Enjoy the Island Perks of Life as a Travel Writer

Like many, I have said that someday I would like to write a book. The idea remained just that for years. There was never enough time to squeeze anything else into an already hectic schedule, making it easy to keep on postponing.

As soon as I made way for a new freer lifestyle, I decided to see if I could be a writer. As an early retiree exploring the world and working on my bucket list, I could write about my adventures. I like to weave stories, building pictures in my readers’ minds…whether it’s about diving on reefs teeming with rainbow-hued fish, rays, and turtles or exploring the coconut dotted beaches of deserted islands.

I had been eagerly following the development of a new luxury eco-resort in Panama, and with the grand opening weeks away I sent a booking inquiry. Sadly the rates quoted were way out of my budget.

Instead of abandoning my dreams of exploring this unique island and enjoying some pampering, I decided that this was a good time to see what really happens in a travel writer’s world. I wrote to various travel publications and received two commissions to write about this new resort. Within days, I had secured five nights there for a fraction of the previously quoted rate.

My husband and I explored the beaches and jungles of the island, snapping shots of the resident howler monkeys, mammoth driftwood trees, playful pods of dolphins, and plunging pelicans in search of dinner.

We finished our days with gourmet meals and were lulled to sleep by the rhythmic surf.

We could definitely get used to this kind of lifestyle. Soon after, I had my first articles published…and a taste for the travel writer’s life.

Buoyed by this success I secured a trip to another island—St. George’s Caye—off the coast of Belize. Accommodation was offered free-of-charge. So was scuba diving. We only had to pay for our meals.

We snoozed in overwater cabanas, sipped sunset-kissed cocktails, and enjoyed starlit dinners, the caress of the waves and the rustle of palms our only company. We watched turtles nest on moonlit beaches, hunted lionfish for dinner, and were lulled to sleep by the myriad voices of the dense canopy.

I love my new life as a travel writer. It is a perfect fit for my semi-retired lifestyle. What a great way to learn new skills, fulfill dreams of being a writer, and get paid for sharing the world’s magical experiences. Writing is easier than it once seemed. One day I might even write that book.

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