Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s no secret that Chiang Mai has been a popular destination for several generations of tourists and expats. With its hundreds of golden temples, a wide variety of international restaurants, stunning surrounding countryside, and a large choice of outdoor activities, this northern Thai city has something to offer everyone. And the year-round tropical climate is Read more...: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Roatán, Honduras

The verdant, jungle-covered hills of Roatán rise suddenly from the vivid blue sea. It’s a tropical paradise…without the high costs you might expect from a Caribbean destination. These days a small but active group of retirees and other expats live on this long and narrow island, whose total population is about 80,000.

A Reluctant Patient’s Happy Experiences With Dental Care in Thailand

One of my biggest fears is sitting in the dentist’s chair, and I assume I’m not alone. It is nothing personal, though it is a deep-rooted dislike (pardon the pun) going back to my childhood living in regional towns in Australia. Every few months, a dentist visited for a few days, completing whatever treatments were needed...

5 Places to Retire to With the World’s Best Climate

Scoring a country on its climate is not an easy task, because everyone has their own ideas on what sort of weather they enjoy most. In looking for the countries with the best climate, we assessed not only the hard data—temperatures, rainfall, and humidity—but we also assessed the comfort level of each destination’s climate...