Enjoy the Perks of Earning in Ecuador

My best friend from high school saves $84 a month because I live and work in Ecuador.

My sister slashed her dental bills.

And I recently discovered a way for family members to double the value of their cell phones…

Am I running some sort of fancy scheme? No, definitely not. I’m just sharing the benefits of my life overseas with everyone I know!

You see, that $84 a month is the difference between the over-the-counter price for asthma inhalers in Nebraska and the over-the-counter price for the exact same thing in Cuenca, Ecuador. When my friend lamented over the phone to me about how much his co-pay was going up under the Affordable Care Act, I offered to see if I could get his meds locally.

One quick conversation with my neighborhood pharmacist later, I picked up a few inhalers for a little over $6 each. No need for a prescription or insurance paperwork, and my friend back home will be spared the $90 bill.

My sister’s dental deal? Well, she’d been putting off a follow-up trip to her dentist to deal with a bad filling for over three years. She just hates going and knew it would cost several hundred dollars. So what if she could only chew on one side of her mouth?

It was getting ridiculous. So when she was here for Thanksgiving, I used my big sister status to get her into my dentist’s chair. Yes, I had to put up with a death glare for a few minutes. But then Dr. Dominguez let my sister know that to fix her bad filling…and fill two other cavities…and do a thorough cleaning…was only going to cost her $60.

She’s still thanking me.

Oh, and the cell phone thing? Well, electronics are very expensive in Ecuador, and the latest releases are particularly pricey. The phone you buy in the States can be worth twice as much here and is easily sold through the local equivalent of eBay. With a little advance planning, you can pay for your plane tickets with your profits.

I’ll confess…I love all these extra “perks” of my overseas adventures. When I took my copywriting career abroad, I was simply thinking of myself. I love to travel and I knew my income stream would pay for it…but these other benefits really help make life sweeter.

Now, I’m always on the lookout for something new that will benefit others, just because I’m living abroad. And wherever life takes me next, I’m sure I’ll find something for everyone.

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