Enjoy a Life of Limitless Adventure

Wandering is our specialty.

Since my husband, Chris, and I left the States at the start of 2013 with not much of a plan and a whole load of ambition, we have resided in seven homes and explored countless destinations in the two countries—Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

During our travels we have rescued hatchling sea turtles from hungry birds…observed the most achingly beautiful sunset from a Pacific beach…and encouraged a sloth as he crept between trees…

Life abroad has given us the gift of limitless adventure, and we’ve only scratched the surface thus far.

We lived in Grecia, Costa Rica, where we adapted effortlessly to the slower pace of daily life and the ever-welcoming locals. For a stretch, we stayed in a four-bedroom home with an in-law suite and its own spacious rancho—a large outdoor barbecue area with covered patio which Costa Ricans use for parties. This was where we hung out, sipping coffee in the early, misty mornings…or relaxing over an ice cold beer in the sunny afternoons.

Best of all…it didn’t cost us a thing.

We were frequently serenaded by the strange and exotic call of osropendolas and cackles of bright green parrots. Days gently passed by on the cool winds that swept along that inviting rancho. The tumbling view of fruit trees and coffee fields was a source of constant refreshment.

I’ve known the thrill of sunset sailing trips that met with dolphins…marveled at waterfalls and tropical flowers…hiked the hills…waded into the clear waters…and even taught myself to surf one memorable afternoon. Most of all I’ve been struck by the kindness of the Costa Rican people, or Ticos.

In Nicaragua, we lived for free in a luxurious condo in the colorful, colonial town of Granada, where we woke up each morning to an impressive view of Lake Nicaragua and later wandered the charming, cobbled streets.

Granada is one of the oldest Spanish colonial towns in the Americas, yet feels youthful with its blend of modern art, unique dining options and festive street celebrations. Somehow, the new world merges seamlessly with the old, and the pastel-painted town offered us a landscape of rich culture and history.

One lovely morning, we climbed the staircase of the ancient Merced clock tower, and saw the whole of Granada bathed in sunshine—what a stunning sight.

Our condo was just a few blocks outside of the action, which suited us just fine.

We could shed the excitement of a day of cafe and market-meanderings in a quiet, private place. We had the treats of a pristine pool, brand new furnishings and appliances, and large sliding glass doors, which we flung open to usher in the endless flow of lake breezes.

We’ve been enchanted by natural beauty. We have never tired of finding a new beach or hunting yet another waterfall.

Since we work remotely—my husband as the co-creator of a software development company and I as a part-time travel writer and blogger—we have the freedom to wander about. We could live anywhere, but we can’t seem to resist the lure of Central America.

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