Southeastern European country’s sun-drenched islands, historic towns, and national parks. Dubrovnik’s walled city gets the lion’s share of visitors, with seaside Rovinj and Plitvice Lakes National Park also attracting much attention. While these spots are certainly worth a visit, the country has much more Read more...: The Best Places to Visit in Croatia 2020

Crete and Corfu: For a Healthy, Simple, Greek Island Retirement

Today, the birthplace of democracy can still be a messy place—just as it increasingly is across the U.S., the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. But this, too, is Greece: A country so beautiful, calm, relaxing— and so relatively inexpensive—that it’s attracting retirees happily trading the messiness elsewhere for the messiness of a more fulfilling, often healthier lifestyle in a sunny corner of the Aegean.

Olive Groves, Pebbled Beaches, and Deep History in Brač, Croatia

It was a gloriously sunny autumn day on the Croatian island of Brač. Determined to find a 1,700-year-old Roman stone quarry, my husband and I brushed past a grove of handsome olive trees with gnarled trunks. Decidedly lost, we chanced upon a mother and son harvesting massive tubs of eggplant-colored olives...