Nomadic Adventurers: Having the Time of Our Lives as Roving Retirees

Having read many successful stories in International Living magazine over the years about people seeking a better life while living abroad, my partner, Damon, and I chose to throw our hat in the ring and see if the life of roving retirees was for us. We set ourselves a budget of $1,800 a month to see if it was possible to establish a life of nomadic adventurers while living abroad. We sold everything and didn’t look back.

I Moved to Panama and Switched Snow for Sunshine

My girlfriend, Corissa, and I were still living in Calgary, Canada, this time last year. Anyone who has ever been to Alberta in winter will tell you how cold it gets in this part of the world—25 F below zero is not uncommon in Calgary. Therefore, we both decided to pack our bags and drive Read more...: I Moved to Panama and Switched Snow for Sunshine