Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Many people from the U.S. and Canada know the Riviera Maya well…from vacations to the all-inclusive resorts that line the coast, especially in the world-famous “hotel zone” in Cancún. But head 45 minutes south on the Yucatán Peninsula, and you’ll find another vacation destination, one that a large number of foreigners have made their permanent home.

Cost of Living in Malta

When it comes to living in Europe, Malta is one of the more affordable places you can hang your hat. You’ll spend a little bit more on things like bottled water (Malta’s water is safe to drink, but the taste is not as nice as bottled water, so everyone buys bottled or filters their water), but otherwise the cost of living in Malta is comparable to, or lower than, other European countries.

Save Up to 80% on Your Dental Care and Take a Vacation

It’s no secret that the price of dental care in the U.S. is out of control. For many, dental insurance is quite limited in what it covers, meaning half or more of the cost for procedures is paid out of pocket. Yearly insurance limits are generally around $1,500—which doesn’t cover much when you get into serious treatments...