Enjoy Tropical Living in Balmy Costa Rica

As a 5-year-old Canadian spending Christmas holidays in Southern California, I had a lightbulb moment—there were countries that didn’t have snow!

Ever since, I harbored a desire to live in one.

So when my husband, Tim, and I came to Costa Rica on our honeymoon—and fell in love with it—we decided to move here. With such friendly people, a large expat community, and many English speakers in the area, we felt it would be an easy place for us to transition.

We were right. Now, we eat breakfast outside on our patio watching the palm trees swaying in the sunshine. A couple of wild coatis we’ve named Doug and Sadie like to pop by for a visit. Afterwards, we will work for a few hours and take a break to swim in our infinity pool overlooking Playa Conchal—one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.

In Canada, my husband was an interior designer and I was an investment banker. But in 2013 we left that behind and moved to  We bought our house initially as a rental property, but decided we couldn’t wait to move.

As nature lovers, we enjoy coming home to the peaceful relaxing atmosphere surrounded by birds and animals after a day of business in town. We are minutes away from a number of beaches providing a variety of options—snorkeling, boogie boarding, exploring tidal pools, stand up paddle boarding…whatever we feel like.

We decided to create a business in Tamarindo; something that would allow us to become part of the community yet was unique from other businesses.

Tamarindo is a beach town favorite of tourists and expats alike. From million-dollar homes to $15 per night hostels, from young surfers to retirees, it is an eclectic mix of people from around the world enjoying the warm water and white sand. With the growing number of families visiting and moving here we wanted to provide something fun to do after the sun goes down…so we built a full-fledged mini golf course.

In preparing to make our move, we learned how simple it is for foreigners to buy or start a business—as easy as it is in Canada. The best part was being able to earn money with a business right away, on a tourist visa, while working through the residency process.

Most days the mini golf is looked after by a couple of great employees giving us the time to get involved in our community and pursue other business opportunities. My husband has taken on some interior design projects and I have put my investment-banking skills to use providing business consulting to others planning to either start or buy a business in Costa Rica.

Every day, we are grateful for everything that is around us and having made the escape. We have debunked the Canadian myth that you need all four seasons. And frankly…we don’t miss the snow at all!

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