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There are many things I love about Thailand.

First off I love the people. Thailand is known as “the Land of Smiles,” and in my experience the people are some of the gentlest and friendliest people I have met anywhere in the world.

I also love the food. While I enjoy Thai food at home in the States, the food here is amazing and took my taste buds up a notch or two on the heat scale.

But these are not the reasons I come to Thailand…I don’t come on vacation.

I come to take pictures. And photography is what pays for my travels.

Thailand is in many respects a photographer’s paradise. It’s a Buddhist country and as such, the gentle, warm, and friendly people are extremely hospitable which translates into most everyone being quick with a smile and allowing you to take photos of them as well as most anything else you take an interest in.

The time I spend here in Thailand is inspiring on many levels and once I get home, it will pay dividends in the form of royalties long into the future.

Let me explain…

When I return home I will go through all my photos and decide which ones will work for the online stock agencies and upload them to the appropriate agency.

I have three agencies that I work with. I have been shooting stock for nearly 10 years now and still routinely get sales on photos I uploaded at the start of my online stock adventure. While many things have changed over the years in the industry, the basics of stock photography remain the same.

Shoot good quality photos that people can use for a variety of purposes, and you’re on to a winner. The greater the variety, the greater the potential for sales.

For instance, if a photo can work to illustrate a universal feeling or concept then many different industries from big corporations to small-time bloggers or local newspapers (and many more) all could use the same photo to illustrate different things. Stock is also a numbers game, so over time as your portfolio builds, the larger the stream back to you becomes.

What I love about stock photography is that it can be whatever you want it to be and from wherever you are, literally anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent Internet connection or can hook into one along the way.
So whether you are traveling or plan to live internationally you can still shoot photos and uploaded to your favorite stock agency.

And here’s another good reason for taking your photos in Thailand…last time I came to Thailand I went to the international hospital here and got a full physical with more tests and more doctors in 90 minutes than I had seen in years. It was probably the nicest medical facility I have ever been in and they had the system down like clockwork. It was all for less than the cost of one month of my health insurance back home.

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