Enjoy a Pampered Existence in Beautiful Ecuador

My sister was shocked at the $2,000 she’d been quoted.

But for a year’s worth of monthly housecleaning in Ohio, apparently that’s the going rate.

While she recovered from her sticker shock, I did a bit of quick math.

One year of housecleaning in Cuenca runs me about $1,020…and my cleaning woman comes every single week.

Now, I fully understand that one does not need maid service.

And I’m perfectly capable of scrubbing my own floors, doing my own dishes, and cleaning my own toilets.

But frankly, I’d rather be writing.

I love my work as a copywriter and since it more than covers my cost of living here in Ecuador, I see no problem outsourcing my housework to someone else.

It’s an indulgence, definitely. And I’ll confess, it’s not my only one…

Thanks to my income as a copywriter, my husband and I eat out several times a week. We frequently walk over to Cuenca’s trendy Millenium Plaza for dinner and a prime seat at the latest subtitulado movies from America. And if there’s a special show, day trip, or local adventure to be had, well, sign us up!

Honestly, we’re quite spoiled. I’d almost go so far as to say that we’re ruined for life in the States anymore…

Fortunately, we don’t have to move back. After all, copywriting is one of the world’s most portable professions. Anywhere there’s an Internet connection and a keyboard, I can make a great living.

So we can stay here…and stay spoiled…for as long as we like. And that’s exactly what we’re planning to do.

But I don’t want you to think we’re somehow exceptional or special.

The life we’ve built here is open to anyone willing to learn the skills to have a truly portable income.

As I keep telling my sister, you can start anytime. And when you’re ready, you can choose your own corner of the world to call home. It can be anywhere…anywhere at all.

Maybe you’d like to live in Europe. Explore Asia’s hospitality and culinary delights. Wander through the wide-open spaces of New Zealand or Australia.

Just one word of advice. Be sure to enjoy it thoroughly, and pick a home where (like me) you can feel free to pamper yourself!

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