Enjoy Luxury Travel With This Lucrative Income

When I reflect upon my lifestyle since becoming a copywriter in 2001—after 20 years in banking in Australia—I know I made the right choice.

I started in banking as a clerk at 16, and worked my way up to senior management positions. When I quit my job as a commercial lending manager after 15 years, I was so stressed out from working 80-plus hours a week on multi-million dollar loan applications.

I followed my passion for marketing, which led me to becoming a copywriter. I now have a skill, which is in high demand and allows me to travel the world without worrying about what it costs.

Traveling without a budget seems like a dream for most people, however for me…thanks to the income I receive as a freelance copywriter…I never worry about what anything costs.

Can you imagine simply being able to just book a flight…reserve a luxury hotel in an exotic location…or order a meal and a bottle of wine at a fine-dining restaurant…without being concerned about the price?

When living in Europe, if I want to go to Rome or Tuscany for a few days, or to see friends in other parts of Europe, I simply book a flight and a hotel…and off I go.

In 2011, close friends wanted to go on a seven-night cruise to the Caribbean and invited me. They all booked cabins. I booked a suite, flew in from the Mediterranean to go on the cruise, and then returned home, where my driver was waiting for me as usual.

Another time a friend asked me if I wanted to attend the 53rd Grammy Awards and go to the official after party.

Now that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Back in my banking days I’d probably have had to turn it down…in order to be back at my desk on Monday.

Instead I immediately said yes…without even knowing what the cost of the tickets would be. It turned out to be $6,000 for two tickets. It was a four-day event and each night there was some official functions…and then the Grammys.

Even though I would be flying in from the Mediterranean just to attend the Grammys, I didn’t hesitate.

This great income from copywriting isn’t limited to travel or renting luxury waterfront condos to live in. Far from it! It enables me to enjoy weekly massages and get facials…and it fuels my passion for fashion, so that I can shop for designer jeans, Italian shoes, Italian clothes, as well as my favorite Robert Grahams shirts.

What would you like to do with a copywriter’s income?

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